The Truth About Human Population Growth

Dr Bartlett believes that the greatest shortcoming of the human race is its inability to understand the Exponential Function. Watch this 8 part video lecture "Arithmetic, Population and Energy".


The Truth About Alchemy

Humans are not complete and cannot feel solid in their bodies without living myths. A myth is an existential matrix of metaphysical beliefs and transcendental stories that are at the very core of who we are. You deprive a human (or a group) of its native primordial myth and you will sentenced her to an existence of spiritual poverty and alcoholism. A myth makes the building blocks of our culture. A myth leads and informs our ideas. Without it our worlds crumble and their landscapes dissolve into a mush of meaninglessness. Alchemy is the complete myth and the "collective soul" is its author. It is a myth that marries the masculine and feminine qualities of man seeking for that primordial androgyny of the Garden of Eden. It acknowledges and accepts the divinity as well as the humanity of man, his gold as well as his lead, his light as well as his shadow, his virtues as well as his sins, his angels as well as his demons, his bright side as well as his dark one, his compassion as well as his bestiality, his passion as well as his depression, his virginity as well as his whoredom.





The Truth About Personal Failures

I find it utterly pretentious to believe that our personal failures (as well a our successes) are only our own. It doesn't mean that we shouldn't take responsibility for our shortcomings (nor credit for our accomplishments), but only that we need to acknowledge that our singularity and individuality may just be an illusion. Our strokes of genius as well as our bouts of idiocy stem from the same substrate of fantasy and imagination, phenomena that are undoubtedly realer than real, but of which nature, provenance and scope we know very little or nothing at all.


Quotes From Remarkable People

"The great events of world history are, at bottom, profoundly unimportant in the last analysis, the essential thing is the life of the individual. This alone makes history, here alone do the great transformations first take place, and the whole future, the whole history of the world, ultimately spring as a gigantic summation from these hidden sources in individuals. In our most private and most subjective lives we re not only the passive witnesses of our age, and its sufferers, but also its makers. We make our own epoch."
.... Carl Jung, 1934

"In our time, when such threatening forces of cleavage are at work, splitting peoples, individuals and atoms, it is doubly necessary that those which unite and hold together should become effective; for life is founded on the harmonious interplay of masculine and feminine forces, within the individual as well as without. Bringing these opposites into union is one of the most important tasks of present-day psychotherapy."
... Carl Jung, 1955

"Today humanity, as never before, is split into apparently irreconcilable halves. The psychological rule that when an inner situation is not made conscious it happens outside, as fate. That is to say, when the individual remains undivided and does not become conscious of his inner contradictions the world must perforce act out the conflict and be torn into opposite halves."
.... Carl Jung, 1958


The Truth About The War On Poverty

"Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity"
George Carlin

We can go ahead and knock ourselves out. War or alcohol, war on drugs, war on terrorisms, war on poverty and even the war on climate change. Humans will always choose to fight their battles without (can't blame them, as the French say: c'est la faute aux couilles), when the true enemy lurks in the narrow and convoluted labyrinths within, the battlefield of the soul. The results of this ill-directed belligerence has always come back to bite us in the ass. Humans don't seem to learn from history, unless of course, it is comfortable. Our reluctance to take a good look within is becoming cost prohibitive, seriously.

In addition, "making poverty history" within the current system cannot possibly be done. Why? Because poverty is an integral body part of this animal called capitalism. I personally have no quarrels with capitalism nor capitalists, I actually love the dudes and think they throw good parties and are very fun to be around, but I do also believe that they need to be saved from themselves; this time their welfare is on the line too. Poverty is like a tail or a leg, the limp leg of capitalism. You take away the leg and the beast may actually die, and the beast doesn't intend to die, not any time soon. Poverty is nothing less than the necessary opposite pole of a socio-economic circuitry whose other pole is profit generation thru artificial scarcity and extreme wealth accumulation (by the very few I should add) at any cost. If for example, I magically eradicated poverty in Bangladesh on one end, on the other end Bill Gates, with all his billions, would vanish in a plume of smoke, a la Merlin, to the beleaguered astonishment and sad dismay of his wonderful wife Melissa.

