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Money and Magic: A Critique of the Modern Economy in Light of Goethe's Faust
by H.C. Binswanger's - Extract: "The economy seeks to overcome transitoriness by embracing the future and giving the present over to purposeful action demanded by the future"


God Loves Drama

Unless you're in a coma
you know God loves drama
from Jehovah to Brama
from Allah to Lord Rama
He gives you Dalai Lama
and then strikes you with Osama
He prospers the madama
and takes away your mama
now that we have elected Obama
we just wait for our next trauma


Dirty Poems Series: Love Has Claws:

Sometimes, To be loved back
you need to change your attitude
don't tire her with too much attention
and romantic platitude
she may not need a tender touch
nor your gentlemanly rectitude
it's unrestrained impetuosity she wants
all else is unstimulating lassitude
kiss her, hold her tightly in your arms
and put an end to her solitude
grab her by the thighs and bring her closer
and show her bliss and plenitude
love her like a goddess
but fuck her like a prostitute


To Marissa

Todos queremos ser libres como pajarillos
pero amores son raramente sencillos
y pasiones a veces tienen colmillos
Yo quando miro en tus ojos bellos
y acaricio tus ondulados cabellos
mi olvido de la vida y sus atropellos
Marissa, yo no tengo ni tierras ni castillos
y basillos estan siempre mis bolsillos
pero mis gustos no son baratillos
este beduino por ti daria mil potrillos
ahora perdoname mis picadillos
pero me gustaria vernos nudillos
que te chupo de la cabeza a los tobillos


Living By Hope Alone

Between your present and your dreams
There is an eternity it seems
You live by hope
And sniffing dope
You have neither plan nor motto
Bet your future on the lotto
Watch your wife as she screams
When she finds your latest schemes
You ask yourself what went wrong
As you reach for the bong
You curse god and his heaven
For being just a clerk at seven eleven
That is why you need to plan and work hard
To fulfill your destiny my dear bard


To Cheryl

I have met a wild woman
She can drink wiskey by the barrel
And won’t shun a quarrel
Last night, she beat a man called Derryl
Watch out, she can put your life in peril
Her name is Cheryl


To Angela

Angela, Angela
Por ti los hombres pierden la mente y razon
Cuando te ven bailado la salsa con sazon
Y yo cuando te veo, se me alegra el corazon


To Marissa

Llena de vida y de risa
Ligera como una brisa
No descansa y siempre con prisa
Su nombre es Marissa


To Julie

Je veux donner homage a la belle
Celle au cheveux de canelle
Et aux yeux qui ensocelle
Je veux te dire mademoiselle
Que tu es sympa et exceptionnelle
Mes sentiments viennent du coeur, reelles
Meme si je les composent en poesie virtuelle


Crop Circles

In chant you told me of your deep yearning and desire
You filled my loneliness with your flute and lyre
We danced the night out around the fire
The light of the moon our only attire
But you went astray intent to know and acquire
Strange wisdom and against truth conspire
Come back to me and from your meandrings tire
Or slumber and receive news very dire


The Pyramids

Great endeavors of man's conception
May be a freak of nature or rare exception
Or have we just fallen prey to a great deception
When the universe itches for a manifest expression
the earth and the stars move for that dream's inception


Life Is A Two Sided Coin

I will accept the magi's treasure in the crib
As well as the crown of thorns and the spear in the rib
I will take the scorn of neighbor and sib
But rather give me death than a life that is glib


What Is The Mind ?

Angels or monsters of years forlorn
I saw the long procession
Of those who praise and those who scorn

Futile attempts at permanence
In our feverish busyings
We take a jab at relevance

We were born in solitude
And in solitude we will die
No matter our position or latitude

And do trees make a sound when they fall
If no one is there to hear
Is holiness emptiness or it is all a bunch of bull

Then why blame those who revel in fairy tales and fantasy
When we spend our days
Exploring the utter limits of pleasure and ecstasy

In the midst of many conundrums and daily grind
We try to make sense of it all and comprehend
The inscrutable mystery of the mind



What Is Consciousness ?

