Don’t think you are in just for a stroll
This page is a black hole
Jump in, it won't extract a toll
I hope that for your soul
It will be a welcome dole
And even squeeze diamonds off your coal
That it will not just console
But widen your bowl,
Change your goal,
Give you a different role
And from this cosmic torus' other pole,
You'll probably come out whole

In the following pages, you can find some of my' views on life issues such as science, philosophy, work, money, society, culture, spirituality, the paranormal, creativity, etc.. I sense humanity has been wallowing for too long in bull sh... excuse me, bovine doodoo and outright nonsense. So I intend nothing less than solve all human problems, untangle all the riddles and mysteries that have held the human mind shackled and bound in darkness and ignorance.. so we can all finally move on to better stuff. For some it will be pure therapy for existential ills of all kinds but for most these ideas will be like “conceptual bombs” in the brain that will just add to already existing confusion, or even worst, ruin the romance of a life lived in clueless stupor, one that is rich with drama and flavored with contradictions. So be warned.

How To Read The Content:

- The only viable purpose of a knowable truth is not to be believed but to be transcended. You must apply that to every idea exposed on this blog. It shouldn't come as a surprise, but my intellect hasn't been yet crowned with the holy grail of final knowledge, thus I can only pretend to present my ideas as simple contributions, with the expectation that they will constitute viable material for building stepping stones for an ulterior, improved understanding of the issues discussed.

- Eventhough I won't mind you falling prey to my contrived bewitchments and succumb in ecstatic seizures of appreciation of this literary endeavor :), my aim is not to gain your adulation, and it is not to win you to any particular cause by force of intellectual arguments. My premise is that we cannot change by mental proddings alone without a subsequent brain-jolting experience of the realities exposed. Otherwise we will be just pitching abstractions and getting air-filled conceptual balls in return. My hope is that instead of just giving you another lame interpretation of the facts, I can build you a path straight to the true version; that instead of just providing you with more ideological tools for your already overcrowded toolbox of beliefs, I can skillfully string my syntax and form powerful connection protocols that can hook you straight to the motherboard of all knowledge. This is the impossible task I have undertaken.

- While you wade your way thru the sea of my numerous attempts at making sense of things, you may encounter seeming contradictions. Contradictions in my discourse may happen for three main reasons:
1) I do eventually change my mind on issues as new ideas and insights arise, for my commitment is to closing in on truth and not to closing up in consistency.
2) Unwitting ignorance of important facts, my intellectual incapacity to fully comprehend all the angles of an issue and failing to square my views with complete, reasonable and satisfying arguments.
3) The simple fact that I cannot pretend to swim in the deep oceans of high ontology without eventually encountering conceptual cross-currents where both opposites of an argument meet in perplexing and strange ways and seem to paradoxically both meet my expectations of logical congruence. Your job as a reader is to overcome the ever present twitching critical nerve and gracefully withhold judgment for the sake of judgment but instead use the ideas found here to construct better answers for your own and everybody else's edification. It is without saying that I am impervious to criticism and frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.

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Disclaimer: Due to the mature content of this blog, it is recommended that viewers be on thinking gear and with their mental immune engines on. Acting upon these ideas without taking this particular precaution may refacebooksult in serious personal injury. The writer also uses modern language: viewers living in previous centuries may find some material offensive.


Oct 30, 2012

Eyes For Time

In Eden God was mean and the serpent kind
He gave us eyes for Space but for Time he left us blind
That is why we seek, strive but never find
That is why we are tangled in this millennial bind
But soon we will see beyond our odious grind
It will be revealed what is ahead and what was behind
And our final harbor in the vast ocean of mind

New Ages And Their Stabs

Did anybody notice that each zodiacal age (about 2 thousand years long) has been ushered with a stab? Cain stabs Abel marking transition between Cancer and Gemini (the twins) 6450 BC - 4300 BC ; Mitras stabs the bull marking transition between Gemini (the twins) and Taurus (the bull) 4300 BC - 2150 BC; Abraham stabs the ram marking transitions between Taurus and Aries (the ram) 2150 BC - 1 AD; Jesus (Iesus Christus Theos Iuos Soter, Jesus Christ Son Of God in Greek spelling the word "fish") is stabbed on the cross marking transition between Aries and Pisces (the fishes) 1 AD - 2150 AD ... Now, who or what is going to be stabbed to mark transition between Pisces and Aquarius (the water bearer)? ...

Lingering Lovers

We can never forget nor forgive a lover
No matter how much we try
The clouds of reminiscence will hover
That is why you often cry
Precious time lost you can t recover
Now you must stretch your wings and fly
Better loves are waiting, you must discover
Ones that are true and never lie
And if you are like me, a wandering rover
Loves come and go under the rolling sky
I may meet the Beloved and her mystery uncover­
Or I may live alone, seeking till I die
Or till mine and this world s insanity is over
And I hope that is very soon, oh my oh my …

A Minha Amadissima ...

 E verdade que tem que ter águas abertas
para a alma velejar seu barco
E Cuando a coleira caiu e a feira vagou
Eu disse “a estrada do excesso leva ao palácio da sabedoria”
Mas Perdoe-me por perturbar esse fluxo fácil de banalidades,
Eu só quero saber quem você é
Você está anunciando princípios inquestionáveis
enquanto eu quero explorar o seu ser
Enquanto tudo está apenas caindo em um poço sem fundo de absurdidades
Estou esperando que a sua profunda verdade descanse em minha alma
Você sabia que tudo que vemos, sentimos
e so uma metáfora mudante de realidades eternas
E às vezes é melhor sentir o chão sólido baixo nossos pes
que sentar-se sobre os ombros de gigantes
Mas será que o balde de seu ser
Continue a vazar com uma dúzia de buracos
Será que a vossa chama va a morrer
como un caldeirao da manha na escuridão e cinzas
Ou você vai abaixar a âncora de paz e alegria
No solo profundo de sua eternidade
Muito foi tirado de você
Mas, mais você vai dar
Voce fui oprimida por muitos mistérios
Mas para você, muitos mais serao revelados

Loving Advice

Love is not an investment
do not draw from your vital treasure
expecting future happy dividends
eternal domestic bliss and leisure
you will be disappointed
in no tiny measure
for love is free, out of the bounty of the soul
truly, a philantropic seizure

And above all, do not fall in love
you may brake a tender bone
love is not a crevass, a hole
nor a stumbling stone
treat love as a wayfaring guest instead
You invite it in for a period, and then it must be gone
for love, like a guest, must not everstay its welcome
or it will stink like last night´s prawn

Yes, when the yeasty beer of love goes flat
lets look for sparklier brews
when passion hands us a bitter morsel
we must go cater for spicier stews
when the lights of romance turn dim
lets reach for the switch of brighter hues
my friends, love is food, do not ravel in shit
love is gardens of delights, not stinking lews


Mar 13, 2012
MARCH 2012


Salve o deusa do mar
Quem faz o sol nascer
Voltando as trevas para a luz
Você é como a névoa
Que desce sobre toda a criação
Em orvalho que da vida
Você faz a chuva cair sobre os nossos campos
E a terra dormente faz florescer
E para trazer as riquezas da terra
Você agita as marés
E aquieta os turbilhões das ondas
E traze a generosidade do mar
Você ilumina as mentes obscuras do homem
Trazendo delicada sabedoria
Em seu belo rosto ele procura as suas origens verdadeiras
E com um olhar você vence o medo de sua fim
No seu mistério indizível
O homem encontra os campos abertos de terras ainda inexploradas
Em sua presença luminosa
Ele desmaia em êxtase arrebatador
Quando ele semea sua prosa feroz en seu útero
Você sempre traze a poesia suave de renovação
Você é um grande coração
Você é um amor divino


Dec 3, 2011

Why Are Great Musicians Dying at 27?

Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janice Joplin, Amy Winehouse and on and on. These prominent people dying at exactly 27 is not just a freak of nature nor our maker fucking with our brains. Nothing is done in the universe without a premonitory metaphor. Nothing comes unannounced. Before the collapse of Capitalism, the World Trade Center towers had to come down. There are surely conspiracies but not the ones we think. These are of very high order.

27 is the number of Novelty as 72 (27 reversed) is the number for habit, order and status quo. In degrees Fahrenheit 72 is considered to be room temperature, the average number of heartbeats per minute for a resting adult is 72, percentage of water of which the human body is composed is 72%. percentage of water the earth is composed of is 72% the life duration of the ovule is 72 hours, the average human life duration is 72. the axis of the earth moves of one degree every 72 years (precession of equinoxes) compared to stars and to the vault of heaven. The exterior angles of a regular pentagram (the essential form) measure 72 degrees each and on and on. If 72 represents order and balance, 27 represents the maddening and whirling chaos (of which the "intense" lives of most rock musicians are a very faithful representation) from which new and revolutionary realities emerge.

The Bees And The Birds ...

Its not only the bees
And lack of fruit in the trees
That is gonna put us on our knees
It is the fish dying in the seas
The land and its riches on their last lease
It is the politicians and their sleaze
Now the economy stinks like cheese
The rich are rotten, everyone agrees
The poor perpetually on the squeeze
And no one to hear their pleas
With prospects like these
God get me out of this planet, please …

About The Fall Of Dictators

Benali, Moubarak, Gaddafi, Berlusconi, Assad, Putin and all the rest. They are all gone or going to go. I think the time for individual leaders is over. I believe that is the lesson that should be drawn from all these dictators falling like ripe fruit all over the place ... Leaders are inhibiting agents (in the biological sense) and now what this fast winding zeitgeist needs is catalysts that will exhaust its material yearnings and allow it to quantum jump to whatever is coming next

About Love

About Love: technically, love is an intoxication, a chemical high that increases blood flow to the genitals at the expense of the brain. This decrease in supply appears to effect intelligence and the speech centers of the brain which erupts in uncontrollable sweet cuddly language ... Now let me tell you a little about the ensuing hangover...

About Romance

Romance is what in classical mechanics call a harmonic oscillator, which is a system that, when displaced from its equilibrium position (beatific singlehood), experiences a restoring force F (…sex) , proportional to the displacement, x (expensive gifts) : where k is a positive constant. If a frictional force (marriage), proportional to the velocity is also present, the harmonic oscillator is described as a damped oscillator . Depending on the friction coefficient, the system can oscillate with a frequency smaller than in the non-damped case, and an amplitude decreasing with time (I can change him) or decay exponentially to the equilibrium position without oscillations (separation and divorce ).

Things To Do Today

Forget about eternal life, reincarnation and all other products of flaky mental raciocination. Humans are mostly carriers of information and the main purpose of ones life is to make sure one has information worth carrying and transferring ...

About The Brain ...

I think that to understand the brain/mind we must dig its chemistry and not only the wiring or the electrical impulses thereof. Basically, we are a walking fleshy sac of drugs, compounds without which it is impossible to interact with the ouside world... and those chemicals in my opinion are sort of keys that open particular "gates" to/from more essential dimensions into this extruded reality...

About Biblical Interpretation ...

Biblical Interpretation: any form of of feeling, thought, and as in this case, interpretation, biblical or not, must by definition be hollow, otherwise it can't spin in the three dimensional domain. All products of human mental cogitation are, fundamentally, energized whirling vortices that have force but no intrinsic substance. What we perceive as substance is the emotional dust that this ideological twister gathers in its path...

About Mushrooms ...

Fungi seem to not only mediate between the world of the living and that of the dead, but they also appear to muse between free will and "predestination"... they may actually be the elusive missing link of evolutionary lore...

The Cosmos And Its Workings ...

It appears the everything we hold dear, our ideologies, our religions, our institutions etc… are gradually but steadily showing us the reverse casting of what they were intended for. The ineluctable rules of cosmic polarity at play, where even a good thing taken to its extreme or given enough time, becomes it very opposite.

About Ego And Compassion ...

Ego is what the universe wanted and the ego is what the universe will keep. For your own good, manage it wisely. In addition, the emotional predisposition to empathy that makes us feel compassion for the other's predicament draws sap from the same roots that ground our anguished self-assessments.

My Facebook Friends

I have befriended and unfriended, even beloved and unloved people on facebook without the hassle of ever having to meet them in person. Are relationship evolving into a desincarnate phase as part of un intricate evolutionary cosmic plan, or are we just losing it???


Dec 2, 2011

Memorable Quotes: Terence Mckenna in Light At The End Of Time ...

"…We are crossing into a new ontos of being. The ontos of being that has called us forth across the millennia out of the scattered, jarring of the atoms, into organic existence, up thru the cultural experience, across the horrific leap of history and into authentic meaning. This is what the shamans have been seeing for thousands of years. This is what the ecstatics have anticipated. This is what the great religions, however poorly, have attempted to communicate to the mass of humankind. This is our hope, this is our birthright. It is our destiny. And in my opinion, it is soon for very good reasons … we are to be, believe it or not, witness, I think, to the final act of a planetary drama of intelligence in three dimensions. "


Breaking News: A comedian was sighted on the streets of Riyadh , in Saudi Arabia , June 29, 2001 by two, still befuddled, bystanders.   According to Mr Haroon Al Razeen, an officer with the city's moral police, the two men were walking near a mall in the Saudi Capital when "they saw what appeared to be a humanoid creature walking on the sidewalk. He was wearing a punchline suit on and satire pants. He had a raunchy demeanour and a sarcastic laughter. The creature was seen at 3:17 a.m. At first they were too scared to talk to anyone about the incident and preferred not to speak of it."   There has been a wave of comedian sightings in the Middle East lately, especially in the Gulf region where a sense of humour is forbidden by law.

Breaking News : Japan is suing God for damages and compensation for the latest earthquake and tsunami disaster. Because they don't have a God of their own, they have decided to prosecute everybody else's. Lawsuits have been filed and subpoe nas have been served to all major religions' headquarters, from which we received the following statements: The Vatican said that if it happened is because they deserved it and they will pay when Jesus comes back. The Dalai Lama said it is all an illusion and that he will pay in his next incarnation. The Jehovah Witnesses say they will send two of their representatives to discuss the matter further. The Jews said the Japanese are anti-semites and that Jahveh didn't do it, Allah did...

Breaking News : In what appears to be a sudden attack of acute egotistic selfishness, the Dutch have decided to ban foreigners from cannabis shops all around the country. The clog wearing bastards, having until now some of the most liberal regulations on grass consumption, are denying nature's best delivery system of happiness to their foreign visitors. Marijuana enthusiasts from all over the world, are gathering in Amsterdam this week, and to show this outraged discontent, men will parade in the street naked with garland of tulips around their private parts and women will mudfight in melted Gooda cheese.