To conquer lack and poverty (a word which by the way has no clear definition) you do not need communism, nor socialism nor any other pitiful human intellectual attempts by jaded academics, ambitious politicians, covetous multinational corporations or even well meaning activists, for which poverty is merely an abstract concept lived either thru interest or emotion. We may not be able to globalize wealth a la Americaine, nor we wish to, but promoting justice and human dignity is possible if we humans could only act rationally and be courageous enough to completely and thoroughly rethink our current ethnocentric socio-economic structures and policies that obviously do not work and will not work, at least not at the global level. The way to solve macroscale social problems is not by "attacking" what we deem to be the cause (The Cause and Effect Illusion is the fuzzy material with which we have built our disastrous education, health, economic and political systems), but by doing it like a good farmer works the land, by preparing the soil and sowing the seed and letting nature do its thing. The seed doesn't do, it just 'is'. It is not a matter of us doing, following a recipe, using a technique, joining a group, adopting an idea or what have you, but rather 'being' of a certain quality. Good, lasting results are not made, engineered nor manufactured, they just emerge out of good, smart, whole-vision planning and honest intent, and always as a seemingly spontaneous outcome of a well balanced ecosystem.

National borders, ethnic hierarchies, social casts, oligarchies, plutocracies and meritocracies of all kinds, are human constructs built on the framework of a distorted perception of reality. We truly are brain altered and genetically modified. The current economic crisis is the manifest pathology of a body whose circulatory system gives blood to only those cells who can afford it. Can you imagine an organism that was that discriminating? The organism will very simply die. Gone are the days where we could just try to manage what we couldn't cure, because the cancers that are afflicting us today are well out of control. We need a cure and we need it now, not of the cancer itself which is just a symptom, but of the "distorted' human and his underlying imbalance, a psychosis driven by the highstrung demons of Western Civilization. That kind of 'cured' human will be more intelligent at re-designing the way he lives and conducts business. That is, the way he produces, uses and disposes of everyday objects of his life, the way he manages population and resources, comm unties and households. He will build environments that promote his welfare not thwart it. That Human knows that he is an integral part of a magnificent and irreplaceable ecology of air, water, soil, plants and animals. Give me that kind of human and poverty may just disappear like a pimple from humanity's backside. PS: When poverty is finally conquered, we will all bask in idiotic blissful boredom, with bellies full with wholesome organic foods, watching Discovery Channel on bio-degradable big screen TVs, Yooohhooo.



An angel came to him in a visit
or was it a daemon or a hobbit?
it spoke in clear letter and digit
down the hole he went with the rabbit
his world knew no limit
when he found the atom is indeed a spirit
society with its nasty habit
failed to give him credit
despite all the merit
its merchants after fame and profit
their pundits with cruel edit
he lost his mind, a cloistered hermit
his legacy we have still to inherit


Rewriting Human History

Watch Jacopo Fo as he tries to tell us the true story of the world. Much humor and many very interesting insights like why women have boobs, how did agriculture start, who really built the pyramids and much more. The presentation is in Italian only (unfortunately for those who don't speak it) and it is composed of three parts. La Vera Storia Del Mondo, Di Jacopo Fo.

Watch this lecture of Leonard Shlain and how he contrasts the feminine right-brained oral teachings of Socrates, Buddha, and Jesus with the masculine creeds that evolved when their spoken words were committed to writing: The Alphabet Versus The Goddess


The State of the Union

Between the wellspring and the datepalm
I see beggars everywhere asking for alm
the land scorched as with napalm
while the king says it's calm
the priest is singing a psalm
the mage is promising a balm
but I have a qualm
that none is well in the realm


Happy Birthday Lorenz

My endless wishes today
I want to surely relay
as you see your youth decay
your body giving way
your mind going astray
your hair turning gray
most of it already gone away
was "I can" now is "I may"
was "I will" now is "I pray"
but do not frown with sad dismay
as long as you can talk and not bray
as long as you kick ass and make hay
as long as you can charm and sway
as long as women harden your clay
and as long as you can treat and pay
happy birthday Lorenz
many more years of play


Fractal Evolution
(Drawn From the ideas of Bruce Lipton)

Fractal means that "the pattern of the whole is seen in the parts of the whole," the fractal image of a smaller structure is a miniature of the larger whole. An example would be that of a human cell which is a scaled down image of the structure of humans, the structure of humans is a miniature image of the structure of human civilization, and in turn the structure of human civilization is correlated to the structure of natural evolution. As a matter of fact, natural diversity and complexification resonates and finds a parallel in human expanding awareness across the ages.

