The Encounter

Dans la beauté de tes yeux
J'ai aperçu la laideur de mon âme
Dans la tranquillité de ta voix
J'ai vécu mes tempêtes et mes drames
Tu es mystère, tu es sacrée, tu es triomphe
Au combat que ma vie et ma mort entament
Tends moi la main et écoutes
Le désir que mon cœur exclame


The Friend

Beyond my goodness
or outright badness
You joined me
in my play and gladness
You knew me
because you knew madness
you knew yourself
because you knew loness
and we both created
because we knew sadness





My Two Faces

Why is my countenance always shining?
When I am not rhyming
and my spirit with poetry refining
I am either wining and dining
Or for gold and silver mining
A multitude of business combining
And I never give myself to divining
Because I want wads of dollars my pockets lining



No le tires perlas
al paleto y provinciano
O confiar secretos
a oido vano y liviano
Sino Dios te va a dar
un gran dolor craniano


Love Now And Then

You say you love me now
Beauty and virtue is all you see
But when you meet my demons,
Would you stay or would you flee


The Saint

The source of his vision and power unknown
He is barely skin and bone
He roams the earth alone
On his back clothes not his own
He is fed time by a maiden and time by a crone
But his words we heard no mortal before intone
He came to heal the sick and the sins of man atone
Empower those that calamities disown
And selfishness from our heart dethrone
From a mountain of despair he hewed a gemstone
By some he was called a madman and a drone
You can praise or you can moan
But thru the crack in his soul, light shone


The Escape

I contemplated the horrors
That fill my surrounding
And decided to find other worlds
no matter what cost
nor how weird it's sounding


The Hashish Eater

With humans I got no beef
But can't stand the liar and the thief
Who rob me of times of happiness so brief
Instead of wallowing in sorrow and grief
and hiding my shame with a leaf
I find my relief in kif


The Paradox

Is God one or ten?
Is Jesus coming again
If yes, then when?
Are women less than men?
What came first the egg or the hen?
Is there really a now and a then?
We are bogged in a fen
Carved by the word and filled by the pen
For reasons beyond our ken
All, truly, is paradox and zen



My mind made love to my soul
Inseminating with prose the abysmal womb
In time, poetry will be born



The Great Hope

No matter what they tell
they deliver only hell
they say they should be trusted
but then they get busted
they brandish a big smile
but their mouth drips with vile
I say all ye disheveled and scruffy
wake up and smell the coffee
There is nothing new under the sun
Come on, let's all party and have fun
We may have empty pockets
And our eyes puffy sockets
Peace and justice may elude us
Wealth and prosperity may preclude us
But God will lower the hills and the valleys exalt
And good men will remain earth's salt
To spice up the bland soup of existence
He will bless the good virtue of persistence
May He give us more poetry, more music and more art
Cause we truly are closer to apes
than we are to Mozart


Eternal Life

Do our souls go on
after our earthly procession
Or is just silly myths
and infantile obsession
I say, the keys of heaven
are in your own hands' possession
For bliss is neither a death
nor life expression



Time is the cause
of your confusion and sorrow
Time is why you die
and why you fear tomorrow


The Reversal Of The Poles

Big bangs will be swallowed by black holes
South will be north and north will be south
Men will become women and women will become men
Good will be bad and bad will be good
Right will be wrong and wrong will be right
The world will be full of a liars and moles
Those who once were angels will become trolls
Oceans will spill and become knolls
Fish will die and three legs will grow to tadpoles
Dry land will shake and be filled with sinkholes
God have mercy on our souls
For this will be our state at the reversal of the poles


The Conspiracy

When power and money involved
Enigmas and questions never solved
Truth and honesty
in human greed dissolved



When He Speaks

Your calamities and diseases,
your lacks and your messes
Are God's prayers to you,
tis the way he expresses
Do you want to live happy
and minimize your stresses?
Open your ears and wait
for the Lord's largesses