Breaking News: It is official, poverty is entertaining. Researchers from the University of Papua New Guinea were hard pressed to find bored indigent or very poor people. In fact, extensive surveys conducted by the University's department of Wellbeing and Happiness across 65 countries, indicate that society's rabble appear to be the le ast troubled by tedium. They are also the least affected by venereal diseases (fortunately too poor for whores) and dental problems (by age 30, they have no teeth left). The final briefing paper with the revolutionary findings will be published next month.

Breaking News: Malta Legalizes Divorce.
The people of Malta , a predominantly catholic country, voted yes to legalize divorce, Courts throughout the country were overwhelmed with thousands of couples seeking a sanctioned end to their conjugal miseries. The Vatican (another country where divorce is illegal) wasn't very happy with this turn of events in Malta , where bishops and cardinals, just a few years ago, had as much power as presidents or prime ministers. These church kahunas promptly invoked Gods wrath upon the country for such opprobrious decision and threatened brimstone and hellfire to befall all those that would proceed to dissolve the sacred bounds of holy matrimony. Observers predict a lively date scene and much relationship reshuffling in the Mediterranean island country and if the bishops have their way, the country will get to save millions in fireworks during the summer festivals. The Philippines remains the only other State in the world where marital bliss is mandated by law and divorce is illegal.


Dec 1 , 2011

Happy Birthday

To Suzy ...
Some have silver and some ore
some blessed by Apollo and some by Thor
and you, in paradise, can you ask for more?
you're baskin in a pristine shore
for fine white sand as your floor
with blue skies that make you want to soar
and you call that a chore
seriously, better things are in store
wish you a very happy birthday
my dear friend Suzy Dior

To David...
Y ou told us to meditate and not snooze
til body and mind fuse
and our auras ooze
may you never cease to muse
in other dimensions cruise
with or witout sacred brews
and above all, never cease to amuse
and get us off our blues

To Marissa...
Alguna veces volcan en fuego
y otras suave brisa
Bailando, energumenos te pisan los pies
pero tu siempre con esa sonrisa :)
Y los anyos siguen pasando
pero tu cuerpo parece que no tiene prisa
Feliz cumpleanyos y que cumplas muchos mas
querida amiga Marissa

To Alejandra ...
Puede discutir algun
que como su gracia no tiene ningun
con afecto me recuedo aun
de mi querida amiga alejandra aarun

To Achraf ...
In dubai with kefiya an emeer
In india a holy faqeer
Drinking tea or a beer
Playing violin or bandeer
No matter if far or near
May you have a best year
And now we are all gonna cheer
For my good friend Achraf Boujeer

To Khalid ...
This is an ode
That we can take on the road
Now we may be la mode
With women a horned toad
But soon our hairs erode
our prostates explode
and our memories become flawed
in the meantime, have a nice birthday
my dear firend Khalid Oxcode

To Rich ...
He has figure out life to the dot
he neither sold nor bought
he is outside time, never fraught
his happiness is the pot
his mind may be a convoluted plot
but I would willingly exchange his spot
wish you a happy birthday
my dear friend Richard Schott

To Cecile ...
Dans un monde ou il y a plus singe que Mozart
je célèbre toutes ces vis qui sont appart
celles qui dans la beauté de leurs art
elles nous donnent tous rempart
joyeux anniversaire
ma chère amie Cecile Massart

To Lilah ...
Nacio en una ciudad llamada Villa
Camino por su monte y en su orilla
Bebiendo cerveza y comiendo pescadilla
Es Fuerte como un gorilla
agil como una ardilla
mente como una bombilla
con las nenas se espabilla
que se llame Khaddouj o Camilla
No se llama Chavez ni Fidel, pero acaudilla
Muy feliz cumpleanyos
mi joven amigo Abdelilah...

To Alex ...
Não te preocupes Alex, não é o fim do mundo , é so o fim de tua juventude; e pra manter-se jovem é preciso práticar o amor tântrico. em vez de "liberarse" durante o ato sexual, você envia seu esperma até o canal kundalini na espinha para a cabeça e ali, esas criaturas ricas de minerales e vitaminas ajudarán a crescer o teu cabelo e manter a tez da pele do teu rosto radiante e jovem :D Prabens meu amigo...

To America ...
America, America burning bright
Then came down from lofty hight
Old master of land, sea and sky
now your world is gone awry

Your economy is such deep shit
that even Arnold had to quit
You feed the merchants of the gun
While your children languish in the sun

How much blood and how much pain
Will we suffer as you reign
Terror you fear and terror you clasp
What power has you in its grasp

Throw down your deadly gears
Or we are gonna drown in our tears
A world of peace we want to see
when lambs like us will lie with thee.

To Latif ...
De mi parte muchas felicidades para tu cumpleanyos. De corazon espero que con el passo del tiempo tu pecho y tu vientre desafien la gravedad. Que tus cabellos no te traicionen y te dejen pelado .Que tu mente no se vuelva pure de patatas y nos dejes comentarios incoerentes in facebook. Y sobre todo, que tu virilidad siga repartiendo felicidad entre esas hembras bascas tan guapas y tan cachondas :)

Feb 15, 2011


With lies we carved paths
Into a confusing maze
And truth reluctant and shy
Looking at life with furtive gaze
Light revealing our darkness
With cruel and scorching rays
Waters flood the valley
And bushes in the hills ablaze
Wandering in hostile wilderness
Slithering serpents we did raise
In the land, the blind was king
Ruling in perpetual haze
But this is not our eternal lot
But just a passing phase
We are not awake but dreaming
Victims of a cosmic craze
As reality split in two
And gone spinning in a daze
Familiar and alien dimensions
That went in different ways
Til the estranged meet again
At the end of days


Tunisia, Egypt, ...

After Benali's departure on Friday January 14, and Mubarak's departure on another Friday, February 11, Ghaddafi, the Lybian dictator, has an announcement.

January 19, 2011

We Have Forgotten

From the lofty skies of Orion
I came down to this lowly plane

When the trumpet sounded
I gave up bride and royal train

In the seas I became a poor fisherman
In the fields a cutter of sugarcane

In the battleground a warrior
Stained with blood and seething in my pain

From the gods’ sweet ambrosia
And here, cruelty and bitter bane

In the heaven’s harvesting perpetual spring
But here, my tolling’s all in vain

I was an halcyon galactic stream
Now falling as raging rain

I was a calm cosmic breeze
Now blowing a mighty hurricane

Mind in ocean and heart in earth
Surging and quaking as I strain

But will the hills echo the lost rhyme
And the anguished poet recite it again

And will the sirens sing thru the waves
Memories of that long forgotten reign


January 17, 2011

My New T-Shirt


Mike's New Word Entry In The Urban Dictionary At

I am gracing the world with a new word, a new expletive that will further enrich our already overcrowded glossary of opprobrious expressions...

Word:  Ophiuchus

Definition: Originally a constellation located between Scorpius and Sagittarius and that was recently added as a new zodiacal sign, making it the 13th. The word is now being used as an expletive, reflecting the deep existential upheaval experienced by many who have seen their horoscopic certainties thrown off-kilter.


You go ophiuchus yourself
Ophiuchus me!
You are full of ophiuchus
What the ophiuchus are you doing here!



January 7, 2011

The Song

Are stars weary of roaming in the skies
I can see them now shining thru your eyes

Are you the promised muse of my final days
Or is just your beauty that got me in a craze

It is true, my heart's heavy with ancestral lies
But now I am ready for the final prize

Until now I just joined with the choir, I went along
But with you I've found my proper song

Will I be that refined soul
On which eternal harmony you will dole

There is so much music in the air
But only one tune for which I care

With lyrics churned in the core of a nova
Echoing loud in the burning heart of this, your lova

Platonic Loves

She says she is tired of poems and violins
And hugging and kissing kins
She wants us to rumble in our skins
She wants to play with my twins
She wants us to ravel in our sins
And do it in near and faraway inns
I told her don't stir my jinns
For in this game, no one wins



January 6, 2011

Infinite Ignorance

We cannot always make hay
And It is not always just Yeh and Nay
Nor yours and my way

We can find wisdom in the shades of gray
And even in confusion, I say
I know, some are just queer and bray
Some fear and pray
While some others cheer and play
But I must seek truth
Wherever it may lay

DEC 31, 2010

My Prayer For 2011

God give us our daily bread
Better if steamy from a brickoven

Fill our cups with better wine
So our parties can enliven

Shower us with peace and love
May we not wait till we go to heaven

I know we have all screwed up
May no one remain unforgiven

Above all, deliver us from bullshit
And all that is untrue or disproven

Bless us with better leaders
And why jerks are the ones always driven?

May your kingdom come soon
For our survival is not a given

This is my prayer, for this new year
Two thousand and eleven

What Is Excellence?

By no stretch of the imagination you should glean from the following that I have this thing figure out. Having said that, I believe that one year lived in excellence is better than seventy suffered in mediocrity. Excellence not as a scale of professional or other achievement and surely not in the sense « I want to be much better than others », because you would just be playing the game of duality, mere juggling with polarities, an amusing ludic endeavor, but one that keeps you stuck in a loop of eternal contradictions. I mean it more in the sense of fulfilling that so much elusive human potential, the legendary entelechy. And for me fulfilling potential means, mostly, being free to evolve in more than one dimension, because only by traveling up and down the dimensional ladder that you can truly solve your problems (existential and otherwise). This entails being acquainted with the workings of the body, a versed intronaut, an avid explorer of the interior world of the mind, avoiding intransigent beliefs and ideological hungups, not seeking closure but being content by just probing the edges. The interior galaxy of the body is a domain feared and avoided like the plague by a culture that has projected its definition of identity outwardly in forms that have made it irrecognizable to its true and genuine self.

I hope I didnt come across as too flaky. The truth is, that every time I speak about anything (or write like in this case) I have the queasy feeling that I am raping Mademoiselle Truth, a much coveted maiden, but one that, apparently, prefers to remain eternally virgin.

Note: A point worth bringing forth is that all prodigal skills and all displays of extraordinary genius are, essentially, manifestations of extreme abnormalitities and dysfunctions, motor physical or chemical mental (and forgive me for ruining the romance of so many lives lived in heroic virtue :) Only that these take forms that are highly valued by society, because they either inspire awe or solve practical problems that are out of reach of the common crowd, i.e. the imaginatively challenged. An ordinary person, or one that is not extraordinary, is, as a matter of fact, a person that is, by all reasonable conventions, healthier... deadly boring but surely more balanced. But try telling that to a fame worshiping and thrills seeking mob.


DEC 25, 2010

About Saving The World

I would like to contribute my two cents, making sure you understand that there is not a solitary critical bone in my body for those who truly and sincerely believe that they can do this of that to save the world from collapse. I will probably add nothing and hopefully take nothing from the discourse at hand. So here it goes.

Collapse is not the end and we all know it. Things have always contracted to singularity and then expanded to infinity and vice versa. That is the way things are done in this delirious universe of ours. And thinking that we, stupid quacking geese of homo sapiens, can actually save the farm is presumptuous to say the least. No amount of well cogitated recipes for salvation, nor laundry lists of rules for redemption will do the trick. Since when, in all of our bloody history, have we learned by intellectual impartation alone? We speak of things that happened in the past and things we think will happen in the future, while the passing of time may just be a declarative abstraction that has no real existence, and where words, being mere maps, are confused for the actual territory. Remember, we do speak of the speed of light not knowing for sure that it is even moving. Somebody once described man as that being that sleeps when he speaks and dreams that he understands what he is saying.

Truly, we find ourselves in the automatic conveyor belt of the ages. Some of us walk, some of us run and others do nothing, but we, or other better fit form of humans, will eventually get there. The irony is that we must do all we have the energy to do, to be who or what we already are, including doing completely useless things, like "trying" to save the world.


DEC 23, 2010

Zeitgeist Essentials:
Argentinean Poet Enrique Symns (Spanish)

La Muerte

Moroccan Absinthe Minded Stories

This is a true story ;)

I couldn't hide my indignant surprise when, lately, a "dear" friend of mine accused me of callous disregard for other people's vocabular limitations and for what he called "my persistent, contrived lyrical grandstanding". Well, these weren't exactly his words, let's leave it there. It is true that I tend to use "wide" words in my regular and other conversations but I, frankly, never thought of myself as a pompous exhibitionist. I was always convinced that to create magical communication, you must be versed in alphabetical prestidigitation, a skill that, by the way, I am a long way from mastering. In any case and by all accounts, I must confess, I was never fond of dull verbal engagements.

Anyhow, after dutifully thanking him for openly voicing his displeasure and showering me with such a generous hand of constructive criticism, and profusely excusing myself for exceeding his ability to comprehend anything more than the few words in a road sign, this was my reply to the little waddling piece of crap: "how many other people do you know that go around with their fly unzipped, button their shirt uneven, twitch uncontrollably and frantically swat imaginary flies, and all on purpose, to make others feel good about themselves? " That definitely put that slimy bugger in his place.

The Children Of The Chord:
I knew North Korea Couldn't Be Totally Bad :)



DEC 22, 2010

The Maverick

I sought meaning and truth
But couldn't find it near
Then wandered off the beaten path

I wanted to speak the tongue of my age
But I sounded queer
Then looked for a new language and a new math

Searching, finding , loosing
happiness and sorrow, all wrapped in fear
my answer was loud, indignant wrath

Then I found wisdom, not here nor there
But In the ecstasy of a cactus and a beer
That is when I cut a really wide swath


DEC 21, 2010

Crying From The Third Eye

Why do I struggle?
Because I live just in the present
While I should be living in the whole of time

Why do I distress?
Because I love day and I hate night
When light and darkness should be both mine

Why do I strive?
Because I always feared death
In old age and in my prime

Why do I lament?
Because when someone asked me for help
I just threw him a dime

Why do I hassle?
Because I do not know the difference
Between a virtue and a crime

Why do I suffer?
Because I think it is real
while it is all a metaphor, all a sign

And why do I love you?
That I am not able to express
neither thru reason, nor a rhyme


December 17, 2010

Mathematical Epiphanies:
Or The Story of Infinity, One And Zero

I am Infinity
You can't fathom me
Boundless is my name
But you can call me sixtyfour

I am One
You all come from me
And I sprung it all
From that big bang's roar

I am Zero
You are all within me
And I am that very nothing
From which God makes more

Are There Other Forms Of Life?