Time is the cause of your confusion and sorrow
Time is why you die and why you fear tomorrow



The Song of Archimedes

Raining shapes and numbers from the sky
I contemplated Archimedes dancing with Pi
Then jumping from a tub and eureka cry
He found order in what was awry
And brought infinity nigh
Til a Roman dagger ended his ply
When to a soldier’s whim he didn’t comply
That is how knowledge of ages die


No One Knows Shit

Why pundits with knowledge arcane
Can’t fathom and can’t explain
Why the world is so insane
With its superachievers on the fast lane
Its hustlers after fortune and material gain
The incessant highs that we strive to attain
The gadgets that we made for our happiness in vain
And the environments that we created but can’t sustain
Should I tell you of a very old refrain
of our soul and its millennial stain
That to avoid the real source of our misery and bane
We created artifacts for the management of our pain


About Diets

Your body is all you have, you derelict snubber
Diets are for the disingenuous lubber
If you need to get rid of your blubber
Remove the scum off your soul with a heavy scrubber
And get on your feet running on the treadmill rubber


About Salvation

I laid down my vanity and pride
My true nature I never belied
With those who suffered I cried
I fought for those who were denied
I never succumbed when I was tried
Arrogance and injustice I always defied
And when between truth and lie I was to decide
I smiled, kissed the rope and died


Redemption is not in your action
but in your rest
Goodness is in your renunciation
and not in your zest
Salvation is living in grace
and not in doing your best
True victory is in your being
and not in the beating of your chest


The Swan Song Of The Profligate Man

I plowed the land and swam the river
And didn’t cede to life a sliver
But now the slightest breeze makes me shiver
And because I skinned too many cats and ate much beaver
I run out of arrows in my quiver
Barman, another glass, ye sweet libation giver
I will drink til I achieve cirrhosis of the liver


What Women Want

Say it to her with the right voice
Say it to her with the right words
You will expel her demons
You will unlock her heavens
You will still her storms
You will extinguish her fires
You will warm her heart
You will dissipate her doubts
You will reconcile her past and her present
You will bring her home


What Is Love?

Why do I look for your beautiful face
If you were in me all along
Why do I want to kiss you
If my lips are made of the same clay as yours
Why do I always thirst for your tender presence
If your essence already fills my being
Why do I hunger to know your secrets
If your soul was woven from the same thread as mine
Is my love for you a passion misplaced?
When the prophet points to the stars
The fool, him, stares at the finger
Inspired by Rumi


About Fear And Courage

It was fear
that filled your altars with charms
But you still left the safety
of your groves and farms
Defied unknown oceans
with only creaky ships and strong arms


Full Circle

I have traveled the world and explored
I contemplated human nature and deplored
Science crowned and soul all but ignored
But the Lord of the dawn his spirit poured
After nine hells seven heavens restored
I saw, then held the plow and let down the sword


Does Everything Have Meaning?

Words and language confuse us
For they are not the essence that moves us
Expressions and appearance disprove
The love that flows in your soul's groove
As you give in to my gaze's sway
Barriers melt and drop away
In you, mysterious passions that enslave and bind
You'll feel the urge to seek and find


About Holy Scriptures

One of man's greatest sorrows
While the ocean many riches bestows
He stands on a whale
and fishes for minnows


Do I Believe In God?

Dieu n'est pas que dans les mots et la doctrine,
Ceux la ne sont que des ombres, messieurs et mesdames

Il est dans le coeur, il est dans les yeux
Il est dans les mains des hommes et des femmes

Il est dans leurs prieres et leurs ivresses
Il est dans leurs joies et leurs drames

Il est dans la terre et les arbres
Les animaux et les plantes to toutes games

Il est dans les collines et dans les vallees
Et les montagnes sa majaste proclament

Il est meme dans la rage des vents et le silence des pierres
Il est partout, meme dans ceux qu'on croit sans ames


What Is My Religion?

I whirl with the darvish
in his ishq and ecstasy
I partake with the idolater
in his rebellion and apostasy
I stand with the muslim
in his faith unbudging
I commune with the christian
when not begrudging
I walk naked
with the Sadhu to Katmandu
I'll share all with the Hassid
but the hair-man-do
Man's doctrine can't fill the deep well
of my eternal yearning
only God's grace
can dispell the lies and make me discerning
And with God's grace,
I will always refuse a sorcerers' vile stew
But never say no
to a shaman's sweet brew


Why Do We Dream?