The 8 Stages of Evolution and Civilization

1-Amoeba. The Newcomer. Unicellular life. Man roamed the earth alone or in small groups. His chakra is Base, his color is Red, his sound is LAM, his element is Earth, his note is C, his gland is Adrenal, his planet is Saturn, his day is Saturday, his metal is Lead.

2-Fish. The Survivor. Tribal. Man restricted to live at edge of rivers and seas. Fish is easier to catch than game and When beasts attacked, bodies of water where a good place to run. His life depended on the goodwill of gods and demiurges. Nomadic, scars ely any material possessions. His religion is animistic. His chakra is Sacral, his color is Orange, his sound is VAM, his element is Water, his note is D, his gland is Gonad, his planet is Venus, his day is Friday, his metal is Copper.

3-Amphibian: The Citizen. Man lives between water and land – between heaven and earth. Advent of agriculture, animal husbandry, food surplus and the need for settlement. Advent of the city. His religion is polytheistic and then monotheistic. His chakra is Solar Plexus, his color is yellow, his sound is RAM, his element is Fire, his note is E, his gland is Pancreas, his planet is Jupiter, His day is Thursday, his metal is Tin.

4- Reptilian: The Machine. Reptilians are machine like animals, cold blooded and have no concept of the future, and so is industrialism and capitalism which can't see farther than the next fiscal quarter . There came The oil boom, advent of the car and the megalopolis. His religion is Scientific Materialism. His chakra is Heart, his color is Green, his sound is YAM, his element is Air, his note is F, his gland is Thymus, his planet is Mercury, his day is Wednesday, his metal is Quicksilver.

5- Dinosaur: The Corporator. Same as reptilians but bigger. The rise of the corporation, excessive size, short term planning with emphasis on quick profits, depletion of resources, driven by oil (the blood of dinosaurs), and of course and as we all know, eventual extinction. His religion is commerce. His chakra is Throat, his color is Blue, his sound is HAM, his element is Space, his note is G, his gland is Thyroid, his planet is Mars, his day is Tuesday, his metal is Iron

6- Bird : The Aviator. Man got a better perspective, more speed. The stage culminates in 1969 with the landing on the moon. Man saw the blue planet in all of its glory, from above. We realized we need to take care of the earth. His religion is ecumenical. His chakra is Head, his color is Indigo, his sound is OM, his element is God, his note is A, his gland is Adrenal,his planet is Moon, his day is Monday, his metal is Silver

7- Mammalian: The Nurturer - starts in 1969 with the psychedelic revolution, mind expansion thru marijuana and LSD, rebellion against the establishment and questioning of old dogma, environmental movement, rights of oppressed minorities. His religion is wholism. His chakra is Crown, his color is Violet, his note is B, his gland is Pineal, his planet is Sun, his day is Sunday, his metal is Gold.

8- Man: The Human. The advent of the New Man. I am guessing around 2012, the date when the sun meets the galactic equator. It is true that the boy has been crying wolf for many centuries, but this time the wolf is coming, may be dramatically may be not, but it is coming. A no-brainer, times of expansion are naturally followed by periods of contraction. When you see that growth has been flat for a long time (like for example population, economy, technology until the mid 18th century) and then you notice an exponential rise, a sudden vertical hike in quantity and complexity (like after the discovery of oil), what some call the limit point or point of Singularity, we should expect radical changes, even complete changes of state (the proverbial quantum leap). We will be exposed for the first time to the concept of time reversal, we will understand how spiral dynamics applies to time and consciousness, the importance of Scalar energy will be manifest, and even the mystery of the pyramids will be finally revealed. These are some fudging exciting times. Dangerous but exciting.