There may not be other forms of life, neither down here nor in other planets, because, very simply, there is no "other". This widespread, anguished conundrum of ours stems from a view of the world that is hopelessly conditioned by Newtonian Natural Science, which views all events as isolated systems, a necessary crude idealization that serves wonderfully to construct useful models, but inevitably comes short of fully describing the real-world thing. In fact, all manifest phenomena are sourced and then emerge according to a unified, wholistic principle. Time for example, with its contrived components, past, present and future, is one essential element that may transpire to our three-dimensionally limited perception as composed of three distinct chronological parts but that in "reality" is one big, cross-dimensional creature. Consequently, what we call aliens, flashy lightwork appearances and shameless anatomic intrusions notwithstading :), may simply be our still potential (or already accomplished) future selves attempting to communicate across space and time, in the same manner as our ancestors have always done thru prophetic and shamanic visionary ordeals. No one has ever proven the physical existence of aliens for the mere reason that aliens, in the same manner as our long gone ancestors, cannot share in our physical space: they can only be met in the rarified hyperspace of "altered" mental states, such as in dreams, trances and hallucinations.

About Seers And Prophets

Every time God intends to turn the sharp corner at a certain dispensational bend or is about to engage the shift handle of a higher dimensional gear, He makes sure he gives us ample warning. Given our innately obtuse disposition and our general tendency to be shamefully undiscerning in matters of divine revelation, it is His accustomed compassionate manner to promptly dispatch this illumined and anointed individuals as crying signing posts, announcing upcoming changes in the zeitgeist circulation patterns, reminding us to fasten our spiritual seatbelts, exhorting us to trust the conductor but still get ready for a vigorously bumpy and dazingly winding road. When people fail to heed the call they usually miss the signals and end up unnecessarily roughed-up and bruised and very often, down ravines of unspeakable suffering and misery.

About The Swastika, The Star Of David And The Cross

The Swastika: Made infamous by the Nazis was and still is, actually, a widely known symbol, spanning many cultures around the world. The Swastika represents all that is heavenly, or the macrocosm, all the way up to the infinitely big. It may be a stylized representation of our galaxy, the Milky Way. As you may already know (our ancestors, millennia ago, knew of this before our modern astronomers), The Milky Way consists of a round (or strip, depending on the persepctive) shaped core surrounded by a circle of gas, dust and stars forming four distinct arms, Norma, Scutum Centaurus, Sagittarius and Perseus, structures that branch outward in a logarithmic spiral shape.


The Star Of David: Or Hexagram is a 2-dimensional rendering of two interlocking and inverted square based pyramidal tetrahydra, one pointing up and the other down. The hexagram represents all that is earthly and material, or the microcosm, all the way down to the infinitesimally small. It represents the fundamental order of nature materializing around a tetrahedral geometric framework (considered the most stable geometry in the universe) and the "atomic" and energetic structure of everything (otherwise known as Vacuum Geometry). In other words, it is the skin or the membrane between the invisible implicate and the visible unfolded orders of the cosmos, between the inanimate structure and the living matter.

I hope it is not lost on you that the whole of human history is the faithful reflection of the eternal struggle between the Swastika (Egyptians, Nazis, etc.) and the Hexagram (Jewish, Pagan, etc.), between the heavenly and the worldly. between the expansive and the retractive, between the spiritual and the material, between the free and the bound.

The Cross: Both Swastika and Hexagram find their epochal resolution in the Cross, a symbol that similarly to the other two is universal, but that, incidentally, the Christian religion has appropriated, but which in reality speaks of the ‘Crucifixion of the Earth on the Galactic Cross', or the great galactic alignment, the sun's conjunction with the galactic equator at the end of a precession cycle (next one taking place on winter solstice of 2012 ).

These are not just pointless celestial happenings, but are events of colossal scope and that have dire consequences on our planet and the life that inhabits it. I believe there is an awesome cosmic plan of which we are a vital element, a cornestone, and our survival is of primary importance. So God, before He undertakes anything ominous, He archetypes, which means that before He unleashes a dispensational change, He builds solid-metaphor enactments, encoding in extraordinary humans and mythic events, deep meanings that speak of galactic, transcendental truths. There is a French saying that I will paraphrase as "when the prophet points to the stars, the foul him, stares at the finger". That is our unfortunate condition as we, half witted humans, always get our signals crossed, and pun pretty much intended. What this means to you, is that you must pay attention.





DEC 13, 2010

Zeitgeist Essentials

By Stanford Lectures
By Insane Films



DEC 13, 2010

Do Not Believe Anything

They tell me believe
but it's all hollow
they tell me multiply
and all I bear is sorrow
they tell me be
So I must follow
they tell me buy
So I must borrow
they tell me produce
but all I do is harrow
they tell me damning lies
hoping I will swallow
they tell me many things
expecting my wits are narrow
but I know better
I won't screw my tomorrow

The Story Of Knowledge

In the beginning knowledge was a “whole” kind of thing, an encompassing bubble of truth, that contained all and was accessible to all, stars, plants, animals, man. But something happened, I guess a demiurgic whim or a dire cosmic event, and that awesome sun of awareness was shattered in a constellation of millions of little nebulous starry intimations that, from then on, needed an accomplished human consciousness to recompose. The good news is that our world is not hopeless fractured and we are not alone. There is a powerful drive, a subtle energy that continually and persistently pushes and pulls these mangled parts in an attempt to bring the whole back together. For the romantics that engine is called love, or redemption, or salvation, and for the more scientifically inclined, just old, boring gravity. It is the great pilgrimage of the exiled soul, the heroic journey of legend and lore, it is the reclaiming of a birth right: to be no more the struggling many, but the blissful One.

An Ode To Viagra

I used to get hard as timbers
But I am no more twenty five
Whose is going to fire my fizzling embers

I have many lovers in my chambers
I start driven, prickly alive
Then I get those awful shameful bombers

I neither recall the total figure nor the numbers
When I gloriously scored, I did thrive
But no woman cares nor remembers


DEC 6, 2010

About Origins

Make it your rule of thumb: the origin of "some'thing" is not "some'thing else". The ultimate origin of everything is in fact, beyond the nothing and behind the so eagerly an so fretfully raised high walls of our philosophical and scientific compounds. In other words, it is impossible to pinpoint the absolute true causality of a phenomenon or an event by simply impinging on observable processes and to finely peel the hard rind of observable reality we must cast its projections not on the beige background of ordinary, agreed upon cultural precepts, but on the darker screen of mystery and ambiguity so as to, paradoxically, better reveal its pure and true essence. The truth of where things come from and the reason why they are the way they are, must be found outside of rational linkages and methodological inferences and into the saltatory, energy transducing universal properties of the quantum leap variety.

Indeed, the material experiences of the three dimensional world are not separate floating entities but are integrated interfaces, which emerge from an infinite consciousness with undeclared intent, and are rooted in a substrate of complex circuitries operating by information coding rules of the most mysterious kind. These, in my opinion, necessitate the seemingly bizarre tools of platonic contemplation and arcane sophistication of the alchemist, as well as the brain-dipped Cartesian ratiocinium and measured refinements of the scientist to decipher.

DEC 6, 2010

Zeitgeist Essentials


DEC 5, 2010

Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg?

Is Jesus coming again
If yes, then when?
Are women less than men?
What came first the egg or the hen?
Is there really a now and a then?
We are bogged in a fen
Carved by the word and filled by the pen
For reasons beyond our ken
All, truly, is paradox and zen

Neither, in my opinion, in the beginning it was all a messy omelet. Let's face it; the question of beginnings is a tricky one. How it all started? When did the universe begin? When did the first man appear on the earth?

The reason behind this conundrum is that humans tend to think rationally and linearly, while the universe is in reality a very irrational (mathematically speaking) machine and it evolves in an elusive four-dimensional (meaning a dimension non-reachable thru the five senses) spiral manner rather than a linear one. Outside of the three dimensions, everything happens in the “now”, there is only one moment, the present. However, our brain tells us that everything is supposed to start at point A and end at point Z. At a certain level or dimension, it is a matter of fact that there is a beginning and ending to practically everything: we are born in a certain date and we do die eventually. But the universe seems to follow different rules: Reality may in fact possess no spatial or temporal boundaries and may be characterized as a circle where the circumference is nowhere and the center is everywhere, rather than a progressive line of events. In other words, we can think microscopically (individual entities) in a linear, cause-and-effect manner, but at a macroscopic level (societies, systems, ecosystems) the process becomes irrational, cyclical and its origins and nature are tied to the overall system's functions and needs within a timeless existential matrix.

Also, we should not forget that the "seen" universe is a growing entity and this growth requires the presence of specific functions which become more numerous and complex with time. Number and complexity transform implicate functions into explicate forms, such as amoeba, fish, dinosaur, mammal, etc... Dinosaurs for example are a visible form of an implicate function in the ecosystem. Dinosaurs may disappear but the function remains and will eventually take other better fitted forms. So in this sense, dinosaurs didn't exactly appear and disappear but rather functions that evolved from previous basic functions took form and when those functions became more complex, they took yet other different, more suitable forms.

Man is product and part of an ecosystem. To understand how man originated and how he evolved, we have to first understand the system that felt the need to create him and the nature of “time” is one key to understanding the mystery of origins. Until then we can just let our imaginations roam... and that is a very good thing in itself.

Nov 29, 2010

About Past, Present And Future

We do not "know" by merely understanding the past. We only really know when we can "see" the future as well. And I don't mean foreseeing thru experience, intuitive hunches or extrapolations by historical inference (that is what the so called experts do and that is why they are always wrong), but actually seeing, as when climbing the oracular mountain top and looking down at the approaching valley of enfolded meanings, as if time was, as David Bohm described it, "an unbroken wholeness of the totality of existence as an undivided flowing movement without borders".

Understanding without vision is unfulfilled promise and unrealized potential. In the unified numinous body of the cosmos, past and future are two hands that need each other to clap in the present. We are both affected by the past and drawn by the future. The future is endowed with the same active, influencing substantiality as the revealed historical happenings of the past. What is remarkable (in its unfortunate bearings upon our societies) is that our civilization's view of the future is a metaphor of our view of the feminine: that empty womb whose only acknowledged purpose is to passively surrender to the masculine throbbing intrusions and fulfill its selfish genetic expansion. The future, my friends, is not empty and it is not passive. It has intentionality, albeit inscrutable, and is indeed full of beings, objects and events and needs only a Time reference to hung it wares...

About Dreams

First, let me say that the final, determining truth about things, all things, is found not in their linear, manifest unfolding (which can only be considered as mediating relationships and not as actual outcomes), but in their circular, non-linear, essential nature.

Now, the most interesting thing about dreams is that there are two kinds: Dreams that go from the spiritual to the material (or what we categorize as waking state), and dreams that go from the material to the spiritual (the visions and hallucinations during sleep or other altered states of consciousness). The former type of dreams being as fuzzy and mysterious as the latter, and both types internalizing and externalizing, materializing and dematerializing in a subtle ying-yang, oroboric fashion. You may have never thought of your physical life as just a dreamy projection from other astral domains but that is exactly what it is, otherwise, how would celectial configurations or the movements of faraway constellations influence human consciousness and destiny. On the other hand, are you familiar with some of the latest findings in quantum physics research? Even the most illustrious of our brainy luminaries agree: life at the atomic level seems to be unfolding with the logic of a dream, where particles behave like waves (and vice versa), change behavior with observation, are found simultaneously in one place and another, travel in space without actually going thru it, and even flow backward from the future.

About Matter And Spirit

Did you know that there is no scientific proof of materiality? And did you know that matter is in essence invisible and untouchable? The existence of God has been questioned by many, I believe the time has come that we all bestow an equal honor upon matter and lavish it with its fair share of agnostic perplexity:)

Matter Is Invisible: Without light nothing is visible. The reason we perceive things is because light (this other unfathomable element) is reflected off particular structured atomic compounds, and that refracted (read distorted) bundle of luminosity reaches our retina, then is processed in our brains and interpreted according to specific cultural decoding modalities. You don't really see the thing, you just get a ghostly image of something, which you then arbitrarily language one way or another. The intrinsic distortions of the human measuring apparati is at the root of why our millennia of deep epistemological probings have not helped our legendary ontological ignorance and a final, faithful intellected interpretation of our affected perceptions remains as distant and elusive as ever.

Matter Is Untouchable: Atomic physics' theory says that Identically charged objects repel each other. If I were to really "touch" you when I shake your hand, we will both be annihilated in a conflagration of atomic proportions, e=mc2 in full action. In reality we never touch, what we sense is just the prickly friction of both of our skin's particles repelling each other. You are not actually walking on that floor, you are technically floating on it. When an object is drawn, shattered or displaced, it is not other objects that do it directly, but the gravitational pull or the expansive wave generated by their momentum and movement that alters shape or influences positional changes in space. I realize this may seem very puzzling to most of you and, in fact, these properties (invisibility and untouchability) were most exclusively attributed to dark matter by the current established scientific constabulary, who by the "universal rules of logic and the imperatives of academic rigor", have canonically absolved physical matter from the opprobrious charge of shameful insubstantiality. But in my opinion, dark, red or blond matter, it is all the same species :)


Nov 23, 2010

Zeitgeist Essentials

It is the most famous
equation in the world?
But do you understand
what it means?
Watch This 11 Part PBS
Nova Documentary on
E=MC2, Einstein's Big Idea.



