APRIL 2008

Sign of the Times

People are everywhere confused
Working masses abused
The poor and their pride bruised
The powerful who wished we snoozed
Don’t blame me for being amused
Because we all seem to be boozed


Mr. Spitzer

You prosecuted all, along with kin and fello’
And ruled over wall street like a caudillo
Un til they revealed your picadillo
They found you sneaking in a bordello
Your zeal was all smoking billo’
From hard reformer you’ve become jello
To your career say goodbye and to jail hello





Books in A Poem : The Party is Over and Peak Oil By Richard Heinberg

The ingenuity of man
He first made fire
Then the round wooden tire
When he put words with ink on paper quire
His mind was set afire
He sailed the world entire
Bringing times boon times mire
Man thought he could accomplish any dream or desire
And even to the moon aspire
He sent his visions on the air and on the live wire
And a multitude of progeny sire
But he overlooked a matter very dire
That the energies of the earth he can’t own, only hire
What caused the cannon of history to misfire?
Who will save and who will inspire
Should we call the noble savage to inquire?
Surely now is the time for our greed to retire
Now is the time to set our aim higher


Books In A Poem : The Bible

It all started with Eve and Adoom
They strolled around Eden in birth costoom
When they ate off the tree, God went kaboom

Jehovah was his name, Elohim his nom de ploom
He called Moses who answered why me a baboom
The Lord said if not you then whoom
To Bethlehem came Joseph looking for a room
Jesus spoke of new ways, of the hills he made a classroom
The Romans, with rage he made fuoom
They killed him, but he arose to his father's throne assoom
The middle ages were all darkness and gloom
Witches casting spells and flying on a broom
he goddess was back and the worship of the moom
Later Luther challenged the pope's boardroom
The truth about god's grace he did exhoom
When Descartes said" I think therefore I oom"
He caused science to florish and art to bloom
Einstein came and Newton shook in the toom
It is wave, it is particle, it is both I presoom
Then piping mobs to impending doom
In the horizon a bright mushroom
Threshing souls and hell fire it's chaff consoom
Man wished he was back in his mother's woom
But in the clouds came the bridegroom
And for a little while, hope will loom
After that, our calamities resoom


Books In A Poem : The Odyssee By Homer

No reason to denigrate and malign
The exquisite heavenly fruit of the vine
For tis, in a trinity, the conundrum of wine
It’s Circe who turns men into swine,
Calypso offering to make eternity thine
And Penelope in whose bosom life's divine


Books In A Poem: Leonardo Da Vinci By Sherwin Nuland

Una nuova era haveva proclamata
La ferita dei secoli buii per sempre ricamata
E La ingeniosita humana riclamata
Era un uomo di anima sublimata
La "mona lisa" col sorriso di fata
E "el cenacolo" que anche si un po degradata
La nostra idea del arte ebbe transformata
La passione per il sapere sua mente consumata
E l'amore per la bellezza sua vita quasi rovinata
Ma perche scriveva colla mano sinista, a rovesciata
Lo credevano matto, da pazzia confirmata
Y dicevano, que anche su cacca la teneva profumata

MARCH 2008

Books In A Poem: The Alphabet Versus the Goddess
By Leonard Shlain

Woman of antiquity and lore
She was goddess then was called whore
Her likeness from temples we tore
And raised Apollo, Zeus and Thor
And to them our allegiance swore
After that history was nothing but madness and war
Stained with blood and filled with gore
Until her divinity restore
And the power of the cruel letter abhor
We will live lost, we will live poor
And that is for sure


Books In A Poem: Cien Años de Soledad
By Gabriel Garcia Marques

Carpintero de palabras
Con tornillos sutiles y perspicaz vizagras
Marinero que navega en la luz
Sin sextante ni brujula pero en su pecho una cruz
En la vasta cienaga de sueños incomprendidos
Con tantos llantos y sentimientos indebidos
No tiene amo ni dueno
Ni potestad ni reino
Con su escritura embrujada
Y rima afortunada
Ahoga al delirio del tirano
Y de aquel que se embalsamo en su gloria en vano
Pero el escritor se descuido
Y desembrujarse se olvido
Ya no pide que cantan los poetas
Ni porque se afilan las bayonetas
Cuando se duermen los profetas
Y se arrepienten los anacoretas
La tierra pierde la boca
Y la luna se vuelve loca


Books In A Poem: The Works of Archimedes
ByThomas Heath

Raining shapes and numbers from the sky
I contemplated Archimedes dancing with Pi
Then jumping from a tub and eureka cry
He found order in what was awry
And brought infinity nigh
Til a Roman dagger ended his ply
When to a soldier’s whim he didn’t comply
That is how knowledge of ages die


Books In A Poem: At The Crest of the Tidal Wave
By Robert Prechter

The warning of this seer do not jeer
Lend your ear to me and hear
You had a fun ride my dear
On this rollercoaster on the blue sphere
You cared about nothing else but self and career
Watch the movie world premiere
And go to the bar for sports and beer
But now your existence will become queer
You will witness the fall of idols you revere
And see the archaic in you reappear
Your easy life will soon disappear
As you watch your obligations in arrear
You are at the mercy of merchants austere
And rulers with agenda unclear
But beyond the shiny veneer
Of what seems to appear
Or who’s lying and who’s sincere
We are at the edge of the final frontier
We are at the verge of a new great year
We will know who will mourn and who will cheer
In the eternal battle between love and fear


Isis and Osiris

We worshipped sun and moon
we had a followship sublime
our food was art and beauty
and we changed grapes into wine
then he killed me and scattered my bones
but you gathered me and made me divine
for only one night of love
that made heaven chime
But now I am dead
and my body is coverd with thyme
should I sing or should I moan
for Horus is born of this crime