Finding The Center

Dive deep
in your meditation
Find your center
and transcend all cogitation
Loose the ego
and receive illumination



Do you want a full life with its
passion and aggravation
Can you ride the roller coaster of
ecstasy and damnation
Or would you rather wait for heaven's
blessing and confirmation
And always have
sugar and adoration


The Siren's Song

Are we dazzled by the glitter of the gold
Did we loose respect for the ancient and old
Can't we hear but the crinkle of money
Build mansions in the land of milk and honey
Til our pride and vain desires restrain
Tomorrow holds nothing
but much distress and bloody pain


The Date

Para celebrar este encuentro de almas
Y dar termine a una larga soledad
Puse candelas para alumbrar tu rostro angelical
En el trasfondo una música callada
Para acompañar esta comunión sonora
Con una cena que deleita y enamora


Follow Your Bliss

Let the people follow their joy and bliss
Let the people taste divinity
For we are not really after meaning but a kiss
Let them feel the rapture of living
A life that for a long time was amiss


On My Epitaph

Here lies our very dearest
He foresaw everything but dying wasn't in his plan
He died in his sleep an old man
He worked hard but always had time for a tan
The world was his playground and he had much fun
He traveled to many lands even Kazakhstan
He wrote many poems and songs, a balm to the soul of man
He was strong as a lumberjack, a good sportsman
He climbed high mountains and finished the 50 mile run
As for women, he loved them all except for one
He was admired by many, but never gave a damn
He died loaded, the son of a gun
He lived life fully, til the shit hit the fan
O yes, this man had it all and all he has done
Without screwing anyone


And Before I Die

Rien ne peut me satisfaire
Ni des chateaux ni des puis petroliferes
Ni promotions ni les bonnes affaires
Ni trophees ni deductions tarifaires
Pourquoi passer la vie comme n'importe quel mammifere
Je voudrai tellement faire
Avant qu'ils me fassent taire
Le Paris Dakar ou aller et retour en enfer
Avant qu'ils me plantent dans la terre
Je voudrai aller a la guerre
Mais a cheval comme les hommes de naguere
Avant qu'ils me donnent l'eternel somnifere
Je voudrai regarder la terre du bout de l'atmosphere
Avant de rencontrer lucifere
Je voudrai changer ma vie ou la completment refaire
Parce que monsieur, j'ai tant soufere


The Eternal Search

I tried to peel the onion layers of her mystery
She laughs at the punity of my discovery
She jealously guards her silver cutlery
and invites but a few to cuddle in her bowery


About Passion

Speak til you echo the voice of the oracle
Dance til you become the dance
Sing til you become a song from the mouth of god
Breath til you are breathed by the spirit
Love til passion consumes you completely
Help til you become help itself


About Freedom

Kali singing on the lotus
Permanence and self are pocus
Kali dancing on the burning ground
Setting hearts ablaze all around
Her charm makes you swoon in ecstasy
Forget earthly pleasures and swear celibacy
But in her wisdom she releases you from her chains
and spares you many pains
She cuts off her own head
To finally, freedom in your soul imbed



They tell you, you should see and learn
I tell you, you do nothing but remember
They tell you to look for new wisdom
And I tell you, you do nothing but uncover
So let your mind make love to your soul
Inseminating with prose the abysmal womb
For in time, poetry will be born
That will stir and awaken your being
To that essence that was never born and will never die

Yes, you were there from the beginning
You are the purpose of it all
You are the worshipper and the god
You are the journey and the destination
You are the lover and the beloved
You are the pain and its cure
You are the stupor and the jolt
You are the abode of the sun

Your manifest self is just an inlet for your soul
Your present is but a flicker in the thin filament of existence
Your pleasures and pains, earthly reflections of eternal yearnings
Your hopes and fears, signs of godhood yet to be discovered