Nov 21, 2010


A en savoir l'histoire
Ceux qui vivent de l'espoir
Se font toujours avoir
Par ceux qui ont le pouvoir


A Very Brief History Of The World

It all started with Eve and Adoom
They strolled around Eden in birth costoom
When they ate off the tree, God went kaboom
Jehovah was his name, Elohim his nom de ploom
He called Moses who answered why me a baboom
The Lord said if not you then whoom
He raised the serpent, split the sea and bent a spoom
Then freed the Jews, and for 40 years not exactly a boom
David carried a lyre and a tuoom
Then killed Goliath, an enormous giant goom
When Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehoom
She was pregnant and they couldn't find a room
Jesus was born, who later made the hills a classroom
The Romans, with rage he made fuoom
They killed him, but he arose to his father's throne assuoom
Paul saw him in a vision as he swoom
A new church is born and out of its cocoom
The middle ages were all darkness and gloom
Witches casting spells and flying on a broom
The goddess was back and the worship of the moom
Later Luther challenged the pope's boardroom
The truth about god's grace he did exhoom
When Descartes said" I think therefore I oom"
He caused science to florish and art to bloom
Einstein came and Newton shook in the toom
It is wave, it is particle, it is both I presoom
Then piping mobs to impending doom
In the horizon a bright mushroom
Threshing souls and hell fire it's chaff consoom
Man wished he was back in his mother's woom
But in the clouds came the bridegroom
And for a little while, hope will loom
After that, our calamities resoom

A Very Brief History Of Women

Woman of antiquity and lore
She was goddess then was called whore
Her likeness from temples we tore
And raised Apollo, Zeus and Thor
And to them our allegiance swore
After that history was nothing but madness and war
Stained with blood and filled with gore
Until her divinity restore
And the power of the cruel letter abhor
We will live lost, we will live poor
And that is for sure

The Truth About Wine

No reason to denigrate and malign
The exquisite heavenly fruit of the vine
For tis, in a trinity, the conundrum of wine
It's Circe who turns men into swine,
Calypso offering to make eternity thine
And Penelope in whose bosom life's divine


Nov 20, 2010

The Root Of All Evil ... And Good

Our emotions change, generally speaking, when we think that things are added to us or things are taken from us. We are happy for example when we think things are added, like for example a job promotion or a new baby; and are sad when we think things are taken like a loved one or some hardly earned money. But knowing that no problem has ever been solved in the same dimension where it was created, would you prefer to rise above the dual clouds of human self-centered strife and worldly happenstance and enjoy eternal bliss in the rarified air of transcendental truth? Well, hear this: We live in one unique material reality and in principle, nothing is ever gained and nothing is ever lost; nothing is ever added and nothing is ever taken. I am not saying anything new here, Lavoisier, the eighteenth century French chemist already knew that. As a matter of fact, and pan very much intended, all there is is "reshuffling". Just think about it, if anything was added, where would its energies come from? If it was taken, to what other eather would its atoms go? If this hopeful words of mine don't go down your culture-entranced and calcified synapses like pure somic ambrosia, and you are not turned on like if you had been injected with some unadulterated, unapproved substance, then there is surely a problem with you:))

The Lost Inca City Of Gold

If you were to believe me, there has never been a lost Inca city of gold, the legendary Paititi. I am almost convinced that it was just a fabled story that those long-suffering and tortured South American Indian souls made up in desperation and told the gold-hungry Spaniard conquistadores to get them off their already overburdened backs. One important thing ingenue and material-wealth enthralled Westerners have a hard time grasping about indigenous peoples is that land and earth is another member of the tribe, at the least, and that is why land property titles were so foreign to "primitive" nations . To them, deep mining was tantamount to raping and you don't normally rape your own folks. For the typical Westerner, Earth is an object that must be resourced (as a matter of fact even human beings that compose its corporations are called "human resources"). For the Incas and most other indigenous peoples, earth is a Being (and so are the plants, the animals and all natural entities) with whom a relationship must be negociated and established. It is much easier to humans to prey, murder and rape when the victim has been debeingified (not sure if this word exists ... yet).

The Incas never had the amount of gold that the european invaders envisioned because the only kind of ore they could legitimately use was the one that was occasionally bestowed to them by mother earth thru her rivers and ground surface mineral veins. They never dug for it because digging deep was considered an outrageous violation of Pachamama, the giaian goddess of the Amazon. As unbelievable as it may sound to our resource and energy starving civilization's ears, our mining endeavors are, in fact, the inconsiderate ravishing of virginal planetary virtues that would better be left intact. Gold, copper, silver, oil, uranium... the price we will pay, and are in fact paying, for our licentious geologic penetrations will turn out to be karmically unbearable. You don't have to force yourself to believe me in this one, just watch what transpires in dire environmental happenings during the next couple of years.



Nov 12, 2010

Moroccan Absinthe Minded Stories

This is a true story ;)

There was a friend of mine who was married to a stunningly beautiful woman. Unfortunately for him, extraordinary feminine comeliness goes rarely unattended and his beauteous consort was the target of the covetous eyes of all his friends. This made keeping an unspoiled love nest an almost impossible undertaking. As expected, lust overcame loyalty and both wife and friends succumbed to copulatory temptation. She ended up sleeping with most of them and my friend joining the legendary and very crowded society of horned husbands. Knowing of the fact and frustrated with such lascivious opprobrium he reluctantly decided to let that delicious slice of womanhood go and this time, to ward off unsolicited attentions and assure exclusive rights to his new bride's virtues, he took a woman that wasn't exactly the epitome of cuteness. Actually she was characterized with serious facial platitude, broad body latitude and a very bad attitude, nothing that anyone would want to furrow, not even with a ten foot plow, if you know what I mean. After a few months of what would be tritely described as unsatisfying conviviality, my friend realized the elusive nature of true conjugal felicity in such “ugly” circumstances and let this one go too. He later told me repentantly: “I'd rather have a chest full of gold shared among friends than a bag full of shit just for myself.”

Nov 11, 2010

Understanding The Current Money System:
The History Of Money: From Gold To Toilet Paper

T H E H I S T O R Y O F M O N E Y  

Nov 10 , 2010

Minds On The Skin Of Time

Armory Lovins And Natural Capitalism



Nov 4 , 2010

Happy Birthday

I wish you catastrophic happiness
In your youthful older age
May your mature frame overflow
with graying hirsute vitality
and your cautious libido unravel
and transform that oniric lascivity
into true and unique coital adventures
May your seasoned mind
ever slip in blissful immemoriality
and find ecstatic solace
in many precious spirited libations
I wish you harmonious conviviality
and loves free of pathological attachments
and impossible expectations
And may you sit in the presence
of your own little self
and always appear radiant
in your illumination

True Romance And Other Such Illusions

Quando la vi bailando
Mi corazon se fue volando
Quiero estar con ella abrazando
Su cuerpo fuertemente apretando
Su boca tiernamente besando
Quando me acerque a ella susurrando
Mi amor a ella declarando
Ella me responde quasi ladrando
"En vano estas aspirando
No tienes dinero, te veo siempre rondando
Eres feo, flaco … y mis estas pisando
No se porque te estoy aguantando
Ademas, yo tengo un novio y quatro esperando
Y a los otros los tengo soñando"
Depues de tanto insulto le dije lamentando
"Solo ahora que eres joven todos te estan acortejando
Pero con el tiempo quando vayas engordando
Y tu piel y pechos se vayan relajando
Sobre sus ojos iras pesando
Tus palabras sus oidos quebrando
La pasion de otros tiempos anegando
Te diran que fue de ti, otras mujeres ojeando
Pero mi amor es para siempre, nunca olvidando
Que amores livianos se iran apagando
Pero almas jemelas mueren adorando"


Nov 3 , 2010

Minds On The Skin Of Time

Tim Jackson
About Prosperity Without Growth
Wacth The Video at ForaTV.
Tim Kasser
About The Revolution Of Values, Materialism And Its Alternatives


Nov 2 , 2010


When people see some things as beautiful,
other things become ugly.
When people see some things as good,
other things become bad.

Being and non-being create each other.
Difficult and easy support each other.
Long and short define each other.
High and low depend on each other.
Before and after follow each other.

Therefore the Master acts without doing anything
and teaches without saying anything.
Things arise and she lets them come;
things disappear and she lets them go.
She has but doesn't possess,
acts but doesn't expect.
When her work is done, she forgets it.
That is why it lasts forever.

Tao Te Ching As Translated by Stephen Mitchell



Oct 8 , 2010


Those drums are they for mourning?
Are they a warning, are they a sign?
Those children, innocent playing under the pine
The woman, capricious but benign
Laurel wreaths in her golden hair entwine
And this man so simple and so hard to define
A lightness of being forever dripped in wine
He says he is from a old kingly line
Though his crown is with leaves from a lowly vine
That he chased out darkness with light sublime
And filled the void with dance divine
That he created a universe with laughter
And many souls with song refine
That he sealed all mysteries in rhyme
That good, as evil is of his design
That all that was his, has now become thine
But his treasures he will not let you enshrine
His love he will not let you confine
To the four corners you must let it shine
Even though it is all but a dream
The end of this dreamtime
Is the end of your life
And the end of mine


Sept 30 , 2010

Moroccan Absinthe Minded Stories:

This is a true story ;)

... At The Straight Bamboo

I was along with the crew
We were all gloomy and blue
Pondering about what is good and what is true
Existence is a really messy stew

When someone cried, I don't remember who
Most likely Pedro from Peru
“We should be all at the tavern, the Straight Bamboo
And muzzle deep in foamy brew”

Without further due
There went Albert the French, A Scot named Drew
Ahmed the Muslim, Isaac the Jew
Me, you and and other two

The night was wild, someone lost a shoe
The music played and we sung too
We ate, we drunk, we danced and tried to woo
Too wasted to care who

As I prayed God deliver us from the ugly and the shrew
Here came Brenda, a brunette one eighth Sioux
She asked me “would you like to see my tattoo?”
I replied “I do, but honey, are you ready for what will ensue”

But not all were so lucky at the Straight Bamboo
Albert was all night with head deep in the loo
Ahmed was seen outside with a chicken and Drew with a ewe
and Isaac was heard imploring:
“would you ..hip.. pass one to me …hip…when you are thru?”


Sept 22 , 2010

Minds On The Skin Of Time

Leonard Shlain    
Alphabet Vs Goddess The Big O Art And Physics

Bruce Lipton    
The New Biology 1 The New Biology 2 Fractal Evolution

Terence Mckenna    
Alchemical Dream Seeking The Stone World And Its Double 1




Sept 20 , 2010

The Return of Marie Antoinette

The French court was a fluffy omelet'te
The country was going down la toilette
Nobody had money in le wallet'te
But here comes Marie Antoinette
“Why don't you have la brioche
If you can't have la baguette”

Today, September 20, 2010, the American government is officially declaring the recession dead !!! That is absolutely not the impression you get when you take a stroll downtown or in the suburbs of our cities and towns. And the long lines outside the employment offices, the ever increasing number of boarded businesses and shops, the never ending list of foreclosed homes and evicted homeowners, the record number of bankruptcies and on and on.

There is a little nasty psychological quirk that afflicts societies under stress: their ruling classes (Yes, Mr Obama, Mr Sarkozy, Mr Berlusconi, Mr Cameron, You!), not able to come up with viable solutions to the enormous and complex problems and challenges facing their nations, and by their status, being protected from the harsh reality of the street, will become walled within insulated kingly courts, surrounded by their lackeys, churning propaganda, spinning damning lies about the true state of the realm, and surely never forgetting to indulge in posh parties and receptions, while the populace is outside languishing in indescribable misery. The insensibility of one born with a silver spoon in his mouth to the plight of the underclass is by no means novel and examples of the unrelenting disregard of the elite for the predicaments of those less fortunate litter the historical landscape and our modern times are not an exception. Are those who forget history doomed to repeat it? But looks more like by repeating history they are hoping for us to forget it :)


Sept 20 , 2010

Nature Loves Courage
From Live Lecture By Terence Mckenna

"There is a sort of fair play. You've been told from the cradle that the deck is stacked against you —fall of man, original sin, and so on and so on— its bullshit. Its absolute bullshit.

There is a sort of fair play, and if you can get in touch with that in your life, if you can have that perception, the world will begin to work for you, it will begin to move toward you... Nature loves courage, and it shows you that it loves courage because it will remove obstacles.

You make the commitment, and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream, and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick! This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood, this is the shamanic dance in the waterfall, this is how magic is done: it's done by hurling yourself into the abyss, and discovering that it's a feather bed. There's no other way to do it. "

We all need to try to understand what is happening. We need to try to understand what is happening, and in my humble opinion, ideology is only going to get in your way. Nobody understands what is happening… not Buddhists, not Christians, not government scientists…not, ya know, no one understands what is happening. So forget ideology. They betray. They limit. They lead astray. Just deal with the raw data, and trust yourself. Nobody is smarter than you are. And what if they are? What good is their understanding doing you? People who walk around saying, 'Well, I don't understand quantum physics, but somewhere, somebody understands it.'… that's not a very helpful attitude toward preserving the insights of quantum physics. Inform yourself. What does “inform yourself” mean? It means [to] transcend and mistrust ideology. Go for direct experience. What do you think when you face the waterfall? What do you think when you have sex? What do you think when you take psilocybin? Everything else is un-confirmable rumor, useless, probably lies. So liberate yourself from the illusion of culture. Take responsibility for what you think and what you do

... "The Truth doesn't need your cooperation to exist. All forms of cult, all forms of hype, all forms of delusion do require your participation in order to exist. I've looked into marginal areas of human experience —historical and otherwise— with a rational mind, and what I've found is that doorways into the miraculous are far fewer than the publicists of the New Age would have us believe. On the other hand, they are not as rare as the proponents of radical reductionism and materialism would have us believe. There are doorways out of the mundane..."

..."Attention to attention, or paying attention to the nuances of cognition, is a psychedelic way of being, a refined art of awareness of the tensions and nuances in the moment. The psychedelic experience is simply a compressed instance of what we call understanding, so that living psychedelically is trying to live in an atmosphere of continuous unfolding of understanding, so that every day you know more and see into things with greater depth than you did before. This is a process of education.

When asked what the secret of his angelic poetry was, Blake said: "Attend the minute particulars." That's all. Focus attention in the moment. Do not betray attention into expectation borne of abstraction, or regret borne of misplaced assumption, or remembrance borne of boredom and alienation in the moment. Attend the minute particulars as a kind of practice.

Cultivate an ongoing stream of self-description, telling yourself what is happening. Get used to the idea that mind can penetrate the immediate surface of being and reveal the tactile density of it as a manifold whose measure cannot be immediately taken by the eyes, that it's deep, it's connected, it's complex. Everything holds within itself the anticipation and the memory of everything else.'


Sept 20 , 2010

About The Clash Of Civilizations

Finally Jews and Arabs agree on something :)

There is no such a thing as a clash of many civilizations for there is only one true game in town. It is what we wrongly call Western Civilization because it is not western but universal as oriental cultures like the Chinese and the Muslim contributed extensively to its denouement.

In fact, across the long winding snake body of history we can distinguish a single golden strip, and on that continuous string of human happenings we can identify a quasi uninterrupted accumulation of material wealth, resources and knowledge of a very peculiar quality that reaches to our modern time. This is how we got the beautiful symphonies of Bach and Mozart, amazing architectural marvels such as Notredame and Versailles, Wall Street and modern finance, NASA and its spaceships, and other “glorious” human accomplishments like the cellphone, that no one, from the posh mansions of Beverly Hills to the rundown makeshift tin cabins of Calcutta, can live without. Engaging in any other cultural game outside of that gilded lining is playing off-side. Ringing any other music outside of that orchestra is performing off-tune. Anybody outside of this particular boat will be rowing counter-current and will ineluctably beach on the rugged rocky shores of poverty and lack, both culturally and materially. You can spin this thing in your head til your ideas reach the consistency of meringue but you cannot convincingly argue this fact.