The Return Of The Shaman

I am the bright light in your darkness
I am the small still voice in your silence
I am water to your parched land
I am the slayer of your dragons
I am the conqueror of your fears
I am your door to the realm of the muses
I am the man with the finger pointing to the moon
I am your affliction and your cure
I am the wounded that heals you
I am the broken that makes you whole
I am the genie in your altered mind
I am the alien in your visitations
I am the intruder in your contented heart
I am your stupor and your jolt
I am the voice of the oracle
I am the god praying to your humanity
I am the singer of the chants of the ages
I am the dancer of the choreography of the spheres
I am the peyote bird and the gnome under the mushroom
I am the ayahuasca serpent and the jaguar of San Pedro
I am your true and deep past and your best potential future
I am your rediscovered Atlantis and your holy grail
I am the lover and romancer of your demons
I am a troubadour's never ending ode
I am the Traveler's old soul


The White Goddess

Dans la beaute de tes yeux
J’ai apercu la laideur de mon ame
Dans la tranquilite de ta voix
J’ai vecu mes tempetes et mes drames
Tu es mystere, tu es sacree, tu es triomphe
Au combat que ma vie et ma mort entament
Tends moi la main et ecoutes
Le desir que mon coeur exclame


About The Journeyer Whithin

Come along my friend
Let me take you on a journey thru what remains of my aspirations
I will take you down deep into the twisted labyrinth of my mind
The forlorn recesses of my old memory
Into the immense, gaping furnace of my soul
Where my reality is forged out of the molten material of dreams
Inside the mold of hope and illusion
Let me show you my friend
But gaze not with pity but curiously
At the remnants of my existence
Missions not undertaken
Dreams all but forsaken
Promises that were broken
Words never spoken
Conquests not started
Opportunities wasted
Lies never doubted
Youth well departed
Positions never attained
Titles never gained
Wounds sustained
Mysteries never explained
Skills not mastered
Questions that were never answered
Desires unfettered
A mind always beleaguered
Loves that broke hearts and left and never returned
Treasures in the sand, that were buried and were never found
I struck, but never captured the exhilarating drama of life
I touched, but never at that point where no man has touched before
I thought, questioned, doubted and searched
but never reached the inner and outer limits of space
I asked with compassion and was answered with condescension
I inquired with candor but they replied with anger
I trusted but was betrayed
I lent generously but was flayed
The psalmist was right, there is nothing new under the sun
Those with sharp swords fight and those whitout run
But I promise you my friend
I will not go quietly into the dark and out of sight
I will not vanish without a struggle and a good fight
I will not yield with docility to evil molding hands
I will gather my scattered parts
And tie them up in a resilient whole
I will damn find my own element
And tap into the full vigor of my nature
I will reconcile my many convictions
With the messed up world I have been handed
I will not feel small or gripped with the sense
That my life doesn't matter
For I am a god in disguise
That came from the nether regions to give solace to distressed mortals
I rely in the kindness of others but I sustain them all
They break my bones and cut my flesh, but I heal them all
They betray me and stab me on the back, but I love them all
For I am a rebel with a cause
I am a skeptic and discredit credulity and blind faith
I revel in the disbelief of the commonly accepted
I relish in the disdain of the widely held
I may slumber for a little while but will not sleep forever
In the muck of contradiction I wallow blissfully
In the sea of confusion and paradox, I swim skillfully
I disdain concupiscence for its futility
I despise those who exploit credulity
I scorn greed for its corruption
I am intrigued by men's affair with lies and deception
With our words we give homage to moral rectitude
With our money we reward those who con and delude
We live in a perpetual conundrum
With precise watches but souls askew
May be a last forlorn attempt at redemption
Should we take the bull by the horns?
Or languish in heartless cities of man's conception
We call for a new man, a new era, a new beginning
We are tired of politicians who feed us stories and leave us stalling
We need real solutions to real problems
We ask them for bread but all they do is raise totems
We are tired of patches and excuses
We need men that think not those that revel in abuses
We need cities that are smart
That will give man hope and a better start
Where all is owned by all and no one is lacking
Where all are working and no one slacking
Where all men are equal and no one behind lagging
Where all man, as brothers, are in each other's keeping
Is this an illusion, a utopia, an inconsequential dream
May be naivety, ignorance or a human heart's desperate scream
If you ask me about the meaning of this life
True, down here, it is all suffering and strife
But look at the moon, the stars and all of god's making
There is no road, we make our road by walking
Do not listen to those who make their living by talking
For we create our destiny by waking
And surely do not listen to my tattling
For who am I but another searcher wary of settling
The searcher is always a stranger in a foreign land
He is lost, lonely and shunned
Stranger, your leaving is for the sake of your returning
The hearts you left behind, for your love are still burning
They still remember even if you left in your prime
And will be glad to see you and know you for the first time


The Most Interesting Thing About Me

I am but a reed flute weary of making music
I long to go back to the moist muddy swamp
And spend my days making sugar cane
Inspired by Rumi

My trances are short lived and I do, eventually, move on to better stuff. For some strange chemical oddity, ideas do not seem to crystallize in my brain as they do in other people's brain... unfortunately also a reason for my prodigious bad memory. But yes, I do change opinion as fast as babies change diapers. So don't be surprised if you see me write one thing today and the completely opposite thing tomorrow. I am committed to truth not to consistency... We would all be this way if we didn't have to make a living out of our ideas... You know, we come with an idea, the idea becomes an enterprise, the enterprise becomes an institution, the institution needs priests, who need salaries. When new ideas appear that threaten the old ideas, those who make a living out of those old ideas feel threatened and that is when you get so much resistance every time you come out with something new... and that is absolutely OK with me. Normally nature takes it course and when an idea's time has come those who resonate with it will be energized and given the tools and the resources to establish the new order.



