About Predicting The Future

Who are we trying to fool? The universe knows that we are selfish, egocentric and self involved creatures and no matter how much we try to coax it in relinquishing its precious treasure chest of impending happenings she will never concede. No one has ever been able to predict in detail a truly relevant, determinant event in history, not one. I have tried to woo the future many times myself, but she keeps saying that she want to remain a virgin. No can do babe! Any attempts of mine at predicting the future have inexorably turned into an ego trip as my personal and intellectual pride got involved: when I predict something, it is better for that prediction to come true (no matter what) or my reputation and career are compromised. You realize now why Miss Future will never surrender her virtues to such a creep or any other creep for that matter. On the other hand, why does anybody want to predict the future? Do you really want to know what is coming around the corner? Are you curious about getting a tip and want a relevant hint about the greatest event happening tomorrow, next week or next year? You are the great event, dummy, you are the one we have been waiting for. You are the one whose imminent coming prophets and seers of all ages have been clamoring for. No need wasting your time in pointless games of divination, you just work on your self-realization as a human being, not tomorrow when uncle Rupert dies and leaves you that promised inheritance or when you are painted into a corner, but now. It just amazes me the things we humans do to avoid looking within ourselves. It has become obvious that it is not faint intimations of possible futures that we need, but a deeper and more anchored awareness in the immediate present, and if you just paid attention you will realize that nothing comes unannounced as events do not unfold in a linear manner but as a complex interaction of interference patterns of temporal vectors...


What Is Your Destiny?

What is almost everybody's desired destiny? A flamant love life, preferably with a supermodel? an ivy-league education? a high-flying career? a superior social status?.. These are either accouterments of this market civilization or its self-serving tools. The fact of the matter is that your individual importance cannot be extricated from the entire workings of humanity as a planetary entity.

In fact, if by destiny you mean individual destiny, there may not be such an animal. It is like your little finger asking what the future holds for it. Whatever anybody else's says, we are all in this together and if we get there, the proverbial destiny -for there is only one-, it is not going to be because of individual specificities or giftings but because we have found our place among other humans in the right scheme of things?" And if you asked me "what is my role in this cosmic game plan?" I will tell you to just wake up, and that, believe me, is the hardest and last think you will ever do.


Why Are The Oceans Salty?

Read first the section on "Fractal Evolution"

Salt is formed when sodium hydroxide (alkaline) reacts with hydrochloric acid. The result is a neutral substance, sodium chloride or salt.

Now, going back to our old principle of infinities within and without (I am warning you, we are going to be beating this horse till kingdom come), bodies of water and oceans are images of the human unconscious, meaning the fluid, indeterminate, deepest component of man. Alkaline and acid are images of feminine and masculine principles respectively, salt being the outcome or the unifying principle. Thus, oceans are salty signifying that the feminine (sodium hydroxide) and masculine (hydrochloric acid) parts of man unite in the unconscious (water) with transcendence (salt) being the outcome.

Why Do We Go To The Beach?

Beaches are the realm between the fluid ocean and the hard land, the interior world of the body and the outside three dimensional domain. In fact, sand is neither fluid nor hard but in between. The Beach is an image of our interior world meeting the exterior world and the tides and waves are a symbol of the emotions that this ominous encounter stirs in us. When we bask in the sun we surrender to the mystery of existence and its paradox: our skin darkens as the sky lightens. And when we swim in the sea we agree to engage the more fluid, mysterious and dangerous aspects of ourselves and have fun doing it.

Note: If after reading this (and what follows after this), you still believe that our universe is the product of a mere coincidental shuffling and reshuffling of atoms, that it has come about by random mutations and pure chance, then I am not doing my job correctly. You can go ahead and call it names like "God", "intelligent design" or what have you, knock yourself out. My only intention is that you just realize that despite the circumstantial ugliness and dissonance of our immediate surroundings, we are not -as the scientific model would have you believe- the incidentally-created witnesses of a clueless and randomly unraveling universe, and we are not -as the religious model will have you believe- the fate-bound victims of some over-bearing deity, but we are responsibile cocreators of a world that is characterized by an underlying intelligence, beauty and harmony. This makes our existence really meaningful and worth engaging and with as much awareness and soul-presence as we can harness.


The Meaning Of Money

Disclaimer: You must read what follows without attempting to judge of its validity or lack thereof. Let your unconscious do with it what it may. And above all, do not act upon the principles laid out under any circumstance: it would just mess up your life.

When we say that life is an illusion, it is not what most people think illusion is: it is not an erroneous perception of reality, it is not a mere trick of the mind and it is not false belief. The concept of Illusion is best apprehended when we consider its optical implications rather that its ideological or philosophical ones.

Illusion is indeed the refraction, the reflection, the mirroring of one dimensional reality into another, namely, the infinity within into the infinity without, the interior reality of the body into the exterior three dimensional world (and vice versa thru feedback loops), the latter ones being the reverse image and casting of the former ones . Illusion in this sense is not a falsehood but a representation of a certain reality and its more or less faithful rendering in another medium. The fidelity of the projection depending on the pixel density of the screen in which it is cast, in our case, the quality of our consciousness.

What has this to do with money? Money is one of those phantasms of the three dimensional world and as real and as it may appear to our materially bewitched minds, it is nonetheless an illusion. But an illusion of what is the true question. What is the real internal mechanism of which it is a reflection? What is the real currency of essence that it is mirroring, and If we have been dealing with shadows, borrowing from Plato's allegory of the cave, of what nature are the passing forms of its reality.

Let me attempt to answer.

What does money do? Money makes physical, emotional and economic dreams come true. It is the catalyst par excellence of our material lives. It is the promise of realization of our wildest imaginings. It is the hope of a peaceful existence and a better and brighter future.

But this all happens in the infinity without, the outside world. Now lets turn our gaze to the infinity within, the source of "real reality". What makes our interior dreams happen? What sparks our interior hallucinations? What is the fuel that cranks the gears of the unconscious? What is the currency of our mental chemical interactions? Any good biologist will tell you it is glandular tryptamines like serotonin, melatonin, DMT and others. If this analogy is correct, then money is the image of body tryptamines. Money is the reflected image (even so solid) of the above mentioned endocrinal hormones and because one is the reverse image of the other, the less you have of one, the more you have of the other. The implications are tremendous. Now you may understand why the more we have materially, the less we are spiritually - tryptamines as some of you may know, have a lot to do with our spiritual realization-. Now you know why "nice people finish last". Now you understand why your happy and self-realized hippie neighbor drives that rusty car many model years removed from anybody else's and seems to never get his financial life together while your obnoxious and self-involved father-in-law appears to be always basking on the lap of luxury.

I can write a whole book on this topic and not exhaust it, thus, you can continue making your own inferences as this principle can find applications in almost everything in your life.