The 8 Stages of Modern World Art

1 Impressionism
2 Symbolism and Art Nouveau
3 Fauvism and Expressionism
4 Cubism, Futurism and Constructivism
5 Dada and Surrealism
6 Abstract Expressionism
7 Pop
8 Pluralism since 1960


The 8 Stages of World Music

1 Medieval: Dufay, DeVitry, De Machaut
2 Renaissance: Byrd, Palestrina, Gabrielli
3 Baroque: Corelli, Bach, Handel, Vivaldi
4 Classical: Beethoven, Mozart, hayden
5 Romantic: Brahms, Chopin, Verdi, chubert
6 Modern: Bartock, Gershwin, Bernstein
7 Folk: Dylan, Young, Simon and Garfunkel
8 Popular: Elvis, Madonna, jackson


The 8 Stages of Modern Western Philosophy

1 Enlightenment; Descartes, Bacon, Hobbes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Locke, Voltaire, Rousseau.
2 Romanticism: Goethe, Schelling.
3 Positivism: Hume, Comte, Popper.
4 Pragmatism and Logical Analysis: Pierce, James, Bergson, Russell, Wittenstein.
5 Rationalism and Empiricism: Kant, Hegel, Shopenhauer.
6 Transcendentalism: Thoreau, Emerson.
7 Existentialism and Absurdism: Sartre and Camus.
8 Postmodernism and Neoromanticism: Kirkegaard, Marx, Nietzsche, Kafka, Heidegger, Kuhn, Darrida


The 8 Stages of Science and Physics

1 The Cartesian philosophy of motion
2 Newtonian motion versus Cartesian motion
3 Rational mechanics in the 18th century
4 Physical experimentation in the 18th and early 19th centuries
5 Thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, and electromagnetic theory
6 new physics circa 1900
7 General relativity
8 Quantum mechanics and Quantum physics


What Is An Artist?

A mathematical equivalent would be a Fourier Transform. A Fourier Transform is a mathematical filtering process that can find patterned signals in what appears to be noise and chaos. Artists, in the manner of Fourier Transforms, can observe complex events-inputs- and be able to receive specific insights-frequencies- as informed signs of a patterned reality.



Life Greatest Questions

The key to success? open your eyes, listen attentively and keep your mouth free of feet.
What is a woman's greatest sorrow? she is seduced in poetry, but married in prose
Who sees beauty everywhere? the eyes of the beer-holder
What is mental floss? It is used to prevent truth decay
What is a politician? lowest common dominator
What is an honest politician?one who, when he is bought, he stays bought.
What is a congressman? will lay down your life for his country
What is a bureaucrat? rodents that nest in offices.
What is a comedian? somebody funny who is to be taken seriously
What did the banker say? God is debt
Who is a sucker? one who is fooly con-mitted
What is a modern student? you can lead him to class, but can't make him think



What Is The Purpose Of Capitalism?

When the universe pushes for excess, it expects our balance. When we fail to provide that balance things go awry. The universe seems to like greed, inequalities, competition, wars ... When you feel the urge to go buy that gadget that you don't need and can't pay for, the universe just loves it. Man's boredom and dissatisfaction is what breeds novelty, and the universe is continually after new things. The question is how do we provide for that so much needed cosmic tension and still keep the earth happy and our souls and our sanity intact. That is the great challenge of the ages.


Thnain Entfouyen ( Two suns - Riffi Berber)

Ijen anhar thennanekh henna
"innat annabi oura iyenna
adirint thnain entfouyen ge ajanna
ajdhidh ghe thachejjarth ouyghenna
Oha ghe yefri ouygemma
atenhez thammorth ayethma
adeghreb rebha khe adma
benadhem dh'oumas ouyeshna
aghaz thamghart do ragma
Ajedjidh ghe raqsa ouyzemma
Refqih isseghdh ouyenna
colshi esghoyou a'yemma
enhanni imma
anehdhem imma anebna
enhanni imma
anaaddab imma anehna
enhanni imma
aneqim imma anefna"


Luminaries and Visionaries Of Our Time

Douglas Rushkoff and Open Source Domocracy.