About Unspeakable Peace

At the feet of the Lord
I laid down my agony at last
Expecting to receive peace
I was handed the agony of others


About Fire In The Belly

A calamity left you dry to a haze
But when most dispair
You roamed the world in a craze
Going after four armed gods and wayward kings
and you kept your eyes agaze

When most walk in a daze
You set your life on fire
And kept it ablaze
Then went find the others
Those who can fan your flame and your soul raise


About Love Made In Heaven

Why is it that two can live under the same roof
for many years but never meet
And Another two
After the first gaze were old friends
Your friendship has made my prosperity brighter
My countenance comelier when I was blighter
My hardships and adversities lighter
My words and speech slighter
Couldn’t write prose but now I am a poetry writer


About Beautiful Women

I believe you are the epitome of comeliness
I believe you have stolen my heart
I believe you can fill me with joy, love, peace and tenderness

I believe you are someone I can love
I believe you are marvelous and magical
I believe you are a gift from God above

I believe you are a great unknowable mystery
I believe that every inch of you is worth knowing
I believe that you are more precious than golden jewelry

I believe you are great, strong and able
I believe you are an extraordinary woman
I believe that for this horse, you make the world a better stable

I believe you are fantastic and exciting
I believe you are delicious
I believe we should quit the crap and start dating


A magic encounter with my belle
My passion for her I can’t quell
That she loves me I can’t tell
About her I want to know well
Not the angels that in her virtues dwell
But the demons in the crevices of her hell


About Wine

No reason to denigrate and malign
The exquisite heavenly fruit of the vine
For tis, in a trinity, the conundrum of wine
It’s Circe who turns men into swine,
Calypso offering to make eternity thine
And Penelope in whose bosom life's divine


Why Are We Here?

We were created so God can make himself square and straight-angular stuff like temples and pyramids. Just look at nature around you, look at the stars and the planets above. Everything God makes is curved. The circle is his domain. When God itched for squares, triangles and rectangles, he made man and handed him a hammer and a chisel.


Why Do I Use Poems?

What do I like poetry, you would ask

I like beauty in any shape or form
I like rebellious minds that do not conform
Frankly, I go gaga for all that is out of the norm

What do I pour my heart to you, you would ask

Why do I share and why can't I restrain my cries
It is mysterious ties and the bidding of your eyes
it is wholeness and the bond of souls without lies

And if you ever weary of my rhyme
I promise, I will stop on a dime
But will still act my yearning in sorrow, not in words but in mime


About My Style Of Poetry

For those of you who may be wondering about my style of poetry. It is called Pentahedric Multistance Pararhymic Freemind Style... which is Greek for no style at all...

I love myself
in the palace and the shack
I celebrate myself
in my ignorance and lack
I praise myself
when I sing and when I quack
I accept myself
when I am inspired and when I am stuck
Myself is all I have,
give me some slack


What Sets Me Apart

I am odd among the throng
Everybody's square and I am oblong
I am never asked to come along
I was given the tongue but not the song
And pot without the bong

I went to war so I can belong
I asked for armor and was handed a thong
I despair but I know I must be strong
Walk confident, as if I had a big walrus dong
And may be this poem is one line too long


About Literature And Writing

Carpintero de palabras
Con tornillos sutiles y perspicaz vizagras
Marinero que navega en la luz
Sin sextante ni brujula pero en su pecho una cruz
En la vasta cienaga de sueños incomprendidos
Con tantos llantos y sentimientos indebidos
No tiene amo ni dueno
Ni potestad ni reino
Con su escritura embrujada
Y rima afortunada
Ahoga al delirio del tirano
Y de aquel que se embalsamo en su gloria en vano
Pero el escritor se descuido
y desembrujarse se olvido
Ya no pide que cantan los poetas
Ni porque se afilan las bayonetas
Cuando se duermen los profetas
Y se arrepienten los anacoretas
La tierra pierde la boca
Y la luna se vuelve loca
Inspired by Gabriel Garcia Marquez


Ode To My Beloved Muse

Hail to thee o goddess of the dawn
Who maketh the sun to rise
Turning darkness into light
Thou causest the mist
To descend upon all creation
In life giving dew
Thou makest the rain to fall upon our fields
And the fallow ground to bloom
And bringest forth the riches of the earth
Thou stirest the tides
And quietest the whirlings of the waves
And bringest forth the bounty of the sea
Thou illuminest the dim minds of man
Bringing forth exquisite wisdom
In thy beautiful face man seeketh his true beginnings
And with one gaze thou vanquishest the fear of his endings
In thy unspeakable mystery
Man findeth the open fields of yet unexplored lands
In thy luminous presence
He swooneth in rapturous ecstasy
When in thy womb he soweth a fierce prose
Thou always bringest forth the soft poetry of renewal
Thou art a greatest heart
Thou art a love divine


About Mad Love

Je me souvien d''une nuit osée et le parfum d’absinthe
Quand je t’ai rencontré, au coeur de l’ivresse
Au debut pas d’embrasse, rien que caresse

Sans chagrin de roses ni larmes de hyacinthe
Tu es mon tresor, ma plus grande richesse
Tu es ma reine, de mon coeur altesse

Je ne pouvais trouver une magie plus sainte
Ta beaute, ton allure, ta gentillesse
C’est un amour fou, je pense a toi sans cesse


Ils disent qu’il y a deux genres de personnes
Celle qui aime et celle qui est aimée
Moi je dis qu’il y a une autre
Celle qui brule d’une passion sublimée

C’est vrai que l’ardeur de mon ame
Ne soupire qu’en poeme
Et quand tous vivent au banlieu
Moi je vie toujours en boheme

Mais a quoi sert l’amour
Si ce n’est qu’en pensées
Je voudrai tant t’embrasser
Te prendre la main et dancer


Sum Of Life's Experiences

They tell you, you should see and learn
I tell you, you do nothing but remember
They tell you to look for new wisdom
And I tell you, you do nothing but uncover
So let your mind make love to your soul
Inseminating with prose the abysmal womb
For in time, poetry will be born
That will stir and awaken your being
To that essence that was never born and will never die

Yes, you were there from the beginning
You are the purpose of it all
You are the worshipper and the god
You are the journey and the destination
You are the lover and the beloved
You are the pain and its cure
You are the stupor and the jolt
You are the abode of the sun

Your manifest self is just an inlet for your soul
Your present is but a flicker in the thin filament of existence
Your pleasures and pains, earthly reflections of eternal yearnings
Your hopes and fears, signs of godhood yet to be discovered

And you are not alone, your skin is not the end of you
For an eternal string connects our soul
Across ocean, valley and knoll
Let your walk be a dance
And your words a symphony
We will commune as one in joy and mirth
Even from the ends of the earth
And in lonely nights we will summon the stars
Together we will embrace Venus and Mars

Never assume that if someone does or says something amazing today, he or she is a genius forever. The best of us is a genius today and a complete idiot tomorrow. So do not be in a hurry to raise pedestals for your saints or burning stakes for your fools. Given enough time and pressure, we will all prove to be ignorant clots, confused and powerless before the enormity and complexity of existence. The only difference is that some of us are better actors than others, we have rehearsed our act many times and have trained our voices and "photoshoped" our image, mastered a few mass manipulation techniques here and there and just exude confidence –in other words we are full of hot gas- and are skillful in hiding our vulnerability and just show you the attractive part... you know ... the one that sells.

