MAY 2009


When God gave us the name Adam,
it was an acronym, that is my reckoning
it had a meaning and a function
but then the plot started thickening
Adam became a word of its own
and God's hold begun weakening
this rebellion was a harbinger
of a bitter end that is beckoning
there will be pestilence and war
necessary, but a matter quite sickening
and once again God will have his way
as time is irreversively quickening


About Optimism

Sometimes I am healthy
and other times ill
sometimes I am a genius
and other times nill'
sometimes I create
and other times kill
when I am handed a yarn
I spin it into a quill
it is just a matter of sacks
if I am a man and not a gill
it is not my doing
if I am bestowed a skill
but god forbid if I err
they will roast me on a grill
those bloody bastards
living up the hill
those who seek fortune
and a cheap thrill
I realize we are a mess
but hope I have still
I am a pessimist of the intellect
but an optimist of the will






You toll your fields to graze
wine and manna fill my days
you are lost in a maze
I can lead my way in a haze
you're swayed by a craze
my mind nothing can faze
you live in a daze
I can guide reality with a gaze
you say I am one of the grays
because your gods I don't praise
I don't share your malaise
and my youth never decays
I can't put my being in a phrase
like you, I am made of clays
but an angel's touch set me ablaze


El Rey... Casi Siempre

I can bend the wind
and stop it from blowing
I can dim the sun
and stop it from glowing
I can reel in the moon
just for showing
I can foretell the future
like gods all knowing
but can't make her shut up
a fit she is throwing
and you said:"thank heavens
she put an end to your crowing"


The Street

They live up the hill
those cruel bosses
they manipulate and lie
and spread gosses
they promise sure gain
but deliver only losses
they decide our fortunes
with coin tosses
when we finally wake up
and organize in posses
they will call us ignorant
and treat us like drosses
surely saviors will rise
but they'll all be hung on crosses


Lions and Lambs

In your most dire hour
I came to your bower
I wanted to be your plower
your innocense deflower
your bossom devour
and after you sat on my tower
and got a taste of my power
I became aloof and dour
you thought our romance turned sour
not knowing that you were just a prop
between my whisky and my shower


Angels and Demons

In the discourse of faith and reason
we often speak of lies and treason
will a dark heart meet god's iron hand?
will the meek finally inherit the land?
in our search for the holy grail
we get lost in an illumined trail
truth is, in the darkness of a night
a knight will carry the light
and always, a cruel friar
will be waiting with his fire
but we all just riding a wave
of time we are a slave
we are mere players in this game
on which side? it is the same
it is not virgins nor prostitutes
it is not blessings nor vicissitudes
it is not the power of mind nor gun
it is mother earth and father sun
and when they bestow the final weather
we will all rejoice or suffer together


Qays And Layla

This is the story of Qays
whom love make a majnoon
he was seen wandering on a duoon
singing a most sorrowful tuoon
"when I saw my Layla under a moon
of god I asked only one boon
that with my beloved I may commuoon
but she never came, not on a midnight nor a noon
hoping beyond hope that she will come soon
but I was a poor man, really a cartoon
if I was born with a silver spoon
if I was less honorable and more a goon
I would be with my love and not in a desert
serenading a racoon"


Osiris To Isis

We worshipped sun and moon
we had a fellowship sublime
our food was art and beauty
and we changed grapes into wine
when he killed me and scattered my bones
you gathered me and made me divine
for only one night of love
that made heaven chime
now I am dead again
and my body is covered with thyme
his hand fells and yours raises
as Horus is born of love... and a crime


The Appeal Of The Ambiguous Gender

My life she knew how to spike
in the car on the turnpike
down the mountain on a bike
or in the forest in a hike
we were so much alike
I loved her so much
my dearest sweetest dyke


The Talking Heads

With what gumption
and bloody presumption
they are making the assumption
that there will be resumption
of our inveterate consumption


The Promise

She had such a complexion
the closest thing to perfection
there was connection
there was affection
she said "I hope your election
was not determined by your erection"
I said "i have done much reflection
I have done my introspection
and I am sure of this direction
and in any case you shouldn't worry
I will be using double protection