The Truth About Man's Self-Destructive Behavior

A keen observer of human nature will quickly deduce that the self destructive behavior of man must originate in a deep ancestral wound of the soul that has festered and palliated into a degenerative disease, the symptoms of which is our ruinous, self-annihilating world . The question is: who pierced our precious psyche, who is the evil archer and with what poisoned arrow was this crime perpetrated? Immanuel Velikovsky, a psycho-analyst, mythologist and astro-physicist, says that the culprit is a cataclysmic planetary disaster in antiquity. Watch these two documentaries from the BBC and CBC, Worlds In Collision, and Immanuel Velikovsky: The Bonds Of The Past


The Truth About The Sun

Without being an astro-physicist, I have sustained for many years that answers to many questions about manifest cosmic phenomena were to be found in their electric natures. The same goes for the human body. Watch this documentary by mythologist and astro-cosmologist David Tablott: The Thunderbolt Of The Gods


The Truth About Were We Are Going If We Don't Act

Watch this compelling documentary about the true state of humanity and what would happen if we don't wake up and take action. The 11th Hour



I called the Great Name
I asked what is my aim
I know I want praise and not blame
little loss and much gain
surely pleasure and less pain
great fame and no shame
He said your pursuit is vain
desire is but a chain
and the reason of your bane
is the Self so lame
for happiness is plain
just live now
and quit playing that game


Intelligent Stuff

Intelligent design for our times. William McDonough and "Cradle to Cradle" design. Watch his speech at Bionners 2000. ++ Design like nature does. Janine Benyus and Biomimicry. Watch her presentation "12 Sustainable Design Ideas From Nature" .


The Truth About Illusion

Question: If life is just a dream and I am just an illusion why is it that when a bullet pierces my skull, it shatters it and I die? Why doesn't it go right thru?

Answer: When an illusory cranium is pierced by an illusory bullet, it causes an illusory spatter of illusory blood and illusory brain matter causing your illusory death. And the dream just continues without you.

Things as an illusion: means the solidity of their form is just apparent and not atomically factual. Even the most compact of objects is mostly empty space. The illustrative example often cited it that of the stroboscopic effect of a fast turning wheel. You can distinguish the spaces between the spokes when the wheel is static or turning slowly. The faster the wheel turns the less distinguishable the spaces are, eventually ending on the fast turning wheel with its spokes appearing like a uniform solid body. In the same manner, our physical bodies appear solid because they are made of fast speeding, fast gyrating particles.

Summary: Objects are an illusion because of the speed factor.

Ideas as an illusion: means that our most complex cogitations, our best deliberated mentations, our most reasonably constructed semantics, our masterfully and eloquently delivered arguments are in essence empty bubblings. What makes those ideas relevant and material is our clout, the energy we put into them and our persuasive ability. In other words the manifest validity of an argument is not the essence of its truth nor the weight of its supporting facts but ... propaganda. Theatrical, duplicitous, deceptive and manipulative propaganda.

Summary: Ideas are an illusion because of the propaganda factor.


The Truth About Swine Flu

Swine flu is not new. Do a search on google on Swine Flu of 1976 and you will realize how fishy and sinister the whole thing is.


The Truth About The Money System

Check this videos:
Money and Debt 1 / Money and Debt 2


The Truth About Entheogens

Some say that humans have gone from barbarism to decadence without ever seeing true civilization. Find out why. Do you know what a shaman is? What are altered states of consciousness -and why do we have this ability-, noosphere, entrainment, harmonics, flow, enchantment, dislocation. If not, then Watch this one hour documentary: Entheogen: Awakening The Divine Within


The Truth About The Great Year

We all know what a year is. It is made of 365 days and that is how long it takes for the earth to make a full circle around the sun. It is what determines our seasons and is the basis of our Gregorian calendar. But did you ever hear about the great year or the precession of the equinoxes. The Mayas knew about it and based their calendar on it, as well the Indian Vedics and the ancient Egyptians. Find out and watch this one hour documentary; The Great Year


About Language and Mathematics

Everything in the universe moves, and it moves in a circular path around axii, fixed points in space, virtual or otherwise. When we speak of the speed of light we tend to imagine a bright arrow-shaped, linear streak moving straight, but it is straight only viewed locally. A full view of the movement would show us that in reality it is circular. It is always circular. Lines are local, circles are global. You are standing on flat ground on a round planet.Your finite, physical body is you as a "line", your eternal, infinite soul is you as a "circle". Do you have a relevant, transcendental question like what is intuition, the nature of dreams, why of the great wisdom of very ancient civilizations, how do synchronicities and premonitions happen or the how of miraculous healings? don't ask the line, ask the circle.