So do not let anyone tell you or convince you that he or she is superhuman. I don't care how many outlandish and wonderful tricks they can do – remember that in the same manner that there is an industrial technology, there is also a spiritual and “soul” technology that some people are very good at and if crooked and dishonest they will use to drain you of your material and emotional resources- they shit, pee and fart the same way you do and if you feed their egos with your adulation, their heads will grow big and they will start doing stupid, very stupid things –like taking themselves too seriously- and most likely you will end up disillusioned and sometime even hurt. You don't need gurus, just read this book… you will be OK. I do not intend in any way diminish the role of gurus and teachers, to the contrary, I somehow believe that we all need these sage creatures at some stage in our live. I have met many gurus and teachers in my life and the majority are just wonderful and very special human beings, they have a magnetic presence and it is very natural that we end up falling in love with them.

Kali singing on the lotus
Permanence and self are pocus
Kali dancing on the burning ground
Setting hearts ablaze all around
Her charm makes you swoon in ecstasy
Forget earthly plesaures and swear celibacy
But in her wisdom she releases you from her chains
and spares you many pains
She cuts off her own head
To finally, freedom in your soul imbed

However infatuation is contraproductive: it takes your powers from you and gives them to your guru ( you cannot be a guru without a small kernel of narcisism and your adulation can fire it up) and power is what you come looking for in the first place. And this is the greatest irony and why most guru movements end up a mess, a caricature of their original purpose. The main purpose of a guru is to change your perceptual system, give you an experience of your true self and then work himself or herself our of the job by helping you find yourself and letting you loose. Remember that there is a nasty little principle in the universe that compels weak, desinfranchized people to sheepishly serve and maintain the lavish lifestyles of strong, energetic people. Do not fall into that trap.

In the same vein, do not let anyone tell you what you are, what you can accomplish, and how much you are worth. Not your parents, not your friends, not your teachers, not your priests, not your doctors, not your bosses, unless of course they are complimenting you. There is an undeniable fundamental truth behind positive thinking. So speak good thinks to yourself. Most overachievers were “hypnotized” by their mothers (and in some instances their fathers) into believing that they are the best things since sliced bread. At the end you must be your own appraiser. You create your own destiny (well this is not a 100% true but you need to believe that you can nonetheless, lying to yourself is part of the whole positive thinking game – it does work though) with your own will, hard work and creativity. If someone tells you that you are not worth a hill of beans, or that you are a hopeless idiot, or that your ideas and dreams are rubbish, do not listen, because believe me, they may sound confident, but they most likely have no idea what they are talking about. Hold to your ideas and dreams, fasten your confidence around your waist and move on. Do not hate, do not ruminate and do not keep a grudge. Your business and your mission is to prove them wrong... that 's all.


Experiences That Shaped Who I Am Today

Speak til you echo the voice of the oracle
Dance til you become the dance
Sing til you become a song from the mouth of god
Breath til you are breathed by the spirit
Love til passion consumes you completely
Help til you become help itself

I have traveled in four continents and lived extensively in different cultures and come to know closely people of different tongues and cultures. In the last ten years or so I came across peoples and writing that strangely followed the same line of thinking and world view. In this journey I have met with extraodinary individuals, religious scholars, spiritual teachers, biologists, physicists and thinkers of all kinds, who opened my mind and gave me a better education that I could have ever received from a traditional school or university. They made me question my current believes, and eventually have them conveniently thrown out the window and a whole new set of values put on their place. They made me reassess my views on reality, the reality of religion, the reality of science, the reality of humane existence itself. I was also met with serendipitous and strange coincidences that helped dissipate my doubt and helped firm my stride. I sometimes even believed that an invisible hand was trying to lead me somewhere so I followed the “gray brick road” and here I am. I do not believe I have arrived because I believe that the purpose of the journey is not to get somewhere, it is not even the journey itself, but it is rather the quality of the “journeyer”. I believe this journey has made me a better quality human being. Bugger you if you don't agree.

Possibly one of my best observations is that the people who fair best are those who have realized that life is paradoxical, it can be 100% white and 100% black, all at the same time. Something can be wholly true and wholly false simultaneously. If you can hold both realities in your brain and still remain sane and functional you have made it and you will be OK. The same can be applied to these writings of mine: these ideas reflect my position NOW, and the issues I attack are viewed from many angles but if I happen to miss one crucial angle, down goes my wonderful insight. A complete grasp of reality is impossible by definition...

I tried to peel the onion layers of her mystery
She laughs at the punity of my discovery
She jealously guards her silver cutlery
and invites but a few to caddle in her bowery


Some Rules To Live By

• There are two general categories of people in the world and you need to know how to deal with each accordingly. One category of people understands the world only in the form of symbols, stories and narrative (about 80% of the world population) and the reason why talking rationally, in numbers or plain prose to these type of people will not get you anywhere: you need to use tales, imagery and metaphore to take your point across . The other category of people is the one that understands the world in abstract, concrete and pragramatic manner (about 20%) and these are the inventors, the engineers, the scientists, the mathematicians, the financeers etc... For these you need to put concepts into charts and equations otherwise you will loose them. There are of course varying degrees and overlappings but you get the idea. Most of the difficulties in our human communication stems from our lack of awareness of this primordial, organic difference in how different people perceive the same reality.

• Make "thinking" my most overused quality... Why thinking? for goodness sake just look around you, everything in our society is backwards. As Dr. Michael Elner said once: "Everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religion destroys spirituality". But by thinking I don't mean constantly living in my head, because I do take frequent brakes and do allow myself to go crazy from time to time. But what I mean instead is being a smart assessor of my surroundings, get the facts, size up the people I deal with and make decisions accordingly. One thing needs to be said about "thought" though. Thinking can be our greatest blessing or our most dreadful curse. Thinking can help you invent microfinance and help poor people improve their lot all over the world, but thinking can also make you believe that your idea is the only "real thing" and anyone who doesnt believe like you deserves prompt dispatch from the land of the living and that is how we get extreme ideologies and terrorist movements.