Mine is not a judgment on the long term existential viability of our scientific and technologically driven world nor on you, if you happen to lie outside the loop. It is just to explain why your life is ridden with contradictions and why your culture seems to languish in wretchedness and go about with the comportment of a schizophrenic maniac. You need millennia of accumulated wisdom and material resources to reach the level of structural complexity and social organization that you would see for example in cities like Vienna or Paris . Muslims for example reached the apogee of political, philosophical and scientific sophistication in Al Andalous, when Arabs were the torch carriers and harbingers of other older civilizations, namely the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans, cultural legacies that they translated, adopted and perfected. The Arabs flaming torch was consequently handed over to the Europeans to kickstart the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. Descartes, Newton and Einstein didn't start from zero: exceptional characters as they were, they were, nonetheless, mere pearls among many on the glitzy collar of progress adorning the neck of our humanity.


Sept 18 , 2010

What Is Cancer ?

What I am about to blurb is not meant to inform your therapeutic strategy if you have cancer or other diseases. For that you should always rely of your instincts and personal research, in addition to competent medical advise. Your zest for life should be duly rewarded with prompt and complete recovery, but true healing is obtained only when we conquer our natural anguish about our ineluctable finality. Fear and not physical disease is the real human scourge.

Having said that, death, within complex organisms, is not a punctuated event (not even if sudden and accidental, but that is a topic for another time) but a degenerative process that manifests in increasing stages of cellular decomposition and metabolic weakening, catalyzed by internal or surface fungal activity in the body. Yes, you heard it right, a tumor may not be what we have been told by orthodox medicine: our cells growing out of control, but an inflamatory reaction to a foreign agent (most likely a fungus of a very peculiar nature) that attached onto a dying human tissue to help it return to the mineral state and close the loop of life, a process that we normally call recycling.

When the wave of life reaches its crest in an organism and its energetic contributions to the ecosystem begin to wane, mother nature is quite impatient and very eager to see it go and new life take its place. That is why we have fungi and insects: they help deconstruct organic structures whose utility has expired or has been compromised and make base components to serve other existing, more viable forms of life . Not a very appealing prospect to our little life-entranced human egos, who would rather hung to a decrepit carcass than give a good kick to the bucket and peacefully checkout. Nobody is really quite that irreplaceable.

Sorry for sounding cynical but you must be used to my bluntness by now... comm'on, the planet's population was originally supposed to just replace itself and was never meant to grow in such an exponential manner. We have become six billion eating, drinking, peeing, shitting, polluting motherfudgers who just don't seem to know when their time is up. When man is not intelligent enough to administer his own affairs, nature steps in and cancers, diseases, epidemics and most natural disasters, are just some of her strategies for herd culling. Lets face it, a decent and humane existence would be impossible on the planet if she didn't.


Sept 17 , 2010

Moroccan Absinthe Minded Stories

This is a true story ;)

Because of a dearth of new borns in the realm, the king decided to bestow the generous grant of 1 Million Dirhams to all fathers whose filial quiver reached or exceeded 10 arrows. Ali and his wife Fatima looked after a healthy flock of nine, but still one short of the 10 that would entitle them to the coveted royal reward. Fortunately, Ali had a little secret: as a result of a past extra-conjugal escapade, he had fathered a child with another woman with whom he had remained furtively in touch and had faithfully paid support. Surely, officially claiming the child as his own would fulfill the requirements and make him a millionaire, but how could he brake the news to Fatima? Would she forgive his youthful indiscretion and welcome the child for the sake of a pecuniary windfall that would give their household a healthy kick up the social ladder and make her the envy of all the snotty neighbors? … And forgiving she did… or so it seemed.

Now came the day of the introductions. When Ali gleefully entered the marital home with little Mustafa, the yield of his illicit affair and now the crowning piece of his procreative prowess. Hoping to meet the new addition to the family with Fatima and his estranged siblings and expecting a warm and concurred reception committee, he found no other at home but his bride of twenty glorious years. Surprised by the absence of the children he asked his “faithful” wife where were the apples of his eyes and the fruits of his loins, to which she replied: “well, their fathers claimed them too"


Sept 14 , 2010

The Futility Of All Discourse

Is it even or is it odd ?
Is it carrot or is it rod ?
Is it naked or is it shod ?
Is it prince or is it toad ?
Is it seed or is it pod ?
Is it virgin or is it trod ?
Is it nothing or is it God ?
You will find it is both that and the other
If you did really prod

Yeh, this is the reason humans are so confused. We attribute particular significance to observed things as if there was a fixed point to point correspondence. The fact of the matter is that those meanings that we so much love to append on things are not like semantic hats hunging in intellectual space and with which we very conveniently cover our bald perceiving heads, but full-spectral epistemological wheels of fortune (containing all potential meanings) that are most evidently spun by demons :) )


Sept 5 , 2010

The Economic Recovery Or That Great Illusion

You know we are under a nasty mediatic spell or afflicted by some dire perceptual blindness when we still congratulate countries like China or Brazil for their economic growth. I hope I am not among just a few who believe that the economic palace built on a foundation of cheap energy and other natural resources is about to get a sober shaking. Capitalism has given us such an exciting civilization but one full of contradictions nonetheless, the same kind of contradictions that signed the fall of communism. Will capitalism follow on the path of the comrades and their egalitarian utopia and all the other failed "isms" that seem to never have met a human being? Probably not as Capitalism may most likely own up to the fact that the fiction of eternal economic growth cannot be sustained any longer and sensible action is taken to put a stop to the madness and engage in some serious, honest, intelligent reflection about the long term consequences of its actions. For capitalism healing will have to come from within. A brighter future to me looks much less crowded, where the concept of work has a more leisurely connotation and one where the current money system is radically over-hauled or gotten rid of altogether... The irony is that we are going to need a hell lots of money to get there.


Aug 26 , 2010

Ayahuasca Dreams

Welcome to the land of the cind'r
Rich or poor, heavy or slend'r
All you need is cand'r
Our vision is for a world yond'r
A land of dream and wond'r
Rid the temple of the money lend'r
that tore the earth asund'r
You are our mother's riches attend'r
Of your brother no more contend'r
Self and ego you will surrend'r
And all your former certainties tend'r
Then your mind will be given wings to wand'r
To behold landscapes of beauty beyond pond'r
Run with the jaguar and fly with the cond'r
Meet luminous beings in their merry bend'r
Your soiled soul in their joyful light will laund'r
Tis the only true balm, of your many wounds amend'r


Aug 13 , 2010

How Do We Learn ?

I have no doubt and contrary to common belief, we do not learn by adding discreet data beads to our experiential string. True learning (particularly that which results in major creative breakthroughs) happens thru a sort of ‘download' from loftier and vaster knowledge pools down to our lowly, ignorant and solution starving reality. Here, the learning process is a mere linking ritual (or connection protocol in computer parlance) to other higher and richer dimensions. The learning is your act, the download is God's grace. In this sense, our physical and mental expansive capacity is relying heavily upon we rediscovering the magical and shamanic attributes of our interactions in the universe.


Aug 3 , 2010


Once out of nature
I shall never take My bodily form
from any natural thing,
But such a form as Grecian goldsmiths make
Of hammered gold and gold enameling
To keep a drowsy Emperor awake;
Or set upon a golden bough to sing
To lords and ladies of Byzantium
Of what is past, or passing, or to come.

From Sailing To Byzantium, By WB Yeats



Aug 2, 2010

Imagination Crowned
From A Live Lecture By Terence Mckenna

"... We are trapped in the evolutionary cul-de-sac of Newtonian space and time. But we have this little tiny peephole, this doorway into the entire cosmos. We must capture this tiny amount of information that is comprehensible to us and bring back to human camp.

... The future is in the imagination. Imagination is going to get louder and louder. The rules of mind overwhelming the rules of physics. The rules of physics say that you are a body, you are on a planet, you have weight you have momentum, you have specific gravity, you must behave like this or like that. The rules of mind say no, I want to be pure unleashed conceptuality, I want to be a thought blown in hyperdimensional wind, I want to move from planet to planet in the twinkle of an eye, I want to know everything, see everything, be everything, feel everything and by that somehow, make my way back to my higher and hidden source. Who knows, may be this always awaited us beyond the grave and what we are doing in some sense is drawing depth into the world and erasing that most profound of all boundaries, the distinction between life and death itself becomes thin, becomes transparent ..."


July 5, 2010
JULY 2010

Make Art And Not War

I Lived by the word of the horde
times in plowshare and times in sword
but I know art is the best I can afford
between a vagina and the grave
I am at play in the fields of the lord



July 3, 2010

Lovers In Low Places

Is not true love
if the one that loves is I
you may laugh
but then cry
you may sing
but then sigh
you may trust
but then lie
you may live
but then die
when you love
love high
never mind who
never mind why



June 30, 2010
JUNE 2010

By JW Goethe

Der Teufel hol' das Menschengeschlecht!
Man möchte rasend werden!
Da nehm' ich mir so eifrig vor:
Will niemand weiter seh'n,
Will all das Volk Gott und sich selbst
Und dem Teufel überlassen!
Und kaum seh' ich ein Menschengesicht,
So hab' ich's wieder lieb.


June 18, 2010

Moroccan Absinthe Minded Stories

This is a true story ; )

A friend of mine was at the local airport checking in for a trip to Germany. Well assured he had all the necessary paperwork he gingerly went thru ticketing and the routine security procedures until it came the turn of the body scan. While going thru the arches a great commotion was noticed among the monitoring staff. A superior officer was promptly summoned and my friend, obviously befuddled and confused, was hurriedly removed from the line for what appeared to be a questioning. To make the story short and for what transpired later on, according to a new custom's law, dongs above a certain size are considered a person in their own right and must hold a separate passport, and apparently, my friend had an entire household in his pants.



May 30, 2010
MAY 2010

The Zodiac

all is aether even a slab
I can't see essence only the dab
from the mouth of death I nab
with empty hands salvation grab
brightness will come after the drab
as twins lie between a bull and a crab
ushering new ages with a stab
then is the rending, then is the scab


April 16, 2010
APRIL 2010

The Epistle

My dearest beloved,

I waited for your letter with anticipation as I got wind of your travails and was anxious to know how you were fairing. I wept at your accounts as you laid bare your hearts in an epistolary eloquence that seemed to string words not with letter but with pure and exalted feelings. My word is that you don't despair for the promise is near, the meek shall inherit the earth and the treasure of the wicked shall be laid up for the just. I am myself often afflicted with the gnawing contradictions of a life lived half on this plane and half on the other, but I rejoice in the fact that my agonies are promptly tempered as I contemplate the awesomeness of the divine consideration that we have been so freely and so unmeritedly extended. Then after we have turned water into wine and walked on water, the wilderness awaits with the fiery serpents of obtuse-mindedness and the devils of arrogant confidence, one that makes people think that they know it all and no change is necessary. It is refreshing to hear you speak of transformation, renewal, vision, love … You don't appreciate the cooling breeze of a higher dimension until you have felt the skin-scorching heat of a lower one. I am starting to miss life in the big island despite all its mundane shortcomings. I wish we could get this tribe thing right and the children of god can finally plant their fatigued hopes in a land that would truly deliver the potent purpose of transcendence, for we are all weary of disappointments. So lets not leave the crow's nest unattended, but keep our visionary antennas up and our traveling feet ready for more trottings.

In the meantime, I hope that this impenetrable virgin that is the future will grant you her favors and crown your sincere courtings of destiny with nothing less than ecstasy, and remunerate your heart-felt yearnings with a revelation of her true mysteries. May we meet again and join the ever incandescent logs of our friendship in a communal fire of love and fellowship. May we meet again and join our eyes in gazes of deep understanding that only gods can intimate. May we meet again and join our voices in stirring resonance and make harmonies to which only angels can sing and dance.

I leave you in letter but not in heart for in the inner chambers of my soul burns a fire whose light and warmth reaches wherever you are.

Always with you in hope and purpose


April 2, 2010

The Gauge Of Society

March 17, 2010
MARCH 2010

About Prime Numbers

In mathematics, prime numbers are those divisible only by one and themselves. Examples of prime numbers are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19 etc.. Prime numbers have very peculiar properties such as the fact that any nonzero natural number greater than 2 can be factored into primes. In this sense, they constitute the building blocks of all other numbers. This and many other characteristics make them really intriguing entities and mathematicians are still pondering about many of their aspects and feverishly working at cracking one of their most unyielding mysteries: the presence or not of a definite pattern in their sequential enfoldment.

Lately, I have been studying the Riemann Hypothesis, which is considered by many in the field as the greatest unsolved mathematical mystery of all times (with the Fermat Last Theorem and the Poincare Conjecture having already been proven). I will not burden you with the nitty details of what this famous conjecture seeks to prove, but just that it has to do with prime number sequences and the presence or not of a sensible pattern in their seemingly infinite distribution. I do not claim to understand the hypothesis in its entirety, and as a matter of fact, I often felt dizzy going up and down the complex equational hills and negotiating the convoluted formulaic bends of what I am convinced was a premeditated attempt by a hermetic and sinister click of beady-eyed, vicious and self-centered abstraction-paranoid professional scientists to obfuscate the view from a closely held secret, one that is reserved only to the very select and the initiated.

This is what I gleaned from my frustrating outsider proddings:

No doubt about it, prime numbers must have a pattern and the pattern will be most likely found when we arrive at a deeper understanding of the space-nature of time, its physicality as opposed to its abstracting chronological aspect. In the same manner that the known 92 or so naturally occurring chemical elements are the building blocks of the natural physical space, prime numbers, in their apparently random sequencing have a method in their madness, are indeed a mathematical notion of the most relevant and deep kind and are the building blocks of the natural physical time, time being that hyper-dimensional ocean of existence, that subtle vibrational fountain-head from which everything manifest emerges.

As weird and flaky as it may sound, numbers are things, and some particular numbers are very special things ( and I did arrive at this conclusion many years ago while studying guess what... Mathematics? Chemistry? Physics? No, abnormal psychology, but that is another of my stranger-than-you-can-suppose stories, however true and non-confabulated :). Numbers are not just imagined representations but are truly the one-dimensional source-points from which higher dimensional categories ramify forming the backbone of our five-senses' revealed reality. I believe that prime numbers are not just sterile mental abstractions but have instead a character, a property, a flavor and a distinct energy that makes them as palpable and real as oxygen, carbon or hydrogen. I came to be convinced that the prime numbers' role in the general architectonic configuration of being, is that of forming the joining vertices of the distinct polyhedral, geometric structures of the hyper-dimensional body of time and the axial poles around which they spin, gather "cosmic dust" and eventually appear (thru some not yet fully understood "alchemical" process) as the spiral tornados of manifest objects that make the three dimensional landscape (from microscopic DNA helices of the human gene to the light-years spanning galactic arms of the Milky Way), and the long and undulating corpus of history that filters thru our lower-dimensional consciousness as the discreet and concatenating string of unfolding natural and cultural events.