And you are not alone, your skin is not the end of you
For an eternal string connects our soul
Across ocean, valley and knoll
Let your walk be a dance
And your words a symphony
We will commune as one in joy and mirth
Even from the ends of the earth
And in lonely nights we will summon the stars
Together we will embrace Venus and Mars


About Mad Love

Je me souvien d''une nuit osée et le parfum d'absinthe
Quand je t'ai rencontré, au coeur de l'ivresse
Au debut pas d'embrasse, rien que caresse

Sans chagrin de roses ni larmes de hyacinthe
Tu es mon tresor, ma plus grande richesse
Tu es ma reine, de mon coeur altesse

Je ne pouvais trouver une magie plus sainte
Ta beaute, ton allure, ta gentillesse
C'est un amour fou, je pense a toi sans cesse


Ils disent qu'il y a deux genres de personnes
Celle qui aime et celle qui est aimée
Moi je dis qu'il y a une autre
Celle qui brule d'une passion sublimée

C'est vrai que l'ardeur de mon ame
Ne soupire qu'en poeme
Et quand tous vivent au banlieu
Moi je vie toujours en boheme

Mais a quoi sert l'amour
Si ce n'est qu'en pensées
Je voudrai tant t'embrasser
Te prendre la main et dancer


About Poetry

What do I like poetry, you would ask

I like beauty in any shape or form
I like rebellious minds that do not conform
Frankly, I go gaga for all that is out of the norm

What do I pour my heart to you, you would ask

Why do I share and why can't I restrain my cries
It is mysterious ties and the bidding of your eyes
it is wholeness and the bond of souls without lies

And if you ever weary of my rhyme
I promise, I will stop on a dime
But will still act my yearning in sorrow,
not in words but in mime


About Acceptance

I love myself
in the palace and the shack
I celebrate myself
in my ignorance and lack
I praise myself
when I sing and when I quack
I accept myself
when I am inspired and when I am stuck
Myself is all I have,
give me some slack


My Advice To Very Successful Individuals

If you are a very successful individual and probably have made your first million by age 30 and your garage business has now grown into an empire, here is my word for you: You have gotten where you are because, very bluntly put, you have a "mental" disease that has given you an uncommon drive to get what you want, get it quick and get it in abundance. You surely are very bright but you are also ill-tempered, over-competitive, insensitive, and egotistic and you scare the heck of everyone around you. You are overly optimistic about your projects and everyone who criticize you is dismissed as a negative nag. Remember this principle, the forces that brought you to today's pinnacle of success, will be the same forces that will sign your demise.

A competitive spirit is necessary to evolve in the current business environment. But when you are competitive out of nature and not out of design, you will tend to overdo it and you will trip in snares of your own device, and the people who can save you, those who work with you, will be too afraid to tell you: they would prefer to see the ship sink than weather your ire. Remember this other principle: the universe grows thru excess but it survives thru balance. There is nothing you can do about your temperament but you can at least have someone intelligent, someone you trust, always available and give him or her license to tell you freely and without consideration when you are behaving like an ass or when your zeal is out of place, and above all, you need to commit to listen and do what he or she says. You –and your heirs- will be thankful for life. I just saved you millions. I deserve a gift.


The Next Dominant Paradigm

Paradigms are driving patterns, living metaphors, matrixes made of ideas and experiences, frameworks that hold and sustain our cultural and social infrastructures and institutions at a specific point in history. Einstein, for example, introduced us to the concept of relativity. The theory of relativity was not only a scientific discovery but a new paradigm, a new way of thinking and interpreting the world and reality that went well beyond the scope of physics and infiltrated philosophy, life sciences and even politics, administration, business and religion. The theory of relativity, put simply, states that physical phenomena (and all other phenomena for that matter) can only be construed in relative and not absolute terms. This was in complete contrast to the previous mechanistic, deterministic Newtonian paradigm, which basically predicated a more absolute, inflexible universe.