• Think of relationships and life in general, in terms of “energy exchange”, who has more, who has less, who has gained some and who has lost some. When you think of someone that belittles you or teases you as just a poor soul seeking to recharge some miserably depleted emotional batteries, you will keep a cool head and not do some stupid thing like reacting impulsively and hurt your health or career for example. You know what they say: anger is like taking a poison and waiting for someone else to die.

. Never try to impose my values on others and always respect other peoples points of view particularly those of people closest to me. And when I love, to love unconditionally and welcome equally the virtues as well as the demons, the joys as well as the desappointments, the sugar as well as the venom, the quiet as well as the storm.

. Never let my options be only "that is true" and "that is bullshit" but also add "what the joojoomaomao do I know" and alway leave a door, or two, open for new and unexpected insights that my current mental structure may not initially support.

• Balance focus and intensity for the task at hand with militant compassion for other people's predicaments – indifference is not an option. 

• Never use crutches to justify failure but be courageous and face life head-on.

• If my "culture" doesn't work, I adopt one that does.

• Set clear goals and expectations for myself and those who work under my leadership and to live on my own agenda and have my priorities (and those values that will help me reach my goals) laid out clearly before me every morning. Because If I don't my energies will be scattered ineffectively or even worst, someone else will have me live on his agenda. On the same vain, I believe in planning for ones life with teutonic precision: the universe likes beautiful forms and organized structures and empowers all those that resonate to that nature.

• Not to be dismayed by other people's stupidity, incompetence, weirdness ... frankly I am quite amazed that most people are still able to function decently despite living in a world full of unanswered questions.

• Never let nature rule me. Discipline, not instinct, is what makes me "human" and if in some endeavor I am unable to keep discipline I build an accountability group with other same-minded people and make sure they kick my ass when I sloth off. 


Energy And Human Quality

The following lines have the potential of changing your life and the way you look at existence and the beings that make it. It is all about energy, not its intensity and force, but its quality. Why do people that sweet-talk you end up screwing you until you bleed? Why do deeply religious people act like jerks? Why are people apathic, sick, depressed and full of fears? Why are well meaning individuals ending up filling our streets with the blood of the same people they are trying to save? The answer to all these questions is low quality energy. I have come up with my own " imaginary" logarithmic scale, one that calibrates human energy quality from zero to seven (read the works of David Hawkins on this subject). Zero being the lowest or pure evil, and 7 being the highest or pure awareness and enlightnment. Think also of the 7 colors of the spectrum, with red at the bottom corresponding to zero and indigo/violet at the top corresponding to 7 . Hitler and Binladen for example will calibrate closer to zero. Jesus and Buddha closer to 7. Most humans test at about 3 in this scale. Below 3 it is all about negative energies like fear, shame, guilt, envy, competition, greed, vengeance, lust, depression, apathy and so on. Above 3 we find positive energies like love, generosity, peace, sacrifice, cooperation, soulfulness, courage, hospitality, sympathy and so forth. Great thinkers and scientists test usually at about 5, great spiritual teachers and saints are above 6. It doesn't matter what ethnic group you belong to, or your religion, or the color of your skin, or your education, or your oratory skills, or your good intentions (Hitler was, by all accounts, a good meaning individual and so is Binladen, but look at the outcome of their actions) or your well crafted ideologies, what really matters is where do you stand in that quality of energy scale. If you are below 3, you have negative energy and all your actions will be permeated with it and you will be eventually dragged to the bottom, where color red is, the color of blood and mayhem, murder and suicide (over-eating and over-consuming by the way, are a form of suicide-instead of shooting yourself with a bullet you do it with food and stuff). Whenever you see an emphasis on the color red as in Communism (or blood as in some religions) you know exactly where it is going to lead... goulags and inquisitions. For those of you who are sensitive to auras, you can see a reddish glow around people who test in this category, people that you need to steer away from. If you are above 3, you have positive energy and if you fulfill your dues and work on your soul, the goal is to spread love and healing and attain pure awareness, and that is where color violet/indigo is, the color of light and levity-this is the reason why you experience a strange sense of lightness, even euphoria, when you find yourself in an environment where positive energies prevail. If you travel a lot, have you noticed how heavy are the skies in some countries where political and religious oppression is the norm? Negative energies suck you in and you sense gravity and heaviness, positive energies lift you up and you sense levity and lightness.

For now it is just enough that you be aware of this fact. Later on I will go into details on how to sense a person's energy quality and what to do to increase your own level of good energy by using unique meditative techniques that integrate stillness, movement and sound. You will learn how to activate the atomic furnace in your body by paying attention to the the endocrine glands, particularly the pineal and thymus glands. All glands above the heart correspond to the higher chakras-the ones that deal with transcendance- and these need to be stimulated (you will learn how to do this by finger-tapping on specific parts of the body in combination with sounding of speciifc syllables using the 7 primordial vowels), while glands below the heart deal with matters of an earthly nature like eating and sex, and these need to be tamed and sublimated.


About Sickness and Health

If God gives you a sickness, its remedy comes attached. God never dispenses singularities, everything he gives he gives in dualities. He can't give you a problem without a solution in the same manner that I cannot give you a one sided coin: a one sided coin doesn't exist. If you are ill, healing is at your reach. If you are poor, prosperity is at the other side of your coin. Now your question is, how do I take a glimpse at what is behind the wall of my calamities? You need to be the captain of your ship and the undisputed leader of your own existence. You can't afford to be negative nor whine about your predicament, otherwise you will dishearten your crew and risk having a mutiny on your hand. Your crew is made of twelve very smart and very hardworking creatures (how do I know they are twelve is the subject of another future topic) that have no other interest but your wellbeing and the realisation of your full potential. The only thing they ask for is that you be a good captain.


Is There An Absolute Truth?