Some other examples of parallel dimensions:

Universe Within
Universe Without

individual cells
immunity system
circulatory system
respiratory system
glandular tryptamines
excretory system
nervous system
heart attack

politicos&social elite
social institutions
bank system
financial crush
urban sprawl
police&military brutality
energy system problems
social breakdown



What Do I Think Of Parallel Universes, String Theories And Black Holes?

Even if I see absolutely nothing wrong in wanting to know more about the starry vault above our heads (actually, I strongly encourage it), I have the feeling that we may be looking in the wrong place if true answers to the mysteries of life is what we are looking for. The more we stray in outerspace, the more bizarre and baroque our definitions of the nature of the cosmos will be. Space is a truth in experience but an illusion in essence and if it is essence what we want, we need to shrink distances not expand them. I personally believe that answers to the most trying dilemmas of our existence will not be found in astronomy but in biology, and for this we should be gearing our exploration to the body, the internal space, instead of the stars and the galaxies. Looking for answers anywhere outside of the body is a smoke-screen put by King Ego and Queen Mind to derail any attempts at compromising their absolute rulership over their favorite domain, our very own bag of flesh and bones.


What Is Knowledge?

Let me first say that I am a voracious reader with an omnivorous intellectual appetite that doesn't know the meaning of the word enough. Literature, science, mathematics, physics, philosophy, music, art, astronomy.. do you have a meaty chunk of literary succulence? give it to me dripping bloody and raw; do you have a tasty libation of scientific exquisiteness? here is my vein, stick it in.

Nevertheless, this is what I think knowledge is: Knowledge is an aberration of nature. It is a quirk that we actually need such a thing as knowledge to live and evolve. The need for knowledge is the price we humans pay because one ominous day long, long time ago, the gods itched for some higher definition in the heavens' home theatre: they wanted stereo sound and 3D display :)

There must have been a time when knowledge wasn't needed. we just lived, we "knew" without having to "acquire" anything. But then Distance and Time appeared on the cosmic scene and from that point onwards nothing was the same. These disconnected us from that original source and since then the human odyssey, and the whole of the universe by complicity, was nothing but a race to regain that privileged state thru artificial means like philosophy, astronomy, science, art, technology, politics etc. There is a reason why all in the universe, from atoms to galaxies, is going in circles: everything is trying to find its way back to that happy place, and what is gravity but another name for nostalgia, that heavy-hearted longing for the first home of their begetting. All mythic human accounts such as love stories, heroes's journeys, Edenic falls and desert exiles, virgin mothers and promised saviors, crucified kings and ascended masters, heavenly allies and hellish nemeses and on and on, they all speak of nothing else but this magnificent quest for the source of who we really are.

On the other hand, I believe that our best humanity is attained not by learning something by thinking, but by experiencing something by "transcending". Education and human acquired knowledge (as very necessary as they may be at this juncture) have never added anything of substance to our existing condition, and the sore state of our big-brained, high-tek, science-worshipping civilization is sufficient proof. Knowledge and education (1) are just the obfuscated layers of ignorance that we so painfully remove to get to the core of this big onion called life.

Notes: (1) For some interesting reading on the subject of new education paradigms, do a search on google for PDF and DOC files about Rudolf Steiner and the Woldorf School System.


The Meaning Of Crop Circles

In chant you told me of your deep yearning and desire
You filled my loneliness with your flute and lyre
We danced the night out around the fire
The light of the moon our only attire
But you went astray intent to know and acquire
Strange wisdom and against truth conspire
Come back to me and from your meanderings tire
Or slumber and receive news very dire

Crop Circles are those mysterious but beautifully shaped formations found in fields all over the world but particularly and for some strange reason, in the British Isles. There is no definitive proof of what or who makes them. Human involvement is possible as financial gain (tourism, sensationalist press, new age gurus etc.) can be obtained by self-interested individuals and groups. But you know what, I somehow believe that it doesn't really matter if they are man made or the product of some strange and unknown phenomena, albeit extraterrestrial. Crop circles are like myth or dreams, whose truth transcends historical and physical actual occurrence. Life does sometimes unfold with the logic of a dream, don't you think? There is a message behind the crop circles, regardless of the mechanics of their realization: the earth is wooing man back to herself and she will use any means at her disposal, including the most stunning grassy accouterments. By the way, did you notice that Britain has the greatest number of transition towns and ecologically minded cities in the world? A coincidence?

Having said that and if crops circles where to ever be proven as non-man-made (and Gaia inspired), it will be for this fact: When I looked at some of those geometric shapes they immediately reminded me of patterns produced by Lycopodium powder when exposed to sound vibrations. It is a science called Cymatics, pioneered by a Swiss doctor named Hans Jenny. In his experiments Dr Jenny submitted different inert materials like powders, metals shavings, liquids etc.. to sound vibrations producing shapes and patterns that are found in nature, not random forms but geometries of the most exquisite type. This kind of geometry is sometimes referred to as sacred geometry. I will encourage you to read more on the subject. The same principle may be at work here. Earth's electromagnetic vibrations, ones of a very peculiar nature, affect the grassy surface and produce those unique patterns.


After The Pyramid And The Skyscraper What?

Here comes the dome.


Copenhagen Summit 3

Copenhagen Summit 1

I took a stride on the corridors of power
and as I went up the echelon tower
to find men gifted by the great bestower
but I found most men had brains of cauliflower
the rest were also vegetables, but even lower

Copenahgen Summet 2

The earth is a warming pan
hoping for a solution in the can
they can't come out with a plan
not the poor, not the rich man
the yankee won't give up the van
and the chinese in unintended pun
needs to see smoke coming off the gun
human stupidity shouldn't stun
but we can't hide and we can't run
cows farts, Co2 or the sun
the shit is about to hit the fan


The I Ching

After the high mountain
I am brought down to the plains

after basking in the sun
I am drenched in the rains

I want to be free
but every move strengthens my chains

I sometimes am happy
but then I pay with equal pains

when I write of peace
I do it with pen in open veins

when I sing of love
I know hate will reap the same gains

and after I exhaust ecstasy
it is death that remains


Moon Reflections ...



What Is The Highest Purpose In Life?

It is surely not to figure out the world because we just can't. Highest than any other purpose, It is to make art. Write novels, write poetry, paint, sculpt, make music, play an instrument or two, perform a theatrical piece, dance a choreographed dance, cook something gourmet tonight, make films, design and build a beautiful garden or a beautiful structure, organize your life or your family or your community or something, do your work, any work, and do it masterfully, take the raw material that the world gives you and transform it into beautiful works of art, that is what we should all be doing. The rest, including the stuffy crap I post on this blog, is just empty bubblings.


What Is The Most Valuable Thing In The Universe?

Ecstasy, and I don't mean the drug, but the trancic, enthralling, transcendental, whole-body orgasm that we all seek but only occasionally get. What is money, success, fame, triumph but the lame and greedy middlemen of its attainment. Ecstasy is in fact the crowning jewel of all truly relevant forms of human communication: poetry, literature, music, cinema, art, you name it, these would have not done their job until you have fallen prey to their contrived bewitchments and succumbed in ecstatic seizures of appreciation :o

You know, life is not the opposite of death, ecstasy is . Life is the rod, death and ecstasy are the two opposite, extreme poles on the same rod. Thus, when we seek ecstasy, we seek things that can potentially kill us and that is just the nature of the beast. In fact, life lived fully is a life lived on the sharp razor edge of danger.


About 2012

Check section "About The Great Year"

Let me first say that this seemingly great debacle of 2012 is not a prediction, but just an old observation, the precession of the equinoxes (also know as Perihelion Advance, a phenomenom that according to famous physicist DeBroglie, happens at the atomic level as well -another example of the fractality of the universe-), that was always there but that just recently begun to take relevance. 2012 is the end date of the Mayan Calendar, the begining of the Golden Age of Vedic prophecy, the year of the appearance of the New Star of Hopi prophecy, the zero point in the Auric Time Scale Spiral of Sergey Smelyakov, the year zero in the Timewave Zero of Terence Mckenna, the Galactic Center Conjunction of John Major Jenkins, and on and on. These are not just people on the looney fringes of society, they are serious, rational, methodical philosophers, historians, scientists and mathematicians and they all seem to somehow converge on this date, and if you asked me, for very good reason. They all have one thing in common: they understand the fractal configuration of the cosmos, the spiral, cyclical and wavelike nature of time and the upper-dimensional escalatory drive of the universe.

Without casually diving into speculative conjectures or waxing dogmatic about the matter, I believe that the date is relevant. 2012 is not the end of the world but only the end of a world and the ushering in of a new one. 2012 is not just another pathetic, apocalyptic theory competing for teleological validation, but is instead the bell ringing the closure of a particular session of civilization and the introduction of a higher class of consciousness.There is no such a thing as an eternal drama and eventually the curtains fall, the actors remove their masks and move on to other, hopefully, better roles. No civilizational organism can pretend to unfold to infinity and ineluctably will reach a point when further growth is impossible within the same form and will need a new, more fitting configuration to fulfill the universe's need for novelty and complexification. Human history is littered with examples of whole civilizations that came and went, leaving but lifeless lapidary witnesses of their passage. Imposing species thrived and practically conquered the earth before they were wiped out entirely, yielding fossilized bony remnants as only memory of their past existence.

2012 will probably be this epoch's culmination of our hopes within our despairs, our ecstasies within our agonies, our renewals within our degenerations, our generosities within our cruelties, it is the four horsemen of the apocalypse and the return of the son of man. It is when the tidal wave of time will recede and the wreckage of the sunk galleons of human history, with all their bitter cargo of illusions and delusions, will be exposed. It is the time when evil and deceit will have exhausted their contributions and justice has its final say. If 2012 is the end, it is end not as fatigued finality, but end as potent purpose.

Since time immemorial, some very sharp and perspicacious lookouts on this planet's crow's nest have seen the iceberg, but the question is, would this big ship that is our human race, heed to the alarmed calls of upcoming danger and maneuver in such a way to avoid a collision, or will it hit it head on, or sideways like the Titanic, and sink to the depth of oblivion. My take is that we are too close to the iceberg to turn around, and no matter how hard and how fast we swing the bow or skid the stern of this behemoth of civilization we won't be able to avoid catastrophe. Eh oui mon ami, we will meet the proverbial iceberg of transcendence, we cannot run from it. However, not being central to the plot is not a permission for irresponsibility, as a matter of fact we have a very important function in the smooth denouement of future events. There is a difficult birthing taking place and we are the assigned midwives. We have been commissioned to bring comfort and assuage the delivery pangs, counter any possible complications and ensure that this promised new born of consciousness sees the light of days as gracefully as possible. In fact the question is not if the birth is going to take place, but are the midwives going to be available. This is a tremendous responsibility and when those who hear the call don't answer, we all pay in pains, plights, pogroms, and plagues.

What to watch for as 2012 approaches? First, I believe time and events will seem to be speeding up like water going down a sink and spiraling faster as it gets closer to the plughole. The internet (which in my opinion is the pinnacle of human technological achievement, our civilization's graduation moment and the intersection point between human mental ability and the true nature of the cosmos) has a lot to do with this quickening of time. In fact we will see mind-boggling technological accomplishments and at the very same time witness the dissolution of the social fabric into a strange schizoid mesh of unbearable misery of the many and obscene opulence of the few that will generate exacerbating violence and mayhem.

Second, I believe that the major upheavals will be of an electrical nature so we need to watch. water (eventhough I have a faint hunch that the final seal of the age will come thru some kind of fiery event). Water and electricity do not mix very well. Watch not only for water in floods, melting ice and tsunamis but most importantly, in humans, whose body -particularly the brain- is made of 75% of the liquid substance. Can you say "it is going to be a mad, mad world out there", where some will reach for the gun while others for canvas and brushes. The artist, like before, will spearhead the charge on this novel domain of consciousness and will appear as the anointed savior of humanity's desperate circumstance, reconciling its wounded and bloody past with its eternally virgin future and finally and heroically, saving the day. Well, this is my scenario of choice, what will actually happen, only God knows.


The Origins of Civilization

Civilization is primarily the misconception of an otherwise noble idea, and the misuse of an otherwise empowering technology. Just read history, you will realize that I am right. Nothing more eloquent to illustrate this fact than to observe how some nasty and misguided ethno-centric movements in our history, such as the Nazi and the Zionist, have hijacked universal symbols of our ancestral human mythology, the swastika and the six pointed star respectively, and have made a mockery of their meaning and relevance to our past and to our future. I will go into the true meaning of these symbols in another occasion.


About The Five Senses

Namely and in the right order: smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight. If life is a series of waves (see below "What Is Life?), the senses are its frequency (number of cycles per period). Smell has the lowest frequency and sight has the highest. In other words, all five senses are the same animal, they just run at different speeds. This may actually explain synesthesia .. and dreams, which may simply be visual renderings of diverse environmental stimuli as felt by the body (the body being the ultimate resonance box) and the sound made by the running of internal fluids and body organs doing their god assigned work. This would happen when the internal noise is amplified by glandular tryptamines like DMT and serotonin, transforming low sound frequencies into higher visual ones. What dreams may be relating is simply the chattering of our guts about its internal functioning and the outside environment affecting its wellbeing and survival. In other words, dreams may just be the body trying to tell us about itself and its needs in the only other language it knows, light. The unfortunate thing is that very few are versed in that language anymore.


What is Life?

Cycles of perturbation and equilibrium, followed by more cycles of perturbation and equilibrium. The alternation of equilibrium and perturbation between opposite poles of a spectrum (1) creates energy and motion which occasionally crystallize into stable forms or what we call matter. The difference between one cyclical period and the next seems to be:
1) an increase in complexity at higher and higher levels of existence expressed as "octaves of behavior within spirals of expansion".
2) and if the rules of harmonics are maintained, there is a higher degree of freedom. In other words, future cycles will tend to have more freedom than past ones. For example, plants have more freedom than minerals, animals have more freedom than plants and minerals, and man has more freedom than animals, plants and minerals. This freedom is sometimes referred to as novelty, innovation, evolution, mutation, inspiration, creativity, art or just shift.
3) Movements to higher dimensions seem to solve problems in lower dimensions. In fact, when a problem is created in one dimension, it can never be solved at that same level. This is the main reason for biological and mental evolution and why worlds and civilization do eventually end.

troth of wave
crest of wave

infinity within


<- energy ->


<- matter ->



infinity without


(1)The way human consciousness perceives the here and the there, the yin and the yang, the past and the future, the good and the evil, is completely different from the way they are seen from a cosmic perspective (whatever that is). It is key that we all understand this. Dual, opposite concepts like the ones just cited, are not viewed as positionally dissimilar in space or time, but are considered only for their charge differential and the resulting present interaction and events do not unfold in a linear manner but as a complex interaction of interference patterns of temporal vectors. That means that it is wrong to say, for example, "I was this in the past and I will be that in the future", but more correct is to say "I am now, because of my past and my future". As strange and mind-boggling that it may sound, we are in fact, not only pushed by the past, but also pulled by the future.



The Divisions of Man

“I died a mineral, and became a plant.
I died a plant and rose an animal.
I died an animal and I was man.
Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?”
--Jalal'uddine Rumi

"God sleeps in the rock,
dreams in the plant,
stirs in the animal
and awakens in man"?
-- Bin Alarabi

Man is not made of spirit, soul and body as much as he is made of mineral, vegetal, animal and personal. Sufi poets of hundreds of years ago, like Rumi and BinAlarabi spoke of it in their inspired verses.

The mineral element originates in the earth and the stars and feeds on ionic energy with the help of cosmic rays thru the aether. The vegetal feeds on the mineral with the help of light thru photosynthesis. The animal (which includes the homo sapiens) feeds on the vegetal with the help of enzyme and hormones thru digestion and metabolism. The personal or Man, this added dimension to the animal-homo sapiens, embodies the combined characteristics of mineral, vegetal and animal and is made of and feeds on all of them with the help of the mind thru language. Cosmic rays and aether, light and photosynthesis, enzymes/hormones and digestion, mind and language must be linked, or better still, they must be the same thing just in different condensation levels and format. Many things are starting to make sense to me right now!

Cosmic Rays



The Meaning of Sickness

Humans fall sick for the same reasons nations fall sick: an excess of acidity in the system. A synonym for health is a happy balance between alkalinity and acidity in the body. Once that balance is overthrown -usually in favor of acidity- we get disease. To restore that lost equilibrium we have to return the body to healthy levels of alkalinity , and that is the reason why almost all medicines are bitter (alkaline substances are usually quite bitter to the taste). This is obviously a caricature of what actually happens but these are pretty much the relevant edges.

What is the parallel between individual human sickness and illness at the group, national and planetary levels? Alkalinity and acidity are expressions of the dual nature of the cosmos, the same as negative and positive, active and passive, feminine and masculine, open and close, dark and light, cold and hot and so on. Alkalinity is feminine, while acidity is masculine (See section "The Return of the Goddess"). To make the story short (and I may expand on this theme in a later occasion), humanity is sick because of an excess of acidity -the masculine principle- in the system. This implies that to heal the world, an intake of an alkaline, feminine supplement in what the doctor ordered. Ladies -and very-gentlemen- get to work.



The Meaning of Ecosystems

When we hear the word ecosystem we automatically think "planet earth", but the reality is that ecosystems reach below (the recesses of the human body) and above (the solar system and the farthest galaxies). And each is a fractal -smaller or larger scale- rendering of the other.

I firmly believe that there must be a correlation between astronomical, geological and biological -and I would even dare say cultural- mechanisms. I am convinced that galactic periodicities and fluctuations -transmitted thru the aether thru cosmic rays, which I believe are a kind of an "intergalactic spectrum" and "ion-wave-carrying medium"- may actually effect not only the climate on earth, but genes, memes and next years fad in teenage jeans. How? That is something that time and much smarter people than I would have to determine. I will expand on this later on.

Note: For the correlation between the astronomical and geological records do a search on google for keywords "the cloud mystery" and "henrik svensmark". You will be surprised to find that most climate scientists are still debating the validity of Dr Svensmark's claims.. you know what would be a happy sound? the loud popping sound of a stuffy scientist's big head unplugging from his ass   :) )


The Myth Of Progress

Read this interesting article: The Five Facets Of A Myth By Kirkpatrick Sale.

Excerpt: "Leopold Kohr, the Austrian economist whose seminal work, The Breakdown of Nations, is an essential tool for understanding the failures of political progress in the last half-millennium, often used to close his lectures with this analogy: Suppose we are on a progress-train, he said, running full speed ahead in the approved manner, fueled by the rapacious growth and resource depletion and cheered on by highly rewarded economists. What if we then discover that we are headed for a precipitous fall to a certain disaster just a few miles ahead when the tracks end at an uncrossable gulf? Do we take advice of the economists to put more fuel into the engines so that we go at an ever-faster rate, presumable hoping that we build up a head of steam so powerful that it can land us safely on the other side of the gulf; or do we reach for the brakes and come to a screeching if somewhat tumble-around halt as quickly as possible? ... Progress is the myth that assures us that full-speed-ahead is never wrong. Ecology is the discipline that teaches us that it is disaster. "



The Pilgrim

You sought a dream
and I wished you did, but aware

you pursued glory
but all I wanted is for you to be fair

for when you find happiness
it'll be the time to beware

when you finally find wisdom
before you, did the lilly, the ant and the bear

when your eyes open
you'll see nothing but despair

when you find the true place
you'll curse the path that got you there

and when you see the face of god
it's at your face that you'll stare


Quotes By Remarkable People

“I died a mineral, and became a plant. I died a plant and rose an animal. I died an animal and I was man. Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?” --Rumi

“Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.” --Rumi

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." --Rumi


Why Do I Love You?

Why do I look for your beautiful face
If you were in me all along
Why do I want to kiss you
If my lips are made of the same clay as yours
Why do I always thirst for your tender presence
If your essence already fills my being
Why do I hunger to know your secrets
If your soul was woven from the same thread as mine
Is my love for you a passion misplaced?
When the prophet points to the stars
The fool, him, stares at the finger
----- Inspired by Rumi


The Medium Is The Message

In the podium
in the auditorium
an empty cranium

bubbling opium
and deadly conium
in an aquarium

Seeking elysium
in equilibrium
and getting tedium

taking premium
off the medium
and getting delirium


Virgins and Sons

On earth I rove
intent to know
and clarify

Why gods above,
to atone, redeem
and purify

seek a virgin's love
to cherish, adore
and sanctify

then stir a drove,
to humiliate, afflict
and vilify

with bloody glove,
torture, wound
and crucify

then send fire and dove
to bless, anoint
and deify


The Return Of The Goddess

Remembrance of days of yore
when wisdom was gotten from a spore
oh the woman of antiquity and lore
she was goddess then was called whore
her likeness from temples we tore
we raised Apollo, Zeus and Thor
to them our allegiance swore
and after Homer sung in measured roar
and the fishermen asked for more
history became nothing but madness and war
stained with blood and filled with gore
but until her divinity restore
And the power of the cruel letter abhor
we will live lost, we will live poor
and that is for sure

Why is she returning? The goddess or the mercurial, alkaloid, feminine principle, symbolizes volatility and passivity. When espoused to the sulfuric, acidoid, masculine principle, God, which symbolizes solidity and activity, and catalyzed by a third principle, which is neither masculine nor feminine but androgynous in quality -which I call the Angel, Christ or Celibate Principle-, produces a reaction that brings forth the fixative salt of creation. Welcome to Alchemy 101. Now, when the god principle, or male qualities, are emphasized, like in our modern western civilization, you see an excess of activity and stuff. When the goddess principles are emphasized you see less activity and less stuff but more importance is given to internal processes like feeling, art and spirituality. The fact that the goddess is resurging in culture today is a telling sign that the universe has had enough of "things" and is intent now at deconstructing and streamlining. This coming age is going to be the age of the body, what is within it and not what is outside of it. So those of you who may have big -materially- creative projects in mind, you may want to reconsider, because it has become obvious that we need less witty creating and much more judicious deconstructing.


What Is The Problem With Pornography?

The problem is not that it is "immoral" but that we trivialize the act and we objectify the person. By trivializing sex we become superficial and cynical and we are left with an artificial, pseudo-version of something that was meant to have redeeming value. And by objectifying the person not only we strip her of her humanity (and divinity) but we also perpetuate the illusion of the "other", this damned disconnectedness and alienation (from others and from ourselves) that permeates all aspects of our modern life.

Sex is a very serious business and should not be engaged lightly. Participants should always approach it with the uttermost deference, knowing that it involves some of the most important aspects of our humanity, the outward bodily expression of a transcendental yearning for union of essential parts that have been disjointed and their symbolic reunion in the lovers' embrace.


Quotes From Remarkable People

“Keep me from the wisdom that does not weep, and the philosophy that does not laugh, and the pride that does not bow its head before a child.”— Khalil Gibran


The Meaning of Sacred Plants

The answer is found in sacred geometry and the true nature of language.

Sacred Plants And Sacred Geometry

Language is not the universe's preferred means of communication. Its intricacies are just too subtle for human language to express :) The cosmos speaks not with the dead scribbles of the alphabet but with the living lines and curves of sacred geometry, and this is why life's true essence cannot possibly be rationally beheld. Why is astrology, for example, so pervasive even if we do not completely understand it and no one has ever been able to explain its importance in a degree of clarity that can be apprehended? Because astrology speaks in geometry: the configurations of the stars and planets, their locations within constellations and their well choreographed orbits around their axial suns, are primarily geometric arrangements that have meaning, and the soul, the primordial mind, digs that. When a geometric form is impressed upon the human soul it creates feeling, and emotion and direct experience - unmediated by the thinking brain -. If you ever wondered "what is this all about", this is it. Intuition is what we usually call this kind of intelligence. That is what alchemists, astrologers, seers and prophets of all ages have tried to convey in a convoluted and projected form, not because they were trying to keep a deer secret from the ignorant plebe (well, that too), but because it was practically impossible to render truths of that kind in simple prose. That is why they had to resort to quatrains and measured verse, the closest thing to the geometrical, harmonious idiom of the cosmos.

Cannabis, henbane, belladonna, ayahuasca, peyote, datura, stropheria cubensis, amanita muscaria, salvia divinorum, etc.. (plants that are neither stimulants nor depressant, have been tried and proven for thousands of years by peoples all around the world, and do not cause addiction) contain chemical compounds -that we categorized as psychoactive- whose atomic and molecular structures are characterized by very unique geometries, architectures and configurations that apparently are congruent with the most fundamental aspects of who we really are. The sense of transcendence, the enthrallment, the high, the euphoria, the ecstasy and the intoxication one receives when partaking of these substances are a very natural reaction, one of deep and unfathomable empathy, similar to the one we sense when we are exposed to a beautifully featured face, a finely cut diamond, an exquisitely rendered oil painting, a magnificently designed building, an awe-inspiring monument, a well choreographed dance or a sweet melodious song, just in a more intense manner. Beauty and harmony have to do with happy, relative -geometric- proportions and so are sacred plants, the only difference is that with plants, the "transformative encounter" happens in the deep recesses of the body, and the body, my friend, is where all happens.

What About Hallucinations? Or where does the script, actors and props of this apparently illusional phantasmagoria come from? I believe the forces at play are the same as with astrology when the ancient humans gazed at the stars and gleaned aspects and configurations in the indeterminate heavens and saw heroes, gods and mythical animals, then spoke of incredible tales that reflected the essence of the human relationship to the rest of creation and his fantastic odyssey on earth, that no literary, philosophical or scientific account could ever do. The difference is that with sacred plants, instead of looking at the immense, star sprinkled vault above, we look at the equally immense, deep and mysterious oceanic expanse within. Was it the great Arab poet Bin Alarabi that said "God sleeps in the rock, dreams in the plant, stirs in the animal and awakens in man"?

Notes: If you need some further study on the subject, research the subject of choromo-acoustics, whose premise is that we perceive the manifestations of vibratory rates inter-sensorally: we sense the lowest rates olfactorally and tactilely, the somewhat higher rates acoustically, and the much higher rates visually. Fascinating stuff.

Sacred Plants And Language

Human language is usually in the form of speech. Plant language is usually in the form of chemicals. The toxic compounds in these plants, those that determine their psychoactive properties, are more than defense mechanisms, they are language. Putting molecules together is no different from putting words together and fulfill the same purpose of communicating something to your interior or surrounding environment, and the general rules of order, concordance, congruence and harmony that govern human language syntax find a parallel in the chemical world of the vegetal kingdom

Poisons are the plant's way of telling an unwanted animal or insect to go for a hike. It can't talk, can't yell and can' run but it can make chemical substances that can unequivocally express its intentions. Now the question is, why a mechanism that was intended to kill, dim and neutralize happens to be capable to heal, enlighten and revitalize? As a matter of fact, a certain dose of a "toxic" plant can fell you and send you back to the mineral state :(, and another dose give you a high that will make you feel like Apollo on mount Olympus or the oracle of Delphi: ). That is mainly due to the dual nature of all phenomena: death and ecstasy, madness and sanity, confusing and inspiring, dissonance and harmony, sickening and healing, darkening and enlightening, are opposite poles of the same rod. Getting one or the other is just a question of what side of the stick you are holding.


The Meaning of Numbers

All manifest phenomena are never isolated events by single entities, but the result of the relationship between two or more cosmic aspects and their dynamic engagement in multi-dimensional space. For example concepts like beauty, virtue and truth can be expressed as the relationship of geometric, behavioral and ideological inflections to their surrounding environment, group and culture respectively.

Before these relationships are apprehended by the thinking mind and translated into language, they are first internalized at deeper levels of consciousness (see section on "divination") as geometric and mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportions (in two or more dimensions), that are plotted in mental space as graphic geometric forms that are then subjectified, reflected on the mirror of personality, past experience and one's own internal dictionary, and then assigned a quality or quantity thru words and numbers. While "word", represented in the Logos, is what connects form to substance, "number", represented in the Mythos, is what links form to its context , and "the body", represented in the Eros, as the outcome of this alchemical marriage . The wider your mental space is, the bigger your field of projection and the more expansive, comprehensive and multi-dimensional your understanding is, the more accurate your representation of the world will be.

Some Insights About Numbers:

One: is for unity and oneness, the beginnings, the source, the door, the initial point,

  • Form: Line
  • Alchemical: Space or Eather, Lapis philosophalis, Garden of eden
  • Chemical: Hydrogen/lead
  • Mythological: Ares, Jehovah
  • Geometry: 360°/360 = 1 = Concurrence and direct interaction
  • Planet: Saturn

Two: is for division and separation, duality and polarity, also pairing and resonance,

  • Transcends: Intent, idea, imagination
  • Form: Triangle, square and circle
  • Alchemical: Space and Time, Yin and Yang
  • Chemical: Oxygen, Helium/Copper
  • Mythological: Krishna and Kali, Good and Evil, Angel and Demon
  • Geometry: 360°/180 = 2 = Opposite position
  • Planet: Venus

Three: is for reunion and reconciliation, binding, joining and interaction. The three chemical states, alkaloid, acidoid and salt; the Christian trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit; the Orpheic trinity, Chaos, Gaia and Eros; the Indian trinity, Krishna, Kali and Shiva, the Platonic three parts of the soul, appetitive, spirited and rational; The Hegelian trinity, thesis, antithesis and synthesis; Kants three reasons, pure, practical and judgment; Joyce's three stages of esthetics, arrest, fascination and enchantment; Pythagoras three stages of politics, monarchy, oligarchy and democracy; Watt's three world views, machine, organism and drama.

  • Transcends: Opposites
  • Form: Cube, sphere, pyramid
  • Alchemical: Yin, Yang and Tao, good, evil and grace
  • Chemical: Lithium/Tin
  • Mythological: Hermes, Sophia
  • Geometry: 360°/120 = 3 = Triangulating of process, solving conflict between opposites, the vesica pisces: the interaction, influence or overlapping of two realities
  • Planet: Jupiter

Four: is for goal and direction, the four elements (earth, water, air and fire), the four elements of the DNA codon ( cytosine - thymine - adenine - guanine), the four most common elements in living organisms (nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon and oxygen), the four ages of man (childhood, youth, manly and old age) the four seasons of the calendar year, the four ages of the great year (iron, bronze, silver and golden), the four cardinal points, time (the fourth dimension), the four measures (length, width, height and depth), the four illusions of Maya (matter, time, space and vibration), the four powers of Satan (grasping, aggression, doubt and delusion), the four temptations of the Buddha (power, money, sex and fame), the four spiral arms of the galaxy, the four arms of the cross (redemptive suffering) and four horsemen of the apocalypse,

  • Transcends: Form
  • Alchemical: Tetragammaton
  • Chemical: Beryllium/Quicksilver
  • Mythological: Hera, the four virgins (Athena, Artemis, Hecate and Aphrodite), Jesus
  • Geometry: 360°/90 = 4 = Squaring of process, necessity of meaning and direction
  • Planet: Mercury

Five: is for Adaptation to the chaos of the seen world thru the senses. There are five senses, five fingers and five toes to man (and most other mammals, amphibians and reptiles), five elements (water, air, fire, earth and aether), five tastes (sweet, bitter, salty, sour and brothy), five continents, five directions in Aztec tradition (north, south, east, west and center), five platonic solids (tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron), five lines to a musical staff, five books of Moses (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy), five books of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and The Acts), five wounds of Christ, the five qualities of Apollo, the five faces of Shiva, the five prayer times and five pillars of Islam, etc..

  • Transcends: Norm and rule
  • Alchemical: Pentagram
  • Chemical: Boron/Iron
  • Mythological: Athena
  • Geometry: 360/72 = 5 = pentagon, beyond the square (outside the box, representing freedom)
  • Planetary: Mars

Six: is for conquest and achievement thru Intuition, going beyond the 4 cardinal points (up and down, higher and deeper), six days of creation, six feet of insects, six sides to a beehive, six tastes in ayurveda (sweet, bitter, salty, sour, pungeant and astringent), six phases of influenza, six strings to a guitar, six holes to a saxophone, six faces to the dice, six faces of Hanuman.

  • Transcends: The senses
  • Alchemical: Six Pointed Star of David
  • Chemical: Carbon/Silver
  • Mythological: Zeus
  • Geometry: 360°/60 = 6 = Hexagon, human creativity and the establishment of new orders, new ideological and cultural structures, new paradigms. The hexagonal cells of bees hold the honey, the hexagonal vaults of culture hold the precious distillate of human ideas and creativity.
  • Planet: Moon

Seven: is for consolidation thru order and meaning. There are seven days of the week, on the seventh day God rested, there are seven heavens, seven ancient wonders of the world, seven naked-eye visible stellar bodies (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn), seven seas, seven chakras, seven cervical vertebrae, seven types of viruses, seven virtues, seven sages of many cultural traditions, seven deadly sins, seven gates of the underworld, seven branches of a jewish menorah, seven valleys of Bahai tradition, seven musical notes, seven glands, seven colors of the rainbow, seven basic physical units (metre, kilogram, second, ampere, kelvin, mole, candela), seven hills of Rome, seven liberal arts (grammar, rhetoric, logic, geometry, arithmetic, music and astronomy),

  • Transcends: Group culture, morals, ideology, world views
  • Alchemical: The astrologer's seven pointed star or acute heptagram
  • Chemical: Nitrogen/Gold
  • Mythological: Prometheus
  • Geometry: 360/51.4 = 7 = Heptagon, the in-between form, the gap generation, Initial inspiration, momentum for change and consequent resistance to change by established culture.
  • Planet: Sun

Eight:is for dissolution and deconstruction, chaos becomes order, infinity becomes singularity, physics becomes metaphysics, particle becomes wave, universal becomes relative, relative becomes quantic, modern becomes archaic, it is goining beyond meaning and structure and the never-ending cycles of birth, death and renewal. Eight has the same shape as the symbol for infinity; one eighth or the octave is the basic harmonic ratio in music theory; eight hertz is the lowest frequency and the highest intensity of the Schumann Resonance, called by some the hearbeat of Gaia; eight is the numbe of buddhas depicted in most mandalas; eight squared is 64, and number 64 appears in mathematics and physics' equations everytime there is a translation from implicate (non-dimensional or information) to explicate (multi-dimensional or objects and events) order elements: there is a 64 tetrahedron grid in the geometry of a vacuum (what is known as vector dynamics); in fractal mathematics a finite-length sequence will give the impression of an infinitely long sinusoidal sequence if its frequency is 8 cycles by 64 samples; 64 is also the number of "flavors" of time (each cycle of the unfolding spiral shaped phi function of historic time is 1/64th the size of the cycle that preceeded it); in biology (1) a cell will generally divide into undifferentiated cells (from zygote to blastocyst) until the 64th division when it becomes specialized tissue with its enclosing membrane; 64 is also the number of DNA codons, the number of hexagrams combinations of the I Ching, the number of squares in a chess board and the number of cards in most Tarot decks. In Hindu tradition, there are 64 tantras, 64 forms of Shiva, 64 aspects to the supreme goddess and 64 petals in the Medecine Buddha Mandala.

  • Transcends: The self and the ego
  • Alchemical: infinity within (biology) and infinity without (astrology)
  • Chemical: Oxygen
  • Mythological: Dionysus
  • Geometry: 360°/45 = 8 = Octagon, alteration of consciousness, intoxication, dissolution of the ego, identification with nature and the infinite cosmos.

Nine: is for final fall and new beginnings, the transcendental ending, the winding-down of the spiral, the conclusion of a cycle and the preparation for a new age or dispensation. Nine is the last number in the first cycle of vedic mathematics,the nine planets of the solar system, the nine months of human gestation, the nine openings of the human body, the nine circles of Dante's hell, the nine layers of the Mayan underworld, the nine Greek muses and the nine billow maidens of Norse mythology, the nine Greco-Roman gods, the nine archetypes of God, the nine human personalities, types, the nine points of the Ennead star, the nine levels of Aztec and Mayans pyramids, the nine slots of the magic square, the sum of numbers in magic number 432 (has to do with harmonics and cosmic time cycles), nine is the sum of number 25,920 -the number of years in a complete cycle of the twelve zodiacal signs-, nine is the sum of number 86,400 - the numbers of heart beats per day-.

  • Transcends: Chronological end, finality and conclusion
  • Alchemical: Uroborus
  • Chemical: Fluorine
  • Mythological: Aphrodite
  • Geometry: 360/40 = 9 = Nonagon, infinity meets infinity, love wins over fear, caterpillar becomes butterfly, the homo-sapiens becomes Man.

Other Mathematical concepts

  • Irrational Numbers:
    An irrational number expresses the concept that our higher dimensional faculties can't always necessarily be expressed in lower order dimensional terms
  • Exponential
    A number to a power n expresses the concept of negative aspects interacting with positive aspects bringing forth a manifest reality.
  • Square Root
    A square root of a number expresses the search for the original numinous aspects of a given actual, manifest reality, and the relationship and proportion between heavenly vertical and earthly horizontal characteristics.
  • Imaginary Numbers:
    Imaginary numbers (square root of minus 1) express the concept that imagination and intuition is needed to solve rational, down-to-earth problems.

Notes: (1) Notice that the human cell and the geometry the vaccum/infinity share the same fundamental structure: 64 codon in the DNA of the cell, passing by the 64 necessary cell divisions from zygote to blastocyst stage, and 64 tetrahydron grid vecto-dynamics of the quantum vacuum. Nothing more eloquent to illustrate the fractal nature of the universe.


Happy Aid Alkabir


Archaic Revival


The Truth About Divination

What we call “I” or Ego, is in reality a mysterious entity. When you say “I dream”, who is really doing the dreaming? Does the “I “ has anything to do with it or just a witness of hallucinations, possibly divine mysteries, of which he has no part nor lot. It is most likely the latter. The “I” or the ego, is a relatively new comer on the universal scene but it is tenacious, imperious, and has undoubtedly acquired quite a sense of its own being. Apparently, the soul perceives the ego as an unwelcome grafted entity and an intruder. That is one main reason we fall sick (I bet -and I have no medical research to prove it- that if you removed the first singular pronoun from your vocabulary for ten days your physical and mental health would improve considerably), have existential problems, loose our mind, or go to the extreme of committing suicide (the instance where the soul, hoping for a better reincarnation ;) , has really had it with the ego and throws the baby with the bath-water, so to speak, and kills the body to gets rid of the creep).

Divination has a lot to do with tricking this Ego, overriding its limitations and idiosyncrasies. As a matter of fact and if you don't arm yourself with sufficient precaution, the ego will high-jack the energies that you obtain thru wonderful insights like the ones you get here ;) and use them to glorify a part of yourself that really needs humbling.

When we engage in tarot, I Ching or dowsing for example, and randomly toss those cards, shake those bones , or swing that pendulum, what we are doing is create an environment where we can elicit imaginary projections that would then impress not on our neophyte, limited thinking self, the famous ego, but upon layers of the psyche that go deeper, otherwise called the unconscious (which is a misnomer in my opinion, because it is consciousness but just of a much higher caliber and scope). This department of the psyche is the one conversant in the language of nature and the cosmos. In this case, the intent to know, the act of asking a question and rolling those cards or throwing those bones are mere connection protocols, and consequently, wheedling insights into ordinary space is just a matter of linking to the Pleroma, the cosmic internet, and downloading on the interface of present reality, timely resonances and non-pixelated epiphanies from the transcendental server at the end of time.


The Equation


Water Wars !



Portrait 3 - Girl Smiling



Portrait 2 - Self-Portrait


Portrait 1 - Mangaia


Sire Sire Groins On Fire

I may be old n' agin
but my loins aint cagin
and mine eyes r' still gaugin
my blood's surgin
and my groins a' ragin
whore or virgin
I gonna be pagin
and warmly engagin


The Truth About Ideologies

Note: In the next few sections I borrow profusely from Bruce Lipton, Ilya Prigogine, Terence Mckenna, UG Krishnamurti, David Bohm, muses, angels, trolls, elves and lepricons of all kinds and anybody, anybody who would give me a slightest hint of insight.

Let me first say that the notion that there are immutable laws of nature, the idea that there are universal constants (including mathematical ones, even the speed of light) with which we can multiply the multitude of existential variables and confidently formulate an approach to reality that truly and comprehensively reflects what is going on, we are illuded. The only reason, in my opinion, we have those laws and those constants is that without them the whole structure of acquired human knowledge would crumble. And who wants that, right?

Having said that, I believe ideology has become an essential coalescing artifact in the domain of human discourse and culture, but one that is, nonetheless, completely oblivious of the dual nature of existence and its ambiguous potentialities. The real question is, how do ideas become toxic, how they go from excellent tools for apprehending complex realities to outright demonic forces of darkness and a launch board for the most exacerbating human madness? Chances are, that a fundamental lack in our understanding of the electric base that supports all cosmic realities, including thought, may be the principle culprit. All manifest entities have a positive and negative potential in them. Give it enough time and put it under the right pressure and the most positive of occurrences would flip on itself and become an unrecognizable version of it original aspect. As a matter of fact, you take one pole to its extreme and it becomes its opposite. In other words, our problem is that we think "linearly" instead of "spirally", we are paradox-dumb, we can't hold both opposites in our brains and still function and we don't' recognize that life is complex, well, rather hardware-nut crazy.

Why do we tend to glean one attribute -one that is circumstantially evident- of a phenomena over another (like for example my opinion is better, I am intelligent, tobacco is bad, money is evil, etc..) when both potentials are equally present, in actuality or probability? I guess it is intellectual unsophistication on the part of the individual, his blatant lack of critical sense and his lazy, expedient, unreflective tendency to accept positions as valid only because they are held by other -equally gullible- mortals, or they are sanctioned by some "highly esteemed" authoritative entity or person (that may have vested interests in the matter), without due diligence or objective parsing of the facts and evidence.

You are understanding it right. I am not saying that some ideologies are better than others, I am saying that all ideologies are flawed; the most virtuous of movements may reach an apogy of glory but will ineluctably rot and degenerate, the noblest of actions will eventually show the reverse casting of itself, it is just the second law of thermodynamics in full act ion... unless of course they -ideas, creeds, movements- experience some kind of "perturbation" and rise to higher order ; )

What is the alternative? If your intent is legitimate and non-self-interested (this implies a need for some cojones and a degree of sacrifice and lets not be naive here, because the universe will not reward you just because you are honest and want to do the right thing, capisci?), for now, what you can do is just be humble and wear your beliefs lightly. The fact that ideologies are toxic doesn't necessary mean that we must (or can) live without them, but that these must be dealt with like any other dangerous substance: study its chemistry, handle with special care, calibrate the dose, don't take too little so that it has no effect, and don't take too much so that it kills you. Manage life's paradoxical and dualistic economy wisely; always keep a " door open" and don't be obsessed with meaning and closure; instead of impulsively jumping on every trendy ideological bandwagon coming along and buying every horse shit coming down the culture-pipe, probe the edges, doubt, ask intelligent questions, don't' be lazy, do your own research. This alone won't solve our problems but would surely get us started.


How Can We Save The World?

First let me warn you that you should always disburse your time and attention with utter stinginess to people like me who claim to have answers to life's most trying questions. In addition, I personally subscribe to the belief that we cannot solve global, systemic problems by engaging only one gear of their complex machinery. Nevertheless and for the sake of expediency in the face of an unmitigated despair for the way the world is going, let me give you my best take for what it is worth. We cannot make our cocitizens more judicious, we cannot make our politicians smarter nor more honest, macro-economic concepts are well over the top for most of us, we cannot immediately change the cultures in which we are embedded, but one thing we can do as individuals (that by the way you rarely hear anybody talk about nor discuss, neither by white -who generally consume more- nor brown peoples-who generally breed more-, and still in my opinion, is critical to our comfort if not our survival): that every couple in the world would commit to have only one child, willingly, without coercion, medical interventions nor government decrees. I propose that we should do this until it becomes part of our nature and we get into the habit of including the population factor in the social planning equation. And once we get our act together, we should allow for more flexibility as far as number of progeny is concerned in accordance with community needs and other contingencies.

Like in everything else in life, quality must take precedence over quantity. The modern skewed notion that there is power (political or otherwise) in numbers must give way to the conviction that a group's ability to provide for a good quality living environment to its constituents is paramount and intelligent and humane population planning allowing for fewer and better cared for individuals is the way to get there. And to you, this is my voice crying in the wilderness, other alternatives to get the steam out of the population crock pot are just too gruesome to contemplate, namely wars, genocides and ethnic cleansing, mass starvation and disease (both natural and synthetic). I am sure you have objections and I do too, but we are in an emergency state folks, the curve is about to inflect, and the point is about to tip. In the same manner it was an economic imperative in agricultural societies of two hundred years ago to sire many children to upset the high mortality rate and the necessity to have a large pool of workers to maintain livable productivity levels, today we have an equally important economic imperative to limit that flow for the sake of both individual and collective welfare. Times do change.

Unplanned procreation is not humanities only predicament but tackling this particular issue may provide for a sensible slackening on the squeeze on natural resources, give us ample room for maneuver and allow us to more comfortably deal with other similarly dire problems. Our current unbridled population explosion is what is driving everything over the ravine and is not allowing any time to nations and economies to reflect on efficacious policies and strategies to rein in our runaway economic, agricultural, political, educational, health and urban systems. We just find ourselves throwing money and these problems and seeing no progress whatsoever because we are weighed down by fastly increasing populations.

Smart population planning makes sense both at the collective and individual levels: At the collective level overexploitation of dwindling natural resources and the destruction of the ecosystem will be brought to a screeching halt. At the individual level, can anyone say no to more leisure time, more disposable income, a child that is thankful for your attention and a humanity that is ear-to-ear grateful for your voluntary willingness to restrain in your reproductive endeavors.

Population management is a hot political potato in many countries not because the need is not felt but because of the firmly held idea by some that man shouldn't put himself in God's place and because of the biblical command "to be fruitful and multiply". I have hope than in the same manner we are not stoning adulterers and rebellious children anymore because we have learned to balance God's Old Testament call for discipline and social order with God's New Testament infinite mercy, we are also going to learn to hear God's equanimous bidding for wisdom and good stewardship of his creation.


About Purity

"God grant me continence and chastity ... but not yet"
By St. Augustine


Democracy And Liberty

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.
Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the outcome."
By Benjamin Franklin



I am hung like ... summer eve above the meadow
waiting for your arrival,
They say it is just a cock...eyed feeling
I have for you,
I will bite ... my thumb at them
that scorn our love,
I want to rub my ... edges smooth
against the one I love,
I will suckle your ... hills and valleys
sipping the sweet nectar of ... your bliss,
I will blow you ... a most beautiful bubble, the moon,
I will enter ... your heart and break down the wall,
I will thrust my ... agonies aside,
and join you in ecstasy
and I wont release ... my soul from within me
until you come ... back to me,
I wont' put my hands ... up
and lift the ... white flag of surrender
and I wont give up
until I find the spot...less attributes of your divine powers,
only them will I rest
we will smoke.. from the same pipe of peace,
we will lie down together
amidst the pomegranate and the almond trees,
waiting for the next round of ... swallows



Unless you suffer
rebellious souls with gladness
your city will languish
under the claws of poverty and madness


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