The next great idea after relativity, I believe, will be connectivity. Some of the essence behind this cobweb of horizontal time and vertical space that make our manifest existence will finally be understood. The Internet is a great anticipatory metaphor for this new coming paradigm. Einstein's theory of relativity told us that physical phenomena can only be explained in terms of probabilities and not absolutes. It opened us up to the idea that reality may not be that "clear-cut” and allowed us to build institutions that allowed room for more flexibility and acceptance of diverse points of view. We finally realized that our own little ethnocentric groups and cultures were not the center of the world and that the universe's center is everywhere and its circumference is nowhere. On the same token, the concept of connectivity will teach us that everything is connected to everything else and that life is in reality a wholesome unity and that individuality, boundaries, cultures, religions, nations, are just evolutionary stepping stones. Once we are jolted out of our own constrained, local, idiosyncratic infinite loops, we will move into a more enlightened view of life and the world.. then we will finally see that "Our neighbor is really ourselves". Is this ever going to happen? Yes and sooner than we think and we are going to experience the positive and negative aspects of it, particularly if we, as a race, are not aware of the dynamics involved. On the positive side we are going to enjoy the benefits of global communications, trade, and culture and so on. On the negative side, evils that inflict other parts of the world such as poverty, violence, humiliations, terrorisms will pretty much affect and will be felt by everyone else, more than ever before, even in places that were thought to be invulnerable, such as western Europe and the United States.

As a matter or fact and after the collapse of Communism, many a historian predicated the end of history as we know it and the consequent dawn of a new era of peace and cosmic reconciliation, where the lion would finally lie down with the lamb. We humans are very impressionable creatures, and we generally choose to ignore the fact that life is run by immutable principles: the dialectic conflict between the forces of 'good' and those of 'evil" is an intricate component of the fabric of life. We had in fact enjoyed an unprecedented prosperity in the West in the last twenty years and were practically oblivious of the increasing poverty and deprivations of most of the world's population. We have gotten away with this for now but for how long? We are a planet and humanity is in essence one. You neglect and forsake one part of it and that part will come back one day and bite you in the ass, or wherever is most painful. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. So my conclusion is that if we see so little done in this area is because our leaders and politicians are just dim-witted and have absolutely no global consciousness whatsoever.



When a man calls himself religious
if a brute will he become less vicious
if a scrooge less avaricious
if arrogant less imperious
if cynical less acrimonious
and if a rebel less seditious
when he calls himself righteous
if a curmudgeon will he become more obsequious
if witless more judicious
if uncouth more propitious
if dishonest more veracious
and if callous more solacious
God may be mysterious
but when He said "love!", He was serious
and for Him hypocrisy is atrocious


The Truth About Astrology

In the heavens I hear a mighty chorus
They are singing praises
to the four sons of Horus

There are two sources of knowledge: mental/logical and matrix/essential. To put together a car you need mechanical know-how which is mentally and rationally driven. But for a bird to travel thousands of miles between its wintering and breeding areas, without compass nor map and still get exactly to its destination, it needs knowledge rooted in the global matrix. In other words it must be able to connect to the motherboard of essence and instinctively retrieve the proper "navigation" program. No thinking involved, just hookup to the global planetary operating system and go. Well yes, nature had its own "internet" well before those woodstock veterans, pot-annointed nerds from Berkley and Stanford got a revelation of the worldwide web and translated it into machine language.

Another example is that of people that are autistic or have Aspergers Syndrome. These can tap naturally into the matrix base and thus are able to accomplish what the rest of us perceive as astounding mathematical feats of genius, when for the autistic, in reality, number relationships are perceived synesthetically: instead of dry abstract, intellectualized concepts, they [numbers] are visualized as living, shifting forms, with all their scale, feeling and color modalities, moving and interacting, producing pictorial and visual compositions that are then played back in ordinary space and conveyed as arithmetic results. They don't "think" about numbers, they actually "see" them.