I have about 25 pages of further material on the subject, with formulas and equations to boot, just to show that this is not just brass-sounding or cymbal-tinkling rap but a serious scientific hypothesis. I will elaborate more once I find a simpler and more dignified way of hanging out this stinky salmon to dry.


March 5, 2010

About Mental Disease

We can think of the brain as that extraordinary computation machine, tirelessly capturing sensible information from the environment and beyond, and translating it back to the self in comprehensible ways, a process which makes us the well-adapted, conscious and sentient beings that we think we are. But we can also perceive the brain as a filtering device, a buffer so to speak, whose main function is to modulate the avalanche of ambient data and gradually release that flow into our consciousness in ways that are not compromising to our nervous circuitry or overwhelming to our natural processing abilities. When cracks appear in this complex sieving mechanism for genetic or other reasons, and this very necessary mental holding dam gives way, our psychic space is inundated with a staggering flux of material, from this and other-dimensional provenance, we become overpowered and subsequently we start exhibiting behaviors that are generally categorized as abnormal or incongruent with the consensus gentium, a widely accepted notion of sane and normal human conduct.

I do not need to emphasize the reality that the cauliflower shaped, two-sided and rippled lump of stuff floating inside our cranium, still remains our most uncharted territory and that most of what happens within it and comes out of it is as mysterious and obscure as ever. But the gravest sacrilege we commit when approaching the altar of the most high mind, is to fail to remove the soiled shoes of a hopelessly arrogant belief that we know what normal is. Did you know that what differentiates the visionary and exalted madness of a highly esteemed tribal shaman and the fragmented delusions of a mental-board committed schizophrenic is that the former is socially sanctioned and has relative control over his state and the latter is shunned and is practically swept in the wake of his tormenting hallucinations. The same altered states, just different cultural attitudes and different outcomes. My hope is that we will be more understanding and compassionate towards individuals whose behaviors and utterances may fall outside accepted norms or lie beyond the fence of widely accepted social paradigms. In cases of obvious mental sickness we should absolutely provide adequate treatment and therapy, particularly if there is danger to self or others, but that at the same time we be discerning enough to consider the possibility that thru the gaping rift of these anguished and split souls, God may find a convenient wedge thru which to push a timely message or impart a needed lesson, and this has happened more than once in our history. It is a proven fact, God often finds a much better interlocutor in our madness than he does in our sanity.

March 4, 2010

Ode To The Beloved
Inspired by Omar Khayyam

Disheveled, with raiment torn
by god and man forlorn
but I was never sorry I was born
for I have wine, the beloved and the morn

I don't think of tomorrow nor yesterday
the bidding of many can't sway
my peace and childlike play
they say, with hell-fire I shall pay

Heaven to me is also dear
but I do want it here
angels may for ever cheer
but they are far, and you so near

The Cup Of Wisdom

I looked long in a wiseman's scroll
but I found this wisdom in a bowl
that the body, as well as the soul
are dutifully playing a role
sometimes angel, sometimes troll
sometimes valley, sometimes knoll
sometimes flower and sometimes coal
We may seem going down a hole
but there is a purpose and a goal
It may seem madness, out of control
but there is a method in it all

March 4 2010

How Do We Invent Things?

Henry Poincare once said: "by logic we prove, by intuition we invent". On the same line, my opinion is that our greatest and most relevant human creative accomplishments were not attained up a continual thread of individual rational cogitation, no matter how trained and deep, but are instead delivered in quantic bouts of transcendental intimations into the collective unconscious thru the dreams and altered mental states of a few selected individuals that we usually categorize as geniuses. A genius is not just a mentally super-endowed virtuoso, but is also the brainy wedge thru which the high and "superpersonal" intelligence of which we are all a part, gradually and conveniently drives the little secrets of its true reality into the domain of human history. This is why I believe we must stop worshiping talented people and start inquiring seriously about the energies behind their seemingly unusual abilities.

March 3 2010

Rooms Full Of Big White Elephants

It is really sad when we are so obtuse, so unconscious that we loose sight of the fact that this life is by all observable and reasonable accounts, a great unknown, a tremendous mystery. Our highest esteemed interpretations, our most cherished certainties and most unquestioned beliefs are at best lame attempts at fixing in space what is in essence the fleeting notes of a passing tune, sung with lyrics of a foreign tongue.

Let me tell you a few things about what is going on here: we find ourselves mired in this great conundrum, that we feel we must build a material world but the only bricks available to construct our glorious personal and institutional ideological monuments are made of false illusions and damning lies. We cannot build with truth, it is an outright existential impossibility because the truth is very simply that we know doodoo about who we are, what we are, why we are here and where we are going, and you can't say that publicly and expect to get invited at a garden party or put that on your resume and hope to get a job these days. Our greatest personal (and cultural) fear is not to be able to sustain the fiction anymore and some fateful day be unmasked for the great frauds we are... and this, in my opinion, is probably going to be the most liberating experience and the greatest and happiest day that humanity has ever seen.


March 3, 2010

What Is Infinity?

Infinity is a relationship that is also a thing. Infinity is the decimal ever-unfolding ratio of space and time, but is also the bounding measure of something. In fact, Infinity is not a limitless number of moments that extend for ever and ever amen, but is instead, the exponential curve of time asymptotically converging in a particular point in the complex space-time matrix and indwelling it. That point can be either an object or a calendar date. That is what we mean when we speak of the end of time or the end of the world , and man's soul being eternal, and that is what William Blake meant when he said "hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour". In this sense infinite (infinitely big) and infinitessimal (infinitely small) are different directions on the same curve of the wave of space-time, and which appear to be converging or diverging according to our frame of observation.

You may be quite befuddled to hear that infinity is not only one but many, that individual infinities do actually have a converging end, and that living things, to be considered truly living, had to have infinity embedded in them. The truth is that we have been badly conditionned by a culture that understands time in its linear, quantitative and chronological expression but completely ignores its spiral, qualitative and dynamic aspects.

There is also another problem, human consciousness cannot apprehend descrete things but only things as they interact with other things, or in other words, we grasp by comparing and contrasting. Infinity cannot be easily understood using the tools of reason but can only be inferred thru imagination and the diverse and convoluted contraptions of high mathematics. What I mean by that is that "infinity" and the popular mental concept of it, is more a construct of our brains than its actual, encompassing reality.

Our brains, as I mentioned in previous insights, is a mathematical, computational machine. It perceives things and matches them to a preexisting frame of reference. Infinity happens when our brains are confronted to a plane of existence where time is not relevant (in distances that are infinitesimally small such as in atoms and distances that are infinitesimally large such as in galaxies) and a plane of existence where time is relevant, such as in our daily human life. The brain starts computing both planes (circular plane per linear plane) and gets an irrational number, a number whose decimals are infinite. If you ever wondered what is the significance of the symbol pi in mathematics, well this is it. Pi as you may know is the ratio of the circumference of a circle by its diameter which is relatively constant and equals approximately 3.1416. Circumference/circle is a symbol of timelessness. A diameter is a straight line and symbolizes linearity, measurable quantities, cause and effect, rationality, etc... 

In my opinion, answers to many mysteries about the universe may lie in mathematical concepts such as prime numbers, Fibonacci series, pi, phi and complex/imaginary numbers, whose significance and applications are all but fully understood.

Very quick but very telling observation about complex and imaginary numbers. Mathematicians represent imaginary numbers with the letter "i" and it's the square root of -1 which is not a real number because no number multiplied by itself will yield a negative number. Then what is the purpose of "i"? In order to solve some very complex equations, mathematicians cannot limit themselves to real numbers but have to resort to using imaginary ones. Can you believe your ears, mathematicians, scientists use stuff that practically exists only as a figment of their imagination because they realize it helps them solve real problems.

So it is true: you can believe in something that is not really there but still have that something solve (or eventually create) tangible, real life problems. I may be wrong but I think I have just solved a conflict that has tormented humanity for hundreds of years: it is ok to believe in Santa Clause if it makes children happy. Big brain scientists do it, what shouldn't you.

March 1 2010

About 2012

Check section "About The Great Year"

Let me first say that this seemingly great debacle of 2012 is not a prediction, but just an old observation, the precession of the equinoxes (also know as Perihelion Advance, a phenomenon that according to famous physicist DeBroglie, happens at the atomic level as well -another example of the fractality of the universe-), that was always there but that just recently begun to take relevance. 2012 is the end date of the Mayan Calendar, the begining of the Golden Age of Vedic prophecy, the year of the appearance of the New Star of Hopi prophecy, the zero point in the Auric Time Scale Spiral of Sergey Smelyakov, the year zero in the Timewave Zero of Terence Mckenna, the Galactic Center Conjunction of John Major Jenkins, and on and on. These are not just people on the looney fringes of society, they are serious, rational, methodical philosophers, historians, scientists and mathematicians and they all seem to somehow converge on this date, and if you asked me, for very good reason. They all have one thing in common: they understand the fractal configuration of the cosmos, the spiral, cyclical and wavelike nature of time and the upper-dimensional escalatory drive of the universe.

Without casually diving into speculative conjectures or waxing dogmatic about the matter, I believe that the date is relevant. 2012 is not the end of the world but only the end of a world and the ushering in of a new one. 2012 is not just another pathetic, apocalyptic theory competing for teleological validation, but is instead the bell ringing the closure of a particular session of civilization and the introduction of a higher class of consciousness.There is no such a thing as an eternal drama and eventually the curtains fall, the actors remove their masks and move on to other, hopefully, better roles. No civilizational organism can pretend to unfold to infinity and ineluctably will reach a point when further growth is impossible within the same form and will need a new, more fitting configuration to fulfill the universe's need for novelty and complexification. Human history is littered with examples of whole civilizations that came and went, leaving but lifeless lapidary witnesses of their passage. Imposing species thrived and practically conquered the earth before they were wiped out entirely, yielding fossilized bony remnants as only memory of their past existence.

2012 will probably be this epoch's culmination of our hopes within our despairs, our ecstasies within our agonies, our renewals within our degenerations, our generosities within our cruelties, it is the four horsemen of the apocalypse and the return of the son of man. It is when the tidal wave of time will recede and the wreckage of the sunk galleons of human history, with all their bitter cargo of illusions and delusions, will be exposed. It is the time when evil and deceit will have exhausted their contributions and justice has its final say. If 2012 is the end, it is end not as fatigued finality, but end as potent purpose.

Since time immemorial, some very sharp and perspicacious lookouts on this planet's crow's nest have seen the iceberg, but the question is, would this big ship that is our human race, heed to the alarmed calls of upcoming danger and maneuver in such a way to avoid a collision, or will it hit it head on, or sideways like the Titanic, and sink to the depth of oblivion. My take is that we are too close to the iceberg to turn around, and no matter how hard and how fast we swing the bow or skid the stern of this behemoth of civilization we won't be able to avoid catastrophe. Eh oui mon ami, we will meet the proverbial iceberg of transcendence, we cannot run from it. However, not being central to the plot is not a permission for irresponsibility, as a matter of fact we have a very important function in the smooth denouement of future events. There is a difficult birthing taking place and we are the assigned midwives. We have been commissioned to bring comfort and assuage the delivery pangs, counter any possible complications and ensure that this promised new born of consciousness sees the light of days as gracefully as possible. In fact the question is not if the birth is going to take place, but are the midwives going to be available. This is a tremendous responsibility and when those who hear the call don't answer, we all pay in pains, plights, pogroms, and plagues.

What to watch for as 2012 approaches?
1. I believe time and events will seem to be speeding up like water going down a sink and spiraling faster as it gets closer to the plughole. The internet (which in my opinion is the pinnacle of human technological achievement, our civilization's graduation moment and the intersection point between human mental ability and the true nature of the cosmos) has a lot to do with this quickening of time. In fact we will see mind-boggling technological accomplishments and at the very same time witness the dissolution of the social fabric into a strange schizoid mesh of unbearable misery of the many and obscene opulence of the few that will generate exacerbating violence and mayhem.

2. E xtreme concidences and contradictions. The fact that the president of the United States has Hussein and Obama (Obama being only a letter removed from Osama), the names of the staunchest enemies of America, as first and last name is not just a coincidence. The fact that Srilanka, the Phillipines and Thailand, countries traditionally known for the civilty and kindness of their populations, are expenriencing some of the blodiest social upheavals in the world is not just a mere contradiction.

3. I believe that the major upheavals will be of an electrical nature so we need to watch... water (eventhough I have a faint hunch that the final seal of the age will come thru some kind of fiery event). Water and electricity do not mix very well. Watch not only for water in floods, melting ice and tsunamis but most importantly, in humans, whose body -particularly the brain- is made of 75% of the liquid substance. Can you say "it is going to be a mad, mad world out there", where some will reach for the gun while others for canvas and brushes. The artist, like before, will spearhead the charge on this novel domain of consciousness and will appear as the anointed savior of humanity's desperate circumstance, reconciling its wounded and bloody past with its eternally virgin future and finally and heroically, saving the day. Well, this is my scenario of choice, what will actually happen, only God knows.

4. Tthis is somehow speculative and may sound a little apocalyptic, but I will go ahead and venture the possibility that on that fateful day humanity may in some strange fashion loose its historical memory: memory needs the frame of chronological time to append its contents and at the great asymptotic convergence day in the year 2012, time will be zero, or the exponentially unfolding curve of time will enter one solitary calendrical day and literally disappear in a mist of infinitely smaller and smaller momental quanta, never to be seen again, at least not on this side of the current dimensional membrane.

If this is what happens, humans as a species will manage to survive, but like all other glorious civilizations of the past, the only indicia of our passage will be the stone monuments we left behind (for our good credit, Dubai's Burj Khalifa couldn't have come in a more convenient circumstance), and in the same manner, we will also be inscrutable mysteries to the generations of beyond the event horizon despite our current vast digital libraries and our immense book collections. These haven't helped our present ignorance, why should we expect them to help our future curiosity.

5. Watch also for new astronomic discoveries: I have a hunch we may soon discover that we truly believe in a binary solar system, which means that our sun may have a relative out there around which it orbits and that will soon be observable.

February, 28 2010

About Gravity

No one, to this day, has been able to determine its nature. We surely have intimations of what it does, but not even our most illustrious physics and astrophysics luminaries have the faintest clue about what is it is exactly, where it comes from and how it does what it does.

Gravity and our eventual full understanding of it, will probably be science's graduation day and the crowning achievement of human long search for cosmic truth, the grand Unified Field Theory of physics lore.