Geronimo Returns

In their land were the English and the Danes
they were forced to plant grains
on a ground that never saw rains
now was the time to fight the white man's chains
now the people needed balls more than brains
there he came with a frown below his long dark manes
like the buffalo he rode free in the vast great plains
with the bile of indignity boiling in his veins
sacred anger that will cause them many pains
there was death and some bloody campaigns
they paid a high price for so few gains
and to ad to their many banes
around their necks they put reins
and like cattle they were boarded on trains
that was the end of the red man's world
or at least, that is how history explains

APRIL 2009

Au Paris Bistro

Nais au naturel ou in-vitro
que tu t'appelles Jean-Paul, Ahmed ou Pietro
que tu prennes la voiture ou le metro
ou que tu sois comtemporain ou retro
viens bouffer avec moi
au Paris Bistro


Have A Beer, We Are All Screwed

Non siete odiosi e pedanteschi
uscite dei vostri inferni danteschi
con i suoi fantasmi groteschi
y delle vostre vite coi sui giri pazzeschi
habbiate un buon bicchiere de birra
alla festa de primavera dei Tedeschi



The Myth Maker

Count me among the conmen and foxes
I reel people in with subterfuge and hoaxes
and trap them in boxes
with sweet persuasion that coaxes
I just use words
and put rings in their noses like oxes



To Mina

Je veux donner hommage
a la belle Algerienne
mais peut on decrire en langage
quand notre sang boullie dans nos veines
ton corps et un paysage
avec ces collines et ses plaines
ton visage un beau rivage
qui me coupe l'haleine
mon ame a ete prise en otage
c'est ta voie de sirene
mes sentiments ensevelis dans un orage
pouvoir d'une passion toute souveraine
que Dieu me soulage
et qu'a ton paradis m'amene
et c'est vraiment dommage
que je te connais a peine


In The Name Of Beauty

I was harmed
and did not blame
in the name of beauty
I let them be
even if they were lame
in the name of beauty
it was my right
but did not claim
in the name of beauty
I did not agree
and just played the game
in the name of beauty
I did not react
when at me they took aim
in the name of beauty
he called me Joe
I said Joe Tom Harry, it is the same
in the name of beauty
they were rude
I said no worry, now reframe
in the name of beauty
As you can see
it is quite a shame what I became
in the name of beauty


Good Try Charlie

I saw she was blue
so I wanted to try anew
she ordered wine and I a brew
she ate salad and I a stew
we finished with cake and ice cream too

then I said...
my words are few
but I wished you knew
that my love for you is true
my loins are on fire for you
our time to get down is long overdue

and she said..
the food is goo
the wine smells like glue
your advances are out of cue
and what are you anyhow? a Jew?
and I have a boyfriend
his name is Lou.

MARCH 2009

Singers From Hell

It was God's curse
that made Adam see his nakedeness
it was the beginning
of our exaltation of emptiness
since then
we have reveled in nothingness
we created whole worlds
to fill our incompleteness
and then came the bewitching tune
that promised to lift our heaviness
evil pipers with enchanting flutes
to lead us in the wilderness
in the valley of the damned
for forty years of madness


Letter From The Tomb

I made my riches
because I was brave
but no matter my gold
I lived like a slave
it was my treasure
that made her rave
but I was loathed
no matter how much I gave
I sought her love
but how can she love a knave
my insolence
she never fogave
yes she sung in my bed
now she mourns on my grave
and as I remember the tune
she was off an octave


Happy Birthday

To what extent
should I lament
our sad descent
in any event
even if ill you meant
I don't resent
yes, there was torment
but I don't repent
for the good days spent
now is time to reinvent
you in mansion and me in tent
other loves cement
old misstakes prevent
I say happy birthday
my good lady fiend


Waiting For My Song

Between what is unspoken
and what is avowed
between what is forbidden
and what is allowed
life is mostly an illusion
I want the truth beneath the shroud
some people are lacking
and others endowed
some are strong
and others easily bowed
but neither can add to my treasure
that is why I don't seek the crowd
I am tired looking for harvest
in a ground I never plowed
and asking for rain
from each passing cloud
now I am just waiting for my song
amidst a noise so loud
I will wait for my melody
this time I won't be cowed


Manage Your Pleasures

I want my pantry full
without the mice
I want to frolick in nature
without the lice
I want money and fortune
without the price