The main reason we haven't been able to make sense of astrology (confusing it often with the horoscope of mass market newspapers, which is a travesty, a caricaturized version of astrology, badly distorted by the lense of commercialism) is because we have been using the wrong tools, those of philosophical dogmatism and the scientific method, which are mind driven. To put it simply, the stars and the human soul were there well before the mind, aka the thinking self, aka the ego(1), and astrology was the poetry with which man wooed the heavens. Even if some may dispute this, astrology has never been a vehicle of discreet information, neither factual nor prophetic, but instead a storied representation of primordial feelings and emotions that linked us to the whole of existence in a relationship that transcended time and space, and that obviously made no provision for the Self.

Matrix intelligence emerges from a substrate of knowledge that is in essence numinous, plant-like, maternal, supra-organic, pan-dimensional, trans-historical, holographic and wholarchic, beyond the limits of dialectic reason and dualistic thinking. It goes beyond what the mind can solicit, recollect, deduce, induce or synthesize. It appeals instead to a much broader concern and opens the mind to a much wider range of possibilities, one that is cognizant of the whole field of action. The Tarot, the Kabala and the I Ching are examples of matrix based arts (or sciences or any other way you may want to characterize them). The misconception is that these foretell events in the future (claims that have been whipped into a frothy pseudo-mystical mess by new agers and self-proclaimed gurus of all kinds) when in fact they just layout the template of what "is", the landscapes in the domain behind what is seen and perceived by the five physical senses and unencumbered by the subjective thinking self and linear chronological time.

(1) Refer here to "What Do We Mean By Multiple Dimensions?"


Raison D'Etre

They didn't start nor ended
Adam and Eve were blended
earth and heaven they tended
but then their souls rended
and with mind they ascended
their spirit they suspended
in measurement they depended
their brains they extended
a great promise they were vended
in stupor they wended
to hell they descended
but then they awoke and mended
when all they transcended
that was what God intended


Corporate Charter, Centralized Currency And The Current Crisis

- Hack Money, Hack Banking By Douglas Rushkoff
- Let It Die By Douglas Rushkoff


The Great Change

Old structures don't function
new ones need to be found

we had action and reaction
now we need a change profound

we had rule and injunction
now we need a spirit unbound

it won't come from higher sanction
but straight from the ground

it won't come thru holy unction
but from a soul that is sound


President O

You thought you made provisions
and counted on your precisions
and your pretended clearer visions
now you brood over your error-flecked decisions
you promised unity but got divisions
you promised peace but got collisions
you had mostly honor, now only derisions
you had a dream, now only revisions


Illing Sounds

I approached with knocking knees
as I beheld the flame wavering with the breeze
and the moon as she dances with the seas
at the music of the swaying trees
then my heart begun to squeeze
and felt a most unspeakable disease
and cried if God everything sees
this cacophony must cease
the twisted threads of my soul must tease
its raging storms must appease
He said some ills leave with a sneeze
but this one won't leave with ease
it came to stay, it came to seize


What Do We Mean By Multiple Dimensions?

How does a line become a square? By perpendicular extensions of 90 degrees. How does a square become a cube? by orthogonal extrusions of 90 degrees. It appears that dimensions are added to a domain by angular deviations of 90 degrees range up or down, right or left or in any other direction in the complex physical plane, visible and invisible. When humans acquired language for example, that was an added dimension, orthogonal to the concerns of primitive hominid behavior, and so on and so forth.