The answer is yes. But this absolute truth is what you would call ineffable. You can't put it into a thought, nor explain it in a sentence, nor wrap your intellectual arms around it, nor can you dogmatized it into a doctrine, or law or religion, nor can you erect an institution or organization on it. The only thing you can do with this unique animal called absolute truth is touch God, and once you have touched the fire of the divine, the chaff of your current outward identity will be removed from the weat of your essence, the gold of who you are will be ridden of its impurities, from the ashes of your old self will rise the phoenix of a new transformed person; the banks of your shallow rivers will overflow with the warm liquid presence of a love that will overwhelm your body and change your being to the core. That is my friend, what absolute truth does to people and nothing to do with your nicely crafted church slogans. I bet your pastors and rabbis never told you that.


Why Do We Dream?

I visited the land of the dream
Bouncing lights from a rainbow stream
Busy elves and angels reign supreme
They have no memories for time they can’t redeem
Their tales have no words but of pictures they teem
From their murmurings I can write a ream
Stories of other worlds that don’t beseem
And people don’t understand and say I blaspheme

Sights and sounds that were part of your visual and auditory field but didn't get your attention -because they were at the periphery instead of at the center of your focused awareness-, will seek to manifest and will be played internally in the form of "streams of consciousness". The principle behind dreams is the same as with traumas: latent energies that weren't given proper tribute by our conscious attention, will seek to earn a presence thru actions and emotions in real life. or as in the case of the dream, those energies will manifest as "theatrical" re- enactements of missed perceptions on the screen of the unconscious. In these sense the dream is our own internal psychotherapist of the soul.


Do I Believe In God?

Dieu n'est pas que dans les mots et la doctrine,
Ceux la ne sont que des ombres, messieurs et mesdames

Il est dans le coeur, il est dans les yeux
Il est dans les mains des hommes et des femmes

Il est dans leurs prieres et leurs ivresses
Il est dans leurs joies et leurs drames

Il est dans la terre et les arbres
Les animaux et les plantes to toutes games

Il est dans les collines et dans les vallees
Et les montagnes sa majaste proclament

Il est meme dans la rage des vents et le silence des pierres
Il est partout, meme dans ceux qu'on croit sans ames

I have absolutely no problem with God. The thing I really have issues with is belief. I don't believe in belief. Once you believe in something, you take a position, and once you take a position you automatically limit your perception. And this is the greatest human conundrum: we need belief so we can create form and have an effect on our surrounding and build our societies but those same original beliefs are the deepest cause of our spiritual alienation. You know, belief needs words and once you name something, once you attach a feeling or a concept to a word, you separate yourself from it. You name God and you separate yourself from God and God being out there, outside of us is the greatest fallacy of all. Language has never been a good tool of communication, otherwise how would you explain the perpetual confusion we find ourselves in. Language is instead a symptom of a deep schism of the soul. With language we cry out our unbearable exile from our source, which is God. Thus our healing is not in the language, not in the creed, not in the dogma, not in the belief but in actually connecting to the source with our whole being. Words are just the path that will take you to the world without words.

Now comes the disclaimer. Very few of you will accept or even grasp what I just stated in its entirety unless you have been awakened from your deep hypnosis. The problem with most of us is not that we are dumb, but that we walk thru life asleep, suffer from chronic apnia of the soul and are driven by energies that we have absolutely no control over. You can be Einstein but if you are asleep and have a ring thru the nose you are just screwed and there is nothing you can do about it on your own. But do not despair, help is on the way. I am currently working on a powerful incantation that will awaken even the most zombied of among you. Halleluya and Amen!



About Free Will And Predeterminism

Things in the universe may not happen according to a process of causality. Causality means that previous stages of an event cause the successive stages of that same event. It postulates that If an event is characterized by a succession of states, lets say state A, B and C, then A causes B which causes C to happen. This Newtonian linear approach may no reflect what actually happens. My view is that the material world emerges from consciousness as a complete set or whole but manifests in gradual stages of increasing complexity, but each stage is not the cause but the condition for its fulfillment. The consciousness, the idea of "the whole" is already there- somehow predetermined-, what is expected is just the intended unfolding, which depends on those conditions being met.


About The Attractor Factor

Our human existence evolves within powerful energy fields of consciousness which define its nature, meaning and value. What I call the attractor factor is the quality of this essential energy driving a being or an idea. This organizing force is at the root of all human behavioral patterns.

If my premise is correct and reality is not causal but a matter of enfolding and unfolding phenomena (terms coined by David Bohm), then certain humans, ideas, ideologies and religions have ineherently negative energy (have destructive outcomes by design) and you better get a sense of who and what they are and stir clear before you get run-over. People can deceive you with their words, and philosophies can misguide you with their skillfully crafted rethoric, but their energies will never fool you.... if you knew how to calibrate them.

What is the immediate implication for your personal life? If you are lost and you need a new start, here is my suggestion. Take the 10 days Vipassana meditation program (basically, you be quite for 1o days) and after that you sit down and systematically and clearly define your dreams, and determine what steps you think will be needed to realize them. That simple... That hard. To help you in the process get Paul Scheele's paraliminal tapes and photoreading books, every single one of them. They will change your life in ways nothing else will.


About Holy Scriptures

One of man's greatest sorrows
While the ocean many riches bestows
He stands on a whale and fishes for minnows

If you dive deep into the nitty-gritty of any religious mythology or story, you will inequivocably find that what those accounts are referring to are the primordial energies of the cosmos . The energies of the earth, those of the stars, and those inherent to man. The imagery and symbolism may change by time and culture, but they all get their blood from the same marrow, the immutable truth of the galactic bone. If you take scriptures literally, you will first end up a very confused person, and then you will be missing out on universal principles and teachings that can help you reclaim your true humanity, your true self, and change your life for the better. Scribes and translators are human and do make mistakes -and popes, imperors and kings have their own sinister agendas- but the combined, universal human mythology that is at the center of their writings and which has been passed on from generation to generation is never wrong. It is like in a statistical postulate: it may not be true for a single or few assessments but it is always true for a whole collection of data. That is why I encourage you to read and study not only your own local sacred stories, but be courageous and expand your inquiry to other outside sources, theological or otherwise, and discover the depth and beauty of this magnificent literature that is at the very core of who we are. Remember this simple principle, if we are not good quality spiritual beings, we are not going to be good quality physical beings, and I don't care what religion you come from.