Sometimes we fail to find satisfying answers to our dilemmas because, very simply, we do not pose the right questions. Is gravity a mere mechanical, magnetic force whose purpose is solely to pull impersonal matter together? Or is gravity, instead, another word for love or nostalgia, and the yearning of a hopelessly fractured and sadly exiled planetary essence and its instinctive drive to seek a return to its original home, and regain the unity of an ideal experience forfeited in the wake of some fateful big bang? We may ultimately find that, indeed and to our great Newtonianly dripped surprise, gravity is more a personal emotional link between creator and creation, rather than dry, drab, dull and robotic attracting interactions of aimlessly whirling and weightlessly floating masses, between themselves and the unwitting objects that inhabit them.

February, 26 2010

What is Life?

Cycles of perturbation and equilibrium, followed by more cycles of perturbation and equilibrium. The alternation of equilibrium and perturbation between opposite poles of a spectrum (1) creates energy and motion which occasionally crystallize into stable forms or what we call matter. The difference between one cyclical period and the next seems to be:

1) An increase in complexity at higher and higher levels of existence expressed as "octaves of behavior within spirals of expansion".

2) and if the rules of harmonics are maintained, there is a higher degree of freedom. In other words, future cycles will tend to have more freedom than past ones. For example, plants have more freedom than minerals, animals have more freedom than plants and minerals, and man has more freedom than animals, plants and minerals. This freedom is sometimes referred to as novelty, innovation, evolution, mutation, inspiration, creativity, art or just shift.

3) Cyclical movements to ever higher dimensions seem to solve problems in lower dimensions. In fact, when a problem is created in one dimension, it can never be solved at that same level but only if a higher and more expansive domain of unfolding is reached. This is the main reason for biological and mental evolution and why worlds and civilizations do eventually end.

February, 26 2010

About Genesis And The Garden Of Eden

Genesis is the actual story of the universe's material beginnings told in mythical and oniric language. The fact of it being or not a true historical rendering of factual events is in my opinion, irrelevant. Adam and Eve are archetypes, cosmic protagonists faithfully enacting a divine script, the drama of which we are all both actors and spectators. To make the story short and I could write a whole book on this one, Adam is space, Eve is time and their union formed the intricate and ever-unraveling matrix of infinite possibility that we call life. Abel (and the tree of knowledge) and Cain (and the serpent) are representations of the vegetal (spiritual) and animal (carnal) man respectively, and their millennial struggle for dominance. In fact, Space and time are the initial dimensions from which all other dimensions, with all their contents, sprung.

Adam is hydrogen, Eve is oxygen and their coupling brought forth the waters of consciousness and the awareness that our origins are divine and our destinies inextricably bound with the fate of the rest of God's creation. Worth noting that God blesses with water (bountiful rains and holy baptisms) and also chastises with water (damning deluvial floods).

The Great Fall (and our original sin) is a representation of our descent into history and the tyranny of time. The Apocalypse (and our final redemption) is our rise to the rarified space of our true divine nature.

February, 25 2010

About The Large Hadron Collider

A hadron collider is a very powerful particle accelerator. The largest complex is found at CERN, in Geneva, Switzerland, and there are others, one big one in Long Island, New york, in the United States. It consists of a couple dozen miles of pipes containing superconducting magnets, thru which particles are propulsed at luminal velocities. The goal is to see what happens when you crush superatomic particles at speeds near that of light, as to reveal the real nature of the atom by shuttering it into pieces and exposing its basest contents.

I am personally an inveterate proponent of courageous and adventurous research but this, in my opinion, is quite a dangerous proposition. Despite the many and well documented reassuring statements of the scientists involved in these projects, I am still very skeptical about their safety and I will even venture to suggest that these have absolutely no clue about the full potential ramifications of these experiments. What if they succeed in performing one of this collisions with particles whose potential they do not fully understand and they end up unleashing energy chain reactions of big-bang proportions. Next time, when you browse Google Earth on satellite view and you notice a big hole where Switzerland or New York used to be located, you will know why. Surely, the occasional sneaky terrorist with his dirty bomb suitcase will then become the least of our concerns, that is for sure.

Note: Some prominent physicists ( Holger Bech Nielsen and Masao Ninomiya) working on these projects are hinting that unknown insidious forces that seem to ripple backwards straight from the future are actively sabotaging their attempts at making these particles behave in a certain manner. This may sound strange to you, but to me, a tempered veteran of the boobytrapped jungles of man's most outrageous imagination and fearless defender of the strangest sounding notions, what I say is, "and very rightly so, gentlemen".

February, 22 2010

What Is The Difference Between ...

Knowledge And Wisdom?
Knowledge is scooping the water of truth with the bucket of ignorance. Wisdom is realizing that the bucket has holes, and that the water is from an ocean and not a pool.

Harmony And Melody?
Harmony is to melody what a cube is to a square, same base structure, different dimensions.

Deduction, Induction and Abduction?
Deduction is reasoning from the larger to the smaller or from the general to the particular. Induction is reasoning from the smaller to the larger or from the particular to the general. Abduction (and the best method) is reasoning laterally from similarity to similarity or by considering similar relationships and patterns.

Number And Quantiy?
Number is for counting and its precise. Quantity is for measurement and can only be approximate.

Soul, Spirit And Body?
Soul is what gets kidnapped when spirit is distracted. Body usually pays the heavy ransom.

Religion, Atheism And Spirituality?
Religion sustains that there is a god. Atheism proposes that there is no god. Spirituality hints that all is god.

Joy And Happiness?
Joy is the known emotional state of boundless glee and ineffable satisfaction. Happiness, instead, is an ideology, or a vain human attempt at fixing in space what is in essence, a dynamic and shifting time quality.

Chronological Time, Zeitgeist Time And Reality?
Imagine you are a pastry chef and you are gingerly working on a new voluptuous and tasty creamy confection. Zeitgeist time is the recipe where ingredients are listed out of sequence and is missing the end part. Reality is the cake that you want to eat and have too. Chronological time is where you watch the whole drama unfold.

Illusion And Delusion?
Illusion is the reality of an existence composed of two equally opposite natures, one seen and the other unseen, with the latter being the source and the former the image. Delusion is not knowing which is which.

Eros Love And Agape Love?
Imagine you are a painter and you are portraying two lovers locked in passionate embrace and engaged in affectionate and sensual romance. Eros love is the prickly and warm sensations that those two feel for each other. Agape love is you with your art, the couple with its tenderness and the whole painted canvas with its enchanting beauty.

Innocence And Naivety?
Innocence is finding the bejeweled and so much coveted treasure trove of "everything is possible". Naivety is putting an ad on the Pirate's Sentinel and telling that you did.

February, 22 2010

About Hippies And Potheads

Be very careful how you view these folks. They may be hopelessly lacking, but they are so extremely relevant to our evolution as a human species. These socially-decoupled, eternally broke, rebellious, tree-hugging, long-haired, uncouth, fashion-challenged, world-trade-summit-busting, sexually gregarious, work averse, joint-rolling and mind-altered bundles of human contradictions are in fact the very necessary cracks that show at the surface of the eggshell of civilization when it is about to deliver a new born of consciousness. Yes, you got it, love them or hate them, we need them for our upcoming transitional quantum jump, so treat them nice.

If You Are A Hippie

No matter what anybody else thinks, you are rather the glorious pioneers of the new emerging paradigm, the cornerstone of a new enlightened civilization, or brave men and women spear-heading a new living movement of change of restoration. You may seem to behave like maladapted people, marginalized and incapable of complying to the requirements of the established order, continually beating your heads on this wall called "money", thrashing around impotently in the cultural ghettos to which you were relegated by the current socio-economic juggernaut. The mercantilistic ideology and its mechanized universe seem to always be gaining the upper-hand over your holistic, conciliatory vision of the world. My word to you, my friends, you will be vindicated.



February, 18 2010

Life Is A Stage

During your life
You divorced truth and married lies
At the straws of make-believe you were clutching

Just before you die
Your life will flash before your eyes
But it will not be worth watching

February, 16 2010

About Constants

Physics and mathematics constants, that is. Example of constants are G for gravitational constant; h for Planck's constant; c for speed of light and so on.

My own personal opinion and by what I know about the workings of the cosmos, which by the way, I see no self-respecting scientist adopting, is that there cannot be such a thing as a constant in the universe, may be divine temporary allowances but not constants, and the fact that there is no firm agreement on the values of most of these, is a telling testimony that these creatures of humans' deep cogitation and their best attempts at quantifying the minutia of existence, may be mere convenient tools afforded to us by a very generous universe and one that is well understanding of our intellectual need for fixed axial poles around which we can perform our pathetic theoretical whirling dances, rather than actual, existing, faithful-to-nature gauging instruments for the measurement of cosmically dynamic realities with their elusive and ever shifting geometries.

February, 16 2010

Humor: Politically Correct

That day I had a few too many spumous libations [beer] and I was by all accounts, chemically inconvenienced [drunk]. I saw her terminally attractive face [cute], undulating figure [a babe], she was pectorally superior [big boobs] and graced with a manifest rotund posterior [nice ass], Though she was, by my estimate, a little metallically overburdened [too much jewelry], cosmetically amplified [too much makeup] and fragrance indulgent [too much perfume]. I couldn't help experiencing a temporary blood displacement to my cylindrical masculine protuberance [I was prickled]. When I expressed my desire for a horizontal encounter [have sex] she replied in a vocally unappreciative manner [she was disgusted] that I had a nuanced facial geometry [butt ugly], too vertically challenged [too short], follicle restricted [bald], skeletally prominent [skinny] and odor retentive [stunk], and that in any case she already had a previously enjoyed companion [boyfriend] and were planning for mutual domestic bondage [getting married]. In semi-stupor and in somewhat choleric vituperation [I was fuming], I remarked that she was an affront to all known cannons of esthetics [plain], had an excess of digestive detritus [full of shit], was reality impaired [stupid], most likely thermally deficient [frigid], and a bonafide metabolic underachiever [fat].

February, 15 2010

About Change

No we can't, Mr Obama. I have often sustained that all is change in the universe, so here comes another of my self-scathing contradictions, or another shining notch in my long and talented belt of mind-befuddling paradoxes, which ever way you want to slice it.

There is no such a thing in nature as change, intra-systemic change that is. Things are what they are and they continue being what they are, until they cease to exist. Real transformations can only happen with the death of the staling old and the birth of the refreshing new, and mere manipulations of form will not alter their existential reality nor intended purpose, and superimposing living ideological layers on already dying institutional tissue will yield the same result as grafting new skin on a fatally gangrened leg. In addition, human historical experience corroborates the evidence that individuals who identify with established and stonified modes of thinking do not simply morph into convenient change agents but these must first physically pass on and new and more competent generations gradually take their place before new and more fitting realities are introduced into the social landscape.

February, 15 2010

About True Human Progress

Genuine human progress happens when higher dimensional material and value layers are superimposed on existing technological and cultural formations. In this sense, poverty could be defined as a particular generation's failure to establish solid cultural and material footings upon which descendants can conveniently stand and erect progressively higher tiers of relative comfort and prosperity. Generally speaking, true and lasting wealth cannot be created by sole individuals in isolation and that It takes several generations of gradual sedimentation of resources and knowledge to build sound foundations for meaningful economic and technical accomplishment. In fact, an individual is rich, when he is graced with a prior generation's patrimonial legacy (not necessarily his own) and is successful at maintaining and increasing what was bequeathed to him and passing it down the genetic or social line. When that succession is interrupted by some devastating historic influence, we get material poverty and the consequent spiritual ramifications.

What does this mean to you? It means that your future plannings of success cannot be limited to your personal and selfish aspirations alone but must include your children and your community at large. Remember that you will be the ground upon which your progeny and their peers will walk, make sure you provide them with a solid footing and a flexible catapult from which to launch to even higher levels of happiness and prosperity. You must position yourself as the conduit between the great things done by your ancestors and the still greater things to be done by your heirs. You must feel the responsibility of creating an adequate substrate for following generations to thrive and of providing them with as many tools as you can afford for their welfare and fulfillment. No one should be starting from zero, nature doesn't, nor should we.

February, 15 2010

Quotes From Remarkable People

Welcome, youth, who come attended by immortal charioteers
and mares which bear you on your journey to our dwelling.
For it is no evil fate that has set you to travel on this road,
far from the beaten paths of men, but right and justice.
It is meet that you learn all things
both the unshakable heart of well-rounded truth
and the opinions of mortals in which there is not true belief.
-- Parmenides, Greek Philosopher, 500 BC

February, 13 2010

About Biodiesel And The Electric Car

Real solutions to our energy problems will not come from the supply side, and unless we pay attention to the demand variables in our dire economic and environmental equation, we will be squandering precious resources down the deep sinkhole of our many misguided social programs. I am convinced that the only way out of our dilemma is a thorough and complete rethinking of the way we live and practice our local and planetary citizenship. We have invested so much in the old paradigm that it has become practically untenable for most to relinquish the old ways and make tabula rasa of anachronistic models that obviously do not work and will not work.

What we need, and soon, is courage to face our reluctance to put a stop to our losses and minimize the damage before it is too late. We do not need to create new forms of economic agency as much as we need to rein in the old ones and engage in processes that entail a more judicious, more responsible approach to earth and community. Most of the promised technologies that are currently heralded as the ultimate panacea for everything that has gone wrong in our modern civilization will very likely not deliver. We do not need more spunky material creations, but today's pressing imperative is to scale down, to streamline, to deconstruct the runaway structural misfits of our soulless cities and mallified suburban areas and redesign our residential spaces and commercial centers to meet the requirements of the age we are about to meet, an age of even scarcer energy resources and stingier financial credit.

We do not need better cars but less of them and more available and efficient public transportation. We do not need less expensive or more abundant alternative fuel sources but lower consumption, smarter procreation habits and less corporate greed. We do not need better producing industries as much as we need more social, triple-bottom-line entrepreurs. We do not need more or cheaper food as much as we need food that is more nutritious and that is grown locally or within short distances. We do not need more efficient homes as much as we need to compose fitting human habitats, better designed and more compact cities and towns.

These are commonsensical steps that we could all easily take and smart and serious economists and ecologists have been singing this rap for decades. The reason why our civic leaders and politicians haven't been heeding the call and forthcomingly stepping up to the plate, instituting adequate policy and vigorously churning fixative plans, is because of a timid legislative culture, fearful of possible electoral backlash and that would recklessly watch the ship sink rather than upset the tender sensitivities of an ecologically uneducated and financially overextended populace, or poke at the nervous balance sheets of the established and ever so powerful corporate groups. Calm logic and reason may midwife the birth of most of our glorious human institutions, but to remove the calcareous ideological tumors that eventually infest it and transform it into a sickly, weakly and ill-adapted bundle of contradictions, we need the raging, sharp scalpel of committed social activism. Raging not in reactive violence, but in unequivocal, well articulated indignation. Raging not in misdirected, adolescent mayhem, but in focused and intelligent channeling of political pressure, social discourse, popular energies and economic resources into operational pathways that are congruent with our highest aspirations for a meaningful, sane and truly livable world.