Rotation needs a fixed axis. The axis plays the role of a point of reference so we can relate time and space and consequently know, rotation speed, angular velocity and acceleration, which makes a thing what it is. A human body, for example, is what it is because it is made of particles that have particular speed and acceleration -very high ones for that matter- and that is why you see a body. If those particles were static, there won't be a manifest body. In the same manner, If we think of culture as a rotating body of memes (cultural counterparts of physical particles), words and numbers, language and mathematics, play the role of axii, fixed points in the psychic space that allow us to reference ideological coordinates that in turn manifest as ideosyncratic mentations who may or may not lead to discreet actions.

Language and mathematics are not only human inventions, but they are rather phenomena that emerged in the apparent spontaneity of the global creative process. They are as much "nature" as the trunk of a tree or the burning, melting core of mother earth.


A Model Of Reality

I can't tell you the truth, I lack the backbone
If I did,
this parchment would weep and this pen groan
If I don't,
I will live in sin and never atone

First let me say that it is enormously difficult to language ideas or events that go beyond what is immediately perceivable. Once you cross the veil of the three dimensions, as far as expression is concerned, you are pretty much on your own. It is one thing to say "here is two bucks give me a kilo of carrots", a quite straight-forward interaction, and a completely different thing to ask "where do we come from?" of "is there life after death?".

Nevertheless, let me venture and draw a personal philosophical tableau of the way I see reality. It is without saying that I will be using imperfect, worn out semantic brushes, an epistemologically skewed canvas and colors that will turn any mere mortal's head around. Picasso had his Blue, Rose and Cubist periods and for myself, as a self-proclaimed artist and faithful, timely renderer of the zeitgeist and of humanity's existential cosmic angst-wink wink-, I happen to be in my Goofist period. So bear with me .

We evolve and revolve within a matrix, an existential cobweb, lined with threads called Time and Space. The axial location and the parametric coordinates of who we are, what we are, where we are, are laid out within that matrix and extruded in three dimensions (physical reality) from an inscrutable planar domain (essence, spirit, idea, intent or what have you). From a spectator's perspective of the proverbial matrix, an individual's existence is not only unfolding in discreet bouts but is laid out in its entirety,where past, present and future are what is sometimes referred to as areas in a topological manifold. For that privileged observer, right now, "you have already happened". However, this is only theoretical, in the sense that the matrix is not a playground for fixed realities but a stage of paradoxical nature, where multiple versions of the same starting script can be played out as a dynamic plot that can fork into many possible ends. God has chosen that in this marvelous cosmic drama of ours, the quality of our human consciousness is key in determining the quality and eventually the ending of our individual and group stories.

As any quantum physicists will tell you, at the atomic level, the simple fact of observing an event, like the behavior of electrons for example, can change its outcome. You can never say that a particle "will do", but only that it "will probably do". God is not an accountant, he is a statistician, He works with probabilities. The choice of possibilities, the number of options available to us, are determined by how aware we are, aware writ large. An awareness that is graced with true spirituality, a consciousness that is enlightened by the fires of alchemical mysteries, will tip the balance of determinism and give you access to more layers of possibilities on that multidimensional matrix that is your life. If you are a person who has awakened to his true divinity, who knows the true meaning of love, who is aware of the power of the non-visible reality, who in one word, HAS MAGIC, then you will have access to more layers on that matrix of possibilities and the buffet of your life will have more entrees, so to speak.

On the other hand, if you are a zombie, you walk thru existence asleep, if your pilot is flying on automatic mode, where your being and actions have been etched solid in your motherboard and the program by which you operate has been preset by your past, environment or culture, and you haven't had the chance to upgrade the old software, YOU 1.0, to a version that is more suitable, one that is free of glitches and imperfections, one that reflects your true nature, read divine, you will have less options, and your life will flicker as the user-unfriendly and frustrating interface of a badly configured coding project. Your life will inevitably unfold as a result of sheer momentum, you will be buffeted by the wind of dispensation, you will be a mere extra in somebody else's movie and you will have less control over your life.

Now, you would ask: why is it that despite my wonderfully illumined awareness I still can't pay my kids' tuition? It is absolutely true that if you ask any person about its feelings on free will and predeterminism, the answers will be clearly drawn on level-of-income lines. Wealthier individuals will feel more in control of their destiny and slant on the free will side: there are very few problems that money can't solve. You definitely have more choices when your bank account is busting with digits. While poorer people will most likely experience life in more deterministic terms, they are overwhelmed by reality, they meet their obligations with tremendous hardship, and their options are comparatively much more limited. It is agreed, your consciousness, no matter how enlightened, will not pay your mortgage or send you kids to Yale.Let me say this about money. Money, like the previously mentioned "language and mathematics", is another natural, reality generating axis around which humans orbit and find their being. It has become the sun of our societal planetary system, and in many ways regulates the seasons of our existence and with its dynamic, life giving, energy generating attributes nourishes our economies and sustains our many social structures. Unfortunately this glorious golden orb of money is transforming from a bright and warming friend to a deadly and scorching foe, and this is exactly the way it was supposed to go.

As a matter of fact, money was a wonderful invention/creation, its many properties like liquidity, ease of exchange and excellent storage for value has allowed humanity to reach high levels of progress, complexity and for some of us, great comfort. But like any other good thing, it deteriorates and naturally degenerates and as I see it today, has reached the point of diminishing returns. Our current monetary system, as well as our political and religious systems, are "moribund giants,dying decaying concepts writhing in their final pains",do you remember Howard Beale from the 1976 movie Network? The money factor has become problematic and is the source and reason of many of humanity's woes, if not all of them. Do not forget that we are the overlapping generation, one that is found on the cusp, the intersection and inflection point of two dispensations or ages (for the astrologically gifted, we are moving from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius - that is, from a particular quality of time and consciousness to another completely different one). We are a confused generation and rightly so. The deep conundrum of the human soul will not be untangled by money in its current form (nor by economic policies whipped into shape by the best minds in Harvard and Princeton, nor for that matter, ideological currents or spiritual paths that promise you god-made recipes for societal bliss), but by another vehicle, a currency that will more genuinely mediate between our earthly and heavenly natures. Our business as beings who have a common destiny is to coordinate our group dreams, synchronize our collective actions, is to start working on our souls, refine our minds so that a more wholistic, cosmically conscious spirit may emerge, one that operates outside of the ego-sphere and off survival mode. Only then we can take our rightful place as responsible, integral and key players on this planetary game.

JULY 2009

Dhwer A'Thammorth (Return To Earth, Riffi Berber)

Chexh thnedhay
"ouhrekh zil'aadhab net'fejjaht
se'oumjar dh'afdhes ennes
thaajvay thandint
se touaouath dhe tomovinath enness"
Nesh Inneghaxh
"dhwer a thammaorth
se dhourar enness
dhe roudha dh'ighzran ennes
thembecherin, dh'lward ennes
ira idja Ijen er waqt nfehmas o yor
dho jenna dh'ethran ennes
nfehmas er ghabath
se rebhemeth dhe reaachoub ennes
roukha mana'inni iwedda
oukhiqim ghir eddenia ya se rehreq enness"


Thammorth Innekh (Our Land, Riffi Berber)

Thammorth innekh thqseh
outhkessi hed kh'ouaaror
la alhoceima
oulla Nador
agyour immouth, ouyender,
aqath dhamerhor
aghaz idda, ouyezdegh,
aqath dhamedhror
amezi al kharej
koulchi yougor
ouhren sejjouaa
ghir thmaraqt do ferfor


Vava Inou (My Father, Riffi Berber)

Inna'yi vava "amminou
magha thakhodh?"
enneghas "a'vava chixh,
magha ithorodh?"
nesh oughay
ahakous ishna oura dharodh
netta itishai ifouda
iqqaray da bedjodh
ineghay ajjouaa,
ineghay oubarodh
e mirmi daghi shwai n'raafit
invez adhegues essodh
itbeshash khas, ishathai so'fouss
itkammaras so'fodh


Conspiracy Theory

No one is in control
thus I deem
we well deserve
our given regime
and without the damned
who will God redeem?
I am telling you
it isn't the usual theme
like a flash in the pan
our thoughts gleam
we try to explain
with elaborate scheme
aliens and saucers
on a cosmic stream
or the channelling of archangels
on the quantum of a beam
reptilians and illuminati
even if they reign supreme
reality will still unfold
with the logic of a dream


Spirals and Vortices

Was moon, then sun and finally moon again
but a better moon
was goddess, then god and finally goddess again
but a better goddess
was east, then west and finally east again
but a better east
was one, then two and then finally one again
but a better one
was soft, then hard and finally soft again
but a better soft
was peace, then war and finally peace again
but a better peace
was intuition, then science and finally intuition again
but a better intuition
was country, then city and finally country again
but a better country
was word, then atom and finally word again
but a better word
was archaic, then modern and finally archaic again
but a better archaic
we seem to start and end where we begun
but always up a higher notch


The Alchemist

When the lover catches fire
In tenderness and not rage
When the painter captures a hue
In colors in his linen for future age
When the musician grabs a tune
For his song in melody and gauge
When the poet receives a word
In rhyme in his page
When the dancer seizes a new move
In stance in his stage
He is an alchemist creating gold
From lead, the aspiration of all sage

He opens new windows for breeze
And makes bearable our cage
He is a god birthing new suns
And makes brighter our days


What To Expect Next

Don't want to be a hope buster
this is what I see brother and sister
Government will be our master
and with more taxes pester
the economy will loose its luster
but technology will go even faster
crime and cruelty will fester
earth will get hot as a toaster
winds will blow in stronger guster
floods where man most cluster
as times become our tester
you can go ahead and tremble
I chose to be a happy jester


Where Do We Go When We Die?

I will be blunt
and cut to the chase
of this plane
you can't make a base
to go somewhere
you need space
beyond the grave
there isn't a trace
there is no time
to keep pace
there is no body for pain
nor joy an existence lace
heaven and hell
they are both in one place


Love Lost, Love Found

There was another world
behind her eyes
I could touch her only
with velvet gloves

our love was gone
along with my bone
rage was our daily bread
tempers hot as stoves

but in the splendid place
of the first time
I finally found her
whom my soul loves

When we embraced
like flowers in the sun
the rose of hearts opened
spirits free as doves

we frolicked in the grass
among pomegrate and almond trees
in my father's orchard
it was bliss in the groves



City of ivory and gold
fertile plains, temples and palaces
where gods and men lived together

that was when time was not a master
when language was just a tool
and matter was light as a feather

but the end of good is corruption
man became restless
and mind turned into a tether

Zeus became our punisher
and in his fury
sent a raging weather

all that glory was lost
wisdom was no more
it sunk in a twisted nether



In his quest for destiny
he became a hero
he was no slacker

he outfoxed the sphinx
and saved Thebes
he was no sucker

but was his terrible fate
to kill his father
and be a mother fucker

when truth was revealed
he became desperate
of his own eyes a plucker

he died near Athens
blind, alone, bitter
and poor as a cracker


Video Of The Month

Must Watch: Earth Our Home : A Film By Yann Arthus Bertrand
(Duration 1 hr 34 min)


The War on Drugs

Why do we exceed?
in our drinking and our feed
in our opinion and our creed
even the way we breed
it is all pleasure and little need
we have no control indeed
we are given honey, we make mead
we draw exuberance from a seed
we rely on a leaf to be freed
our cities truly run on speed
and the abuse of those who lead
who chose all the wrong ways to proceed
they make laws and force us to heed
who cause our societies to bleed
and they will not concede
no matter how much we plead
their shadowy interests supersede
they even tell us we'll be saved if we read
we are going nowhere, it is agreed
I still say, it is not this or the other
but the universe's romance with greed


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