About The Scriptures And The Stars

In the heavens I hear a mighty chorus
They are singing praises to the four sons of Horus

A cursory study of human religion and mythology will reveal that there was (and is) 4 main cult systems in the world and they were all based on planets of the firmament. By cult I do not mean a sinister sect but a form of devotion and worship. They were, the worship of the moon, the sun, Venus and Saturn (there were actually seven cults if we add the cult of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter which I will go into in some other occasion)

Moon worship is worship of the goddess or the exaltation of the feminine principle and power. The women's menstrual cycles follow the moon's cycles. The metal of the moon is Silver. The element of the moon is water. Moon energies are implosive, wet, receptive, introvert, inclusive, egalitarian, reconciliatory, healing, harmonious and nature-centric. Moon worshippers knew the forest and its plants, specialized in healing and astrology, they excelled in poetry and music. The moon cult was all but completeley obliterated by the monontheistic, patriarchal religions and those who were engaged in it were called witches and sorcerers and often turtured and burned at the stake.

The Sun cult is represented today by Christianity (Sun' day is the day of worship). The metal of the sun is gold. The element of the sun is fire. Sun worship exalts masculine qualities such as light, fire, holiness, rationality, extroversion, exclusivity, explosion, hierarchy, ethno-centricity, doctrinal assertiveness, pursuit of wealth and dominance, aggressive evangelism, subordination of nature, women, children and "heathen" peoples, and so on.

The Venus cult is represented by Islam (Friday is their day of worship -Friday or the day of the norse goddess Freya, the goddess of love, the same as Venus -in Spanish Friday is Viernes, in Italian is Venerdi and in French is Vendredi or the day of Venus). As a matter of fact, I suspect the half moon as symbol of many Islamic countries may not actually be the half moon of the moon but the half moon of the planet Venus. Also, Venus is called the green planet and the color green being on the flags of many Islamic nations including Saudi Arabia. The metal of Venus is Copper or Bronze. The element of Venus is earth. The energies of Venus tend to drive romanticism, idealism, unbridled passions, irrationality, impulsiveness as well as poetry, art and literature.

The Saturn cult is represented by Judaism (Satur'day is their day of worship). The metal of Saturn is lead. The element of Saturn is wood. Saturn was called the 13th planet or the 13th sign of the zodiac and also the dark planet, and priests of this cult were known to wear dark robes. Saturnine energies drive commitment to the roots, obedience to the law, order and organization, religious solemnity, as well as commerce and science. In the past the wearing of earrings and rings, representing the ring of Saturn, were a sign of devotion to this planet.


What Happened In The Garden Of Eden

I can't tell you the truth, I lack the backbone
If I did, this parchment would weep and this pen groan
If I don't, I will live in sin and never atone

This is my own personal interpretation and I know I am going to upset a lot of people but here it comes nonetheless:

The tree of life is symbolic of the universal planetary and stellar energies and wisdom: A tree has its roots deep in the earth and its branches touch the heavens. The tree of life is represented in our bodies by our genes and the double helix of our DNA. The serpent is symbolic of the male principle: The serpent does look like a spermatozoid. The serpent also represents divine science and the knowledge of the great mysteries of the universe. The fruit or apple represents the female principle which manifests in the egg, the ovum. The serpent reveals a mighty mystery to Eve who takes the fruit, her ovum, and offers it to Adam. He rubs it on his sleeve and conveniently takes a bite. What Adam did was partake of the woman's nature, he assimilated the female principle within himself. The eating of the fruit speaks of re-integration and re-fusion of both gender principles. Remember that in the first chapter of Genesis God said that he "created man in his image... male and female created he them " and Eve didn't come on the scene until later on chapter two. So initially Adam was both male and female and he was created in the image of God, which is a transcendant being. Then again in Chapter 2 God said that he "formed man out the dust of the earth". God is speaking here about a different nature from the first one, a dual nature, a manifest nature. When realities pass from the substrate of the spirit and cross the galactic membrane to the manifest realm, they loose their godlike essence, their transcendance, their balance, and split into two opposite poles, negative and positive, male and female, black and white, right and wrong. Then when the serpent tries to "seduce" Eve what does he say: "...if ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil". The serpent does not say knowing good from evil but knowing good and evil. Here, "know" is meant in the biblical sense, which is intercourse, fusion and unity. The serpent was actually the good guy of this story, he wasn't lying, he was telling Eve that if she ate of the tree, that original "image of god" state, her godhood, will be restored. Does it start to make sense now? It is the reinstatement of the lost natural androgynie of man. The Bible also says that after they ate of the fruit they saw that they were naked. That very simply speaks of the agony of a newly awakened being that finds herself in an environment that would not understand or accept her, the fate of all individuals that reflect a new and revolutionary way of seeing the world. Now the question is, Where is the evil and the sin in all of this. Why was the god of the bible so angry about this fruit biting business? Remember that the god of the bible is a patriarchal god, a male god, a sun god, a saturnine god, a phallic god, a god of good and evil, of kings and slaves, of wars and conquests, of salvation and damnation, of heavens and hells. He wants man to be man-superior- and woman to be woman -inferior. His predilection is for the explosive male characteristics rather than reconciliatory and assimilative female nature. He is not a god of transcendance, or integration, or equality... he is not interested in any of that wimpy new age stuff. In one word, he is a macho god, the god of our "wonderful" modern civilization. The core reason for most of our predicaments today is because we are not eating enough apples, we are fractured beings, we have exiled a very important part of our soul, we have suppressed "the goddess" and we have exalted "the god" in us and our redemption won't be found until we restore the justice of that primordial androgynie of the soul, and woman and the feminine to their rightful place under the sun.