It is true

I love mostly
for very selfish reasons
I forget my own
but never others' many treasons
I want to live for ever
not happy with only four seasons

Then ask yourself

Can you have goodness
without the vice
can you have flavour
without the spice
can you become rich
without device

But that won't matter now

The answer will come
riding in the skies
after the garden of eden
is an age of ice
time is cyclical
it can happen twice


The Uglitudes

After a life of binges
your world come out its hinges
everybody that sees you cringes
everything you touch singes
but you show no regret
despite your vecissitudes and dinges


The Beatitudes

I was after solitude
neither in pleasure nor sorrow
i was seeking plenitude
with no thought for tomorrow
i wanted beatitude
not of the saint but of the sparrow


Tip of the Hat Wag of the Finger

Some like dogs while others cats
some prefer houses and other flats
some rely on guts and some on stats
some are honorable and others rats
but we are all the same
we just wear different hats


To Leilani

When I see you walking
I want to grab your hips
when you talk to me
I can't help but stare at your tits
oh the nectar
that from your mouth drips
of that sweet wine
I want sips
I don't dare say anything
I can't but seal my lips
I don't dare do anything
I am not like other creeps
and you won't give me a sign
you won't give me tips
and that is why I am sad
that is why my heart weeps


The Missing Link

We want to live
Even if death is all we attain
We want to love
Even if it is little pleasure and mostly pain
We want everyday sunny
And then miss the rain
We preach goodness and honesty
And do nothing but feign
We want to be cradled with love
And then go and beat others with a cane
We may be all muck
And still point out to another’s tiny stain
Instead of being giving
We look for other’s energies to drain
The only stories we find interesting
Are those with bad guys and a slain

Beautiful women fall in love
With men they say they disdain
We revel in damning the king
And still give tribute to his reign
We often create the sore wound
And then complain
We continually yearn for freedom
And even that becomes our bane
It is clear as day
We are all insane
Between ape and man
We are the missing link in the chain


A Prayer In The Night Of Time

Surrendering to you o great master
is surrendering to our deeper self
The seat of the kingdom of god
The abode of the spirit

That we may realize that only by surrendering we can win
That only by giving up we will gain
That only by renouncing we will acquire
That only by prostrating we will rise
That only by emptying we will be full
That only by madness we will be made sane

We have looked outside and you said look within
We have looked to the future and you said there is nothing but the now
We have struggled and strived and you said be still and know that I am

We have looked for love and we found nothing but hate
And you said love not from the shallow waters of your needs but love from the infinite, inexhaustible well of god’s heart, a love that loves of its own accord

We have looked for abundance and we found nothing but lack
And you said prosperity need not wait for prosperity is who you are
There is nothing added to your treasure but only the claiming of a sovereign right
There is nothing new under the sun, only the unfolding of a beautiful hidden present

We have looked for freedom and we found nothing but bondage
And you said my freedom is not the absence of chains.
But my freedom is the energy of a life lived in truth, and the power of a soul that is one with all that exists

We have looked for health and we found nothing but illness
And you said you are your own healers and sickness is nothing but a teacher
So learn your lessons in humility, albeit seared in pain, and wholeness will come upon you like a divine revelation

We have looked for happiness and we found nothing but sorrow
And you said look not for comfort but seek a fullness of life
With its joys and its mournings for life is not whole unless tempered in suffering

May we then say yes to life, yes to existence
With its joys and its sorrows
With its light and its darkness
With its goodness and its evils
With its peace and its wars
With its goodwill and its conspiracies
With its charity and its avarice
With its sunshine and its storms
Let us not be dismayed that life manifests itself thru opposites
But that we be the light that shines upon man’s heart
to transcend both good and evil and reconcile both into pure love of minkind



When I render my final sigh
and my mortal coil in a tomb shall lie
not all of me shall die
I may be back as an eagle flying high
or as a shroom
on a steamy cow pie


Of Kings And Their Knights

Damned kings
in unholy rites
they lay before you
many delights
on a round table
and call you their knights
but fleeting pleasures you pay
with painful blights
holy grails you can't trade
for just a few bites
and the battles of the soul
can't be won in earthly fights


Of Emperors and Their Clothes

They called you a bright light
but you often lied
they shouted you are a hero
when you wanted to hide
they said you are a great lover
but you can't bear to be tied
they hailed you as iron man
but they never saw how much you cried
it is true that in this jungle of ours
the lion is sought by his pride
and when the sheep are lost
they disperately seek a guide


What Is It About?