February, 12 2010

La Plus Grande Tragédie

C'est de vivre ma vie
sans en savoir rien
c'est de pleurer mon chagrin
seul comme un chien
c'est de celebrer mon bonheur
sans te demander où est le tien
c'est parfois aimer et constamment haïr
sans en comprendre le lien
c'est de prier aux anges et a Dieu
et jamais les faire mien
c'est de mourir avant de mourir
et ça, c'est vraiment pas bien

February, 12 2010

About Materialism

Matter is well underrated and yes, matter is primary, matter is magical. We cannot possibly divorce particular entities from their quintessential energetic constituents. Separating matter from spirit leads to existential schizophrenia and we cannot live a soulful life without taking into consideration the supreme importance of the physical domain in which we evolve. Many a misguided religious ideologue has predicated that we should work exclusively on polishing our spirits in preparation for an eventual blissful sojourn in a beyond-the-grave gated heavenly community, but this breeds only condescension and irresponsibility towards the body and the earth, ominous attitudes that transpire in our modern societies as blithe aloofness for the welfare of future generations and reckless disregard for environmental sustainability.

Materialism on the other hand, is holding fast to the skewed notion that there is a inherent difference between an object and its essence while insisting on the absolute supremacy of the solidly manifest. It is our obstinate clutching at the straws of ephemeral experiences and passing thrills. Materialism is the illusion of a happiness obtained by possessing the contrived contraptions of our own creation. It is the bewitching siren song of the sea-maidens of consumerist deception, tenting to allure our affections and deflect us from our true mission in this odyssic journey of transcendence.

February, 10 2010

What Is A Paradox?

Generally speaking, when energy or information travels at speeds faster than the speed of light relative to a fixed frame of reference, its travel vector reverts to negative, or going backwards in time and the natural principle of cause and effect, is by consequence, violated. From this particular perspective, "effects" happen before their "causes". Paradoxes happen because of this breakdown in the law of causality. According to classical physics, speeds higher than the speed of light cannot be attained and a backwards flow of time is a practical aberration. On the other hand, the principle of Quantum Entanglement, the EPR paradox (Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen paradox) and the Bell's Non-Locality Theory argue that it is impossible to account for some observed phenomena in the universe without impinging on the possibility that energy and information can in fact move at superluminal velocities and that time reversal processes are inevitably involved.

Required Reading: Did you ever wish that someone would bring the latest high flying research in Quantum Physics down to nest in the fluffy brains of people like you and me, whose command of high mathematics is not that famous? Here is the answer to your prayers.

February, 10 2010

About Consciousness

Consciousness And Man: We say that humans are conscious because of their ability to observe objects, events, information and energy move thru three dimensional space in discrete time.

Consciousness And The Universe: When time ceases to be a quantitative measure and becomes a quality of space I call this type of time, Quality of Epochal Consciousness and it is simply the universe observing the wave of its own unfolding as it moves asymptotically towards singularity, crossing the event horizon and into a higher dimension. The end of the process is characterized by time speeding up and eventually being integrated into space, and probably and only God knows how, existence itself may become independent of passing time.

February, 10 2010

Quotes From Remarkable People

"Anything dead tends to remain within the three ordinary dimensions, while anything living constantly transcends them". -- Rudolf Steiner

February, 7 2010

About Guardian Angels

It is quite obvious that whatever intelligence is administering the affairs of the universe is of a very high order and her intentions are guided by immense acumen. Thus, we shouldn't be surprised if she extends her attentions in a somehow discriminatory manner, what, by the way, any self-respecting supreme investor with great cosmic ambitions, clear prophetic agenda and expectations of satisfying eschatological returns, would naturally do.

It appears that some particular individuals (possibly ones with needed skills and potentialities) are singled out, do enjoy special protection and are offered breaks in life that would resist any other successful explanation outside of the sphere of the miraculous. This, however, does not necessarily presuppose a life lived to a ripe age nor an existence dripped with bliss, unspoiled by contradictions and free of trials and tribulations. We may legitimately argue that a hapless chap on whom these propitiatory graces have been bestowed will be somehow spared the customary earthly agonies that other mere mortals endure, but this is not the case at all. Having special, dedicated angelic escorts and being crowned with God's royal consideration, is actually, ominous news indeed. Our own glorious historic landscape is littered with one tragic marking example after another of the inscrutable irony that every time these anointed human messengers of redemptive virtue are delivered into our cozy cultural space, we (the orphan and boorish plebe left out to its own devices at the fringes of God's divine dispensation :) are ready and eager to receive them with prompt and adequate treatment: we celebrate their inspired oratory with stone-throwing fits of appreciation; we reward their courage with exilic appointments to other more hospitable lands; we grace our shabby prisons with their colorful and iconic presence; we entrust their genius to the good care of our psychiatric facilities, and if by any chance none of these obliging niceties do, we dispatch these blood-sucking pests of established belief and skin-gnawing fungi on the body of our beloved institutions, to meet their maker. And we do it without a moment of hesitation and with unrepenting savagery.


February, 4 2010

What Are The Most Critical Human Inventions?

Negative and fractional numbers. They may be the source of most or all of our sorrows :(

Both negative and fractional numbers are mental constructs. They don't exist in nature but are fuzzy creatures whose native habitat is the rarified substrate of our brain's gray matter. Any number below 1 is imaginary. Zero is the state of "neither or" and represents equilibrium and the status quo (1).

Negative Numbers: the negative sign before a number denotes that a quantity instead of extruding forward in the three dimensional space of positive reality, it intrudes inwards in the domain of imaginary feeling and experience. In other words, we have negative states because of a human consciousness that experiences movements away from positive as lack (when an object is diminished or removed such as in our experience of material poverty or scarcity) or as pain (when pleasure is diminished or removed such as in our experience of physical sickness or suffering). In fact, "we do not have something" not because there is a positive state (positive in the sense of actual, true presence in the three dimensional domain) of "not-having-somethingness", but because that experience is interpreted mentally and emotionally as a deprivative state, where an expected object or feeling should have been there but isn't.

Fractional Numbers: There is no such a thing as a part of something in reality. All there is is wholes. Fractions are mental devices for proportional relativism. In other words, our mind utilizes them to telescope from a large frame of observation into a smaller one. Let's for example take a squared surface made of four sides that measure eight little squares each. The one big square is, in this instance, made of 64 little squares (2). What is 1/8th (one eighth) of the big square? It is one little square. So here, one eighth (a fraction) of the big square is equivalent to one (whole) little square. Thus, you can always translate a fraction into a whole number, if that number, does in fact, represent actual measurable quantities rather than mere mathematical labeling abstractions .

What About Irrational Numbers?

Irrational numbers are numbers that cannot be expressed as factions of integers. Examples of irrational numbers are e (of the exponential function equaling approximately 2.718), phi ( the golden ration equaling approximately 1.618), pi (the ratio of circumference and diameter of a circle equaling approximately 3.141). Irrational numbers are also the square roots of 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 etc..

I see irrational numbers as the blurry-bounded wedge thru which the universe drives its weirdest and most mysterious aspects into the square agenda of solid and sensible materiality. Irrational numbers are (particularly e, phi, pi, square root of 2, square root of 5) the semi-permeable membrane separating the domain of real manifest entities (explicate and unfolded) and imaginary (3) ones (implicate and enfolded). In other words, an irrational number is the noise that the big yawning yap of a blackhole makes when spewing the contents of a gazillion higher dimensional universes into the narrow plate of our limited rational comprehension. I am convinced that the magic properties of these numbers will eventually explain with formulaic clarity, how the other-dimensional energies of the dense vacuum are transduced from infinities into matter, intruding in three dimensional space as the objects and events of our daily experience.

(1) Did you ever wonder why we haven't been able to win our many wars on social plagues such as poverty, greed or corruption and human diseases such as depression, diabetes or cancer? it is because we have been fighting ghosts, we have been engaging non-entities. Very simply and as strange as it may sound, these do not" exist", and what I mean by "exist" is that we feel the [excruciating] presence of these negative states not because" they are there", but because something that should have been there, is not. In other words, we see the empty cup and we feel the absence of wine, and that absence somehow impinges on our brains, fires our neurons and translates in our minds as yearning, deprivation, the opportunity for a good time lost, but still, the cup is very empty, there is nothing there.

What about tumors and throbing aches? The universe hates a vacuum, and will seek to fill any empty space with replacement material, be it deadly rebellious cells or infernal torturing sensations.

What about killing viruses and germs? Viruses, bacteria and germs are always present in our bodies or in the environment, but they only start causing problems when some physiologically critical defensive element is missing.

Now the biggest question is, "what is the elusive thing that should have been there but isn't?", or "what is the precious libation that was meant to fill the bottomless cups of our human agonies and quench our thirst for relevance and meaning?" The answer is the most mysterious, the most inscrutable and the hardest concept for humans to apprehend and one that when fully understood will liberate us from our millennial shackles: Love. Nothing to do with prickly romance. The very ondulating particles that make our physical bodies are made of love, our faces and our organs are carved our of its aethereal surface, our noblest feelings and most heroic actions are sober testimonies to its presence, our most deprecable deeds and our most gut-wrenching pains are crying witnesses to its absence.

(2)In a multi-dimensional space with dual or polarized structures , 8 squared or 64 (not sure why of this particular number but I suspect that 8 is the number of dimensions needed to account for ordinary manifest reality, eventhough there may be many more dimensions than that) parts of a whole, is the maximum number of parts needed to form a fractal body that can scale down to one single part and not loose its geometric integrity. And this is the reason we find number 64 in all relevant biological (microscopic human DNA) and physical structures in the universe (macroscopic vector dynamic geometry of the infinite vacuum).

(3) Imaginary not in the sense of made up or contrived, but imaginary signifying a reality, a domain of being that exists in another different or higher dimension.


February, 4 2010

People You Should Pay Close Attention To

Those are people that are learned, educated, eloquent, rational, eclectic, non-religious and iconoclastic who use speaking in tongues (otherwise known as glossolalia or unstructured language) as a regular meditative practice. These dudes (and dudesses) are not crazy, they just know something you don't ;).


February, 2 2010

More About The Environment

Can you imagine! Nobel prizes are meted out to people who simply realize we are in deep doodoo. Yes, we are rewarding people for the superhuman feat of not being blind. What are we going to dole out on people who actually find real solutions to our environmental dilemmas? I am being obviously facetious here because this is clearly more a reflection on our blithe aloofness and our insidious and chronic dispassion for global planetary issues rather than a badge of praise for great intellect and foresight on the part of people like Al Gore for example, whose effort in the field, by no means should be appreciated.

I can't but wonder how the numerous hurricanes of climate change summits and heated international voiced concerns can blow so strongly thru the warm waters of cultural trendiness, political opportunism and mediatic hype and reach the cooler shores of genuine and committed policy as barely a breeze that won't raise a ripple. In fact, colorful rhetorics abound, but who are going to be the brave and smart people who will catalyze the stale chemistry of a humanity simmering in dissonant beliefs and deadly contradictions and finally couple compelling discourse with effective action and form solid social compounds for new and better fitting forms of ecological consciousness?


February, 2 2010

How To Properly Evaluate A Theory

Researchers who discover a new idea or method, or just sustain its validity or universality, become personally and professionally vested on their unique positions. Thus, uncompromising intransigence (which often erupts in acrimonious defensiveness) is to be expected in regards to critical and detracting views, which are conveniently dismissed as heretical, no matter how plausible and fact-based they may be. Many an illustrious luminary went to the grave insisting, with unmitigated certainty, that his was the right judgment even when solid proof was provided to the contrary. I can also account for a slew of instances where famous scientists manipulated their findings to fit a pre-held theory.

My own personal approach is to thoroughly study both sides of the argument and sculpt my own synthesis from the available data, always considering the possibility that both seemingly conflicting inferences and contradictory conclusions can very happily coexist in the same observed phenomenon. This is called paradoxical thinking, or the notion of holding two diametrically opposed concepts in your mind and still retain the ability to function. Apparently, most scientists and philosophers are incapable of such feat of mental prestidigitation. In fact, the essential truth of any event in the universe is found not on one fixed pole or the other of a wave's local and timely manifest character, but in the overall, complex dynamics of its unfolding.

Required Reading: Study Karl Popper's works, particularly "The Logic of Scientific Discovery" and "The Open Society and its Enemies".

January 30, 2010

About Seeking The Meaning Of Life

Some say that the purpose of the journey is not to arrive but it is the journey itself. That is nonsense. It is neither the journey nor the destination that are most important; it is rather the quality of the “journeyer” that matters. The only quality or essence that you can hope to grasp and improve is your own, anything or anybody else's is ancillary.

On the other hand, the biggest problem with most of us isn't not having found what we seek, but what to do with it once we have finally found it. the question then becomes "would we have the guts and courage to follow thru?"

January 30, 2010

What Is The Final Proof Of Truth?

Truth answers all questions. Until all questions are answered, a so called truth is only probably true, at worst a lie or at best, wishful thinking.

January 30, 2010

Is There Life After Death?

When we insist on the unity of the godhead, our true human anguish is the unity of our bodies and our souls. Are they separate? Will the soul leave the body at death or will it die with it? In any case, there won't be an afterlife with me: my body and my soul will go down together into the belly of the earth like a ship and its captain, just like two inseparable lovers: They will die together locked in a mutual embrace :).

On the other side, life after death may feel the same as life before birth: absolute bliss. But seriously, Life and Death are part of the same continuum. The problem we have with this concept is due to Western and the Judeo-Christian culture which sees the unseen (supernatural) as separate or superimposed upon the seen (the natural) and not as two apparently separate processes that are in essence one thing.

What about retributions of the divine variety? This life reality show of ours is probably the best staged drama ever made. It is fascinating, it is enthralling, it is engaging, it is entrancing, but when ...

the curtains fall and the credits scroll,
all the actors, the good guy and the troll,
will just remove their fleshy masks
and move on to another role.

I was also wondering, why is it that we all want to live forever and if we have to die we absolutely insist in being resurrected? Wouldn't that defeat the whole purpose of living? Don't we understand that nature is determined to get rid of us once we have reached a certain age? Knowing how stubborn, hard headed and change-avert humans can be, nature has devised a system, called “death”, to get “fresh salad on the table”, new stuff, new blood, new ideas. Do me a favor, when you die, stay dead, for the new generations' sake: having your stubborn and curmudgeonous self around forever would just be too stressful for the poor things.



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