I visited the land of the dream
Bouncing lights from a rainbow stream
Busy elves and angels reign supreme
They have no memories for time they can’t redeem
Their tales have no words but of pictures they teem
From their murmurings I can write a ream
Stories of other worlds that don’t beseem
And people don’t understand and say I blaspheme


Ode To My Beloved Muse

Hail to thee o goddess of the dawn
Who maketh the sun to rise
Turning darkness into light
Thou causest the mist
To descend upon all creation
In life giving dew
Thou makest the rain to fall upon our fields
And the fallow ground to bloom
And bringest forth the riches of the earth
Thou stirest the tides
And quietest the whirlings of the waves
And bringest forth the bounty of the sea
Thou illuminest the dim minds of man
Bringing forth exquisite wisdom
In thy beautiful face man seeketh his true beginnings
And with one gaze thou vanquishest the fear of his endings
In thy unspeakable mystery
Man findeth the open fields of yet unexplored lands
In thy luminous presence
He swooneth in rapturous ecstasy
When in thy womb he soweth a fierce prose
Thou always bringest forth the soft poetry of renewal
Thou art a greatest heart
Thou art a love divine


About What Moves Us

Hemlines lengthen and shorten
Not because of what you see or what you hear
Civilizations rise and fall
Not because of a king’s might nor the magic of the seer
Economies boom and bust
Not because of shoddy barons nor the whims of money dear
No, it is the wind behind the wave of time
It’s father sun and the wobbling of a sphere


What Sets Me Apart

I am odd among the throng
Everybody's square and I am oblong
I am never asked to come along
I was given the tongue but not the song
And pot without the bong

I went to war so I can belong
I asked for armor and was handed a thong
I despair but I know I must be strong
Walk confident, as if I had a big walrus dong
And may be this poem is one line too long


About Beautiful Women

A magic encounter with my belle
My passion for her I can’t quell
That she loves me I can’t tell
About her I want to know well
Not the angels that in her virtues dwell
But the demons in the crevices of her hell


About Love Made In Heaven

Why is it that two can live under the same roof
for many years but never meet
And Another two
After the first gaze were old friends
Your friendship has made my prosperity brighter
My countenance comelier when I was blighter
My hardships and adversities lighter
My words and speech slighter
Couldn’t write prose but now I am a poetry writer


About Fire In The Belly

A calamity left you dry to a haze
But when most dispair
You roamed the world in a craze
Going after four armed gods and wayward kings
and you kept your eyes agaze

When most walk in a daze
You set your life on fire
And kept it ablaze
Then went find the others
Those who can fan your flame and your soul raise


Short Flings

Your favors i was enlister
and with kisses your body cover'
then you called me mister
is our short fling over?
you know i am a breeze and not a twister
but this doubt that above us hover
why do you want to be my sister
when i need you to be my lover


Lost Children of Cinderland

Girls in perennial spring
and boys with orchids on their hair
frolicking in innocent fling
in a world without a care
but we heard the bells ding
change we must, should we dare?
and now what will the tradewinds bring?
something we hope we can bear
to our old ways we can't cling
to a forlorn past we can't stare
Babylon with its treasure and bling
will she share?
but more painful than a scorpion's sting
that our soul shred and our heart tear
we don't have a home nor a fire around which to sing
when the wild bear has its cave and the lion its lair


Dirty Poems Series: From Steak To Sunlight

If you are a vegetarian
for you i will be grass
if you eat meat
take a bite off my ass
if you eat raw
you can't find rawer than my brass
no matter what food you like
with me you will never sass


Love Is Patient

Yes. my mouth drips honey and mead
but look in my eyes and read
i plant words in your soul like seed
while others' grow weed
mine bring forth ripe fruit indeed


Dirty Poems Series: Sexual Encounters Of The Brief Kind

If sex for you is a forbiden fruit
let me be your sweet mischief
if sex for you is a way out of your grief
let me be your best relief
if sex for you is just a sneeze
let me be your handkerchief
if sex for you is just for a moment brief
i am ready, with boner so stiff


The Big Jump

If you don