Tears of lovers
blood of martyrs
birthing and slaying
hoping and dispairing
straying and fraying
buying and selling
building and tearing
we all live like we gonna duck it
but we all kick the bucket
then you ask yourself
what was it all about?

then i heard a voice

life is...
a faint ripple
between two vast voids
an ephemerous glow
on the thin filament of existence
a vast conspiracy
of poets on hash
the orgasmic spasms
of cosmic lovers
but for you my dear...
a horribly stinky fart
from a huge glactic asshole


Bad Medecine

One day, to assuage my pain
I took a witches brew with henbane
but I downed it plain
when I should have mixed it with a grain
there went my brain
in aerial flight like a plane
then down the tracks of a hellish train
when I came back to my lane
I felt worst
a long shot from sane


The Knucklehead

You said it was pride
that made you take a mule for a bride
should I deride
or just let this one slide
for I saw you often knock at doors
that open from the inside


The Four Elements

My body is earth
in misery or in mirth
my mind is fire
in spear or in lyre
my soul is water
in stream or in gutter
my spirit is air
you can't see it but it is there


The Critic From Hell

My ideas are trampled
in the sewers of your baser minds
you challenge my sanity
while your heads are in your behinds
you distort my words
and put me in cruel binds
why do you saddle me
with the load of your daily grinds?
did you forget that God's heaven
is only for the gentler kinds?


God, Fava Beans and Men Without Teeth

In this race of mice
you can't beat a schmoozer
in a world full of vice
winners are the gambler and the boozer
if wealth you want to entice
of other men you must be abuser
When they call you nice
they mean you're a looser
destiny's a throw of the dice
but its luck rarely visits the snoozer
can you pay such high price
and of your soul become a bruiser?
remember, no one dies twice
of this life you're only once a cruiser



Even if with passion for you i burn
and the sight of you makes me churn
your loyalty i don't want to earn
go out in the world and learn
you surely have other things you yearn
your true nature you can't spurn
go out and love others
but later to me do return


Spend God's Blessings Wisely

God bestows upon you a great blessing
then you spend it in gold dressing
but unless your path you start redressing
and the balance of virtues reassessing
He will take your first born
the rest of your life distressing



When you face injustice in disguise
you need to act extremely wise
before you engage, size
and look at the enemy straight in the eyes
don't bother with useless tries
or fall victim to obvious lies
of those who promise you a prize
when you die, a pie in the skies
and don't listen to the loud cries
those who say fall, those who say rise
for either in resurrection or in demise
between his lows and his highs
man's innocence is what always dies


Killing The Other

You aim and you shoot
then your soul is soot
because inside you are not a brute
we are not linked by branch nor root
but we are still one
even when we don't give a hoot


Happy 2009

Far or near
fakeer or emeer
straight or queer
join me in my cheer
with champaigne or beer
and celebrate the new year
for seasons that veer
lets hope for minds clear
and hearts without fear
my beloved and my dear


Luck Suck

I am unlucky
my life is full of glitches
my face covered in pimples
and run with twitches
I fall in love with bad woman
some lazy bitches
can't rely on my friends
all bloodsuckers and leeches
I try to walk straight
but always end up in ditches
when I speak my mind
I end up beaten and full of stitches
As for my career
I can't find hitches
they all get rejected
my well crafted pitches
as if they were against me
all the world's sorcerers and witches


Quiero Ser Mago

Dicen que a mi me falta arraigo
quando ellos toman yo traigo
entran y yo me salgo
se alzan y yo me caigo
miran y yo me distraigo
pero a mi no me importa
solo quiero ser mago... de algo


To  Jessica

Jessica, Jessica
por ti mi alabanza es apoteosica
tu rostro es como musica
de belleza classica
orgullo de la raza caucasica
y tu voz de mi pena analgesica
yo soy de mentalidad jurasica
y de inteligencia esclerosica
pero tu sabiduria no es nada basica
que sea filosofia o fisica
y tienes un corazon mas grande
que la isla de corsica


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