About The Characters In The Structures

Prophets and seers write in dream language. If you want to understand sacred literature, do not listen to theologists and historians, read and study Freud and Jung. On the other hand, If you do a thorough and objective study of the scriptures and compare them to current available historical records you will inevitably deduce that most biblical protagonists must be composite archetypical characters (1) who may have never existed as individuals in actual history. Let take the story of Jesus Christ who may have very well existed as a real person in history by his biography has uncanny similarities with other messianic accounts across many cultures (strangely, something that you have never heared in church or bible school and you should ask yourself why). A simple example is the story of Horus. Horus, the Egyptian god from about 3000 BC. Both Jesus and Horus were born in December 25th (on this date and after 3 days of stading still, the sun rises back up north at the winter solstice) , both born from a virgin (the sun is on the constellation of Virgo also called the House of Bread or Beth Lehem in Hebrew), both were announced by a star in the east (the eastern star is Sirius), both were adorned by 3 kings (on December 24th Sirius aligns with the 3 brightest stars of Orion also called the three kings), both were prodigy child teachers at 12, both were baptized at 30 -Jesus by John the Baptist and Horus by Anap- and started their ministry, both had 12 disciples (symbolizing the 12 constellations of the zodiac with Jesus being the sun) and traveled about performing miracles, both were called the" lamb of god", the good sheperd and the "light", both betrayed -Jesus by Judas and Horus by Typhone-, both crucified (between December 21 and 25th the sun resides near the Southern Cross constellation), both were dead for 3 days (the 3 days when the sun stands still at its lowest point in it southern decent on December 22, 23 and 24) and both were resurrected (the sun moves back up again to the northern hemisphere) . Horus is not the only example, there are dozens of other similar messianic accounts: Krishna, Dyonisus, Mithra and many other mythological saviors who had pretty much the same general charcteristics and biography. Does this invalidate the autenticity of sacred literature? No, to the contrary, it makes it much more relevant, more universal, more human. I will go even farther, only when you realize this fact that the stories start making sense. Remember that when you can't get an intellectual handle on something or that something is confusing or seemingly full of contradictions, it is most probably because you are working with the heavy burden of ignorance of the facts, or have been badly conditonned by a misguided pedagogy, or your perspective is skewed and you have been looking at the issue from the wrong angle. Find out which one it is... immediately.

Did you ever ask yourself why Jesus, Buddha, Socrates and most great world teachers never wrote down there teachings? These extraodinary beings somehow knew that once you take a present spiritual insight and you put on it paper, people will inevitably get stuck on the symbolism and narrative and miss the essence, deep meaning and original intent and purpose. It's like what the French say: "Quant le sage designe la lune, l'idiot regarde le doigt", or when the wise points to the moon, the fool stares at the finger. That is exactly what we see today in many of our religions.

(1)Composite archetypical characters means that they transcend individuality, locati0n, culture, origin and time. They stem from much deeper realities.


About Prophecy

Called to free minds that are shackled and close'
From the infinite good tidings and hope I bring
But can't do it with plain words and bounded prose

My position is that prophecy is more about the management of human fear, anxiety and uncertainty than the actual gift of certain humans to forsee events that are supposed to inevitably happen in the future. God is not interested in impressing you or anybody else. The true purpose of a prophet is to help you find your center because only when you find your immutable core that you can survive anything. Is there a certain energy or quality of consciousness that draws us to herself from the future? Absolutely yes. Can humans forsee it as a form of consciousness, as veritable, inequivocable manifestations and events. I doubt it. The quality may be pre-determined but the form of its manifestation is up to us. In addition, biblical and ancient prophecies are always written in criptic language and the prophecies make sense only a posteriori, after the so called "prophecied" event has taken place. How does prophecy help us then, if we can't possibly gleen hints now that would help us prevent disasters in the future? That is exactly the key: it is not preventing disasters that is important, it is the fear, the anxiety and the uncertainty that humans attach to those events that is crucial. Disasters will happen no matter what. What can you do, the universe just likes drama. The prophets' mission is to minimize the surprise effect and transform our experience of the future from a blind descent to the abyss into a conscious, voluntary act of engaging life in its own terms, with its joys and its sorrows. .

These gifted individuals get glimpses of that potential, ominous reality by studying the patterns of the earth and the stars, but what about human intention? The human's ability to effect his future thru intention is as powerful as the stars' and the earth's. But humans cannot muster that focused intent unless they overcome fear. Fear is what oblitirates our will and dissipates our innate energies.

Once we understand the cyclical nature of time, and that years of boon tend to be followed by those of scarcity and that nature is a living organism that is subject to the same moods and needs as humans do: She digest and she excretes, she caresses our faces with a breeze and then blows our roofs with tornados, at times she explodes in flower blooms and other times in vulcanic infernos; she supplies our groves with life giving waters and then baries our towns in deadly floods. When we know the nature of things, we fear less and that is what it is all about.


About Myth Makers

Myth making is a very old profession . A myth maker is the modern equivalent of Public Relations agent, star maker or public image maker. Myth makers are usually literate, very smart and cunning people who work for powerful potentates and rulers and their main function is to take mundane events and quite very normal people, endow them with drama and fantasy to the point of raising them to the status of popular celebrities. They usually take a true fact or gift (most of the time a small unperceptible kernel of it) and blow it up out of proportion then use very skillful propaganda to pass it on as irreffutable reality. The purpose of course is to build a smoke screen, to keep the populace distracted, entertained and oblivious to the abuse and atrocities that those governing elites perpetrated on them behind their backs. Thank God these things do not happen any more... yeh, you wished. My point is that when you hear of extraodinary peoples or events, you have to consider the possibility that a myth maker may have been involved and you should always be sceptical and take all historical accounts with a grain of salt. In other words, do your homework and don't just swallow whatever comes down the pipe.


About Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

The 3 magi were probably god makers, Chaldean astrologers, looking for the new king, the new son of god (the sun god) born in the east. When they found him, they acknowledged his deity by laying at his feet gold, frankincense and myrrh. Gold is symbol for god the father, the sun, the yellow, burning ball in the firmament. Myrrh is a red aromatic resin which represents blood, royal blood thus signifying the son of god in the flesh. The arabic word for frankincense is "allaban" which means white and it is symbolic of the subtle energies of the cosmos, the holy spirit. As a matter of fact in Chinese medicine frankincense is said to affect the Chi -the vital energies of the body- while myrrh is believed to affect the blood.


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