I have personally counted 12 Dimensions:
- First (line, curve)
- Second (square, circle, ellipse etc..)
- Third (cube, sphere, cylinder etc..)
- Time (past, present, future and consciousness-both individual and collective)(1)
- Color (visible and non visible spectrum)
- Sound (audible and non audible spectrum)
- Smell (olfactory spectrum)
- Touch (skin intelligence)
- Temperature (hot, cold and in between)
- Orientation (right, left, up and down)
- Language (spoken then written, song, dance, philosophy, imagery, art etc..)
- Aether (astral and planetary influences)

(1) Actually Time is not the added dimension but Mind is. Mind "created" Time (chronological time and not time as cosmic quality) or Time is a natural by-product of Mind. Mind and more specifically its self-reflexive operand, the Self or the Ego -also called human consciousness- are added dimensions, orthogonal to a previous primordial existence and with a different vectorial direction (read William James' works on the Origins of Consciousness for a deeper look at the subject). The question "where do we come from?" is legitimate and stems from the fact that the Mind, our anchoring instrument to the physical realm, our compass in the geography of ideas and intellect, the churner of thought and rationalization, wasn't there when it all begun. I hope this will put some of your existential agonies to re st... or may be not.


The Anarchist

Remember the days of the band
when I held your hand
and we took a strong stand
against those who banned
who made our lives bland
our desires they canned
and stamped with a brand
ripped us from history and land
but we had no other demand
just to let our minds expand


The Extreme Of Good

Morality is cunning
as she calls us to be civil
with dogmas and tenets
mostly worthless drivel
the head of truth
on uneasy swivel
an illusion of rightness
while our souls shrivel
for the extreme of the good
is not the best, but dreary evil


The Truth About Love As Energy?

There are apparently two kinds of energy: vectorial and scalar. Vectorial energy has magnitude and direction. Scalar energy has magnitude and quality but no direction or target. Love as energy can be either vectorial or scalar. It is vectorial when it has a direction, target or goal like for example romantic love, or a passion for something or someone. Scalar love on the other hand has no direction and no target like for example the love experienced by mystics or when we are under the influence of mind altering substances. Vectorial love draws from the periphery towards the part. Scalar energy draws from the center towards the whole, and that is why scalar love is much, much more powerful that vectorial love in relationships and healing. Scalar energy may also hold a huge promise as a source of unlimited free energy but that is another story altogether.


The Truth About The Environment

The current state of apathy and indecision about issues of environmental emergency is stupid, to say the least. If we just understood basic arithmetic and the concept of "exponential growth against finite sources" we would be alarmed out of our wits seeing what is going on today. A socio-economic system that relies in great part on the ignorance of its constituents for its success cannot possibly survive. If we think we can continue living the way we do, with the mismanagement of resources, unbridled population growth and industrial expansion with its disproportionate amount of waste and pollution, and still pretend to secure a bright, peaceful future for ourselves and our children, we are deluded. I also think that too many of us have been watching too many science fiction movies. I have more bad news for everybody: there is no USS Enterprise parked somewhere and as far a I know, there are no hospitable galaxies out there with life-sustaining, earth-like planets where we can move to if things got really nasty down here. Either we get our act together and stop crapping where we eat and quit stepping on our dicks like incorrigible morons we are going to find ourselves is some deep doodoo. I hope you got the picture, if not, next is a lecture by Dr Albert Bartlett that may enlighten you.

There is also another aspect to our relationship to the earth that I would like to approach. One more reason there is such widespread disregard for matters of environmental conservancy is the misconception that the planet is a "thing" and not an organism, which it really is. Newton was wrong: the universe is not a machine, divine clock that God wound up to tick til the end of eternity, but it is an organism, and so is our planet. It breaths and feeds, it grows and evolves, it learns and adapts, it is versatile but sometimes also stubborn, it is intelligent and sophisticated, it suffers crises and disasters, it creates and acquires habits that are eventually replaced with new behaviors with the need arises. When we realize that the earth is just like us, then we can empathize and transfer our own human feelings (purity, cleanliness, beauty etc..) to it as if it were another human being. Unfortunately, empathy is not something that humans can learn just by hearing about it. The callous mental circuitry burned in us by two hundred years of staunch commitment to the consumeristic rat-race, is etched too deep for us to easily override its inurements. For that, only a jolting experience of Gaia's true nature can do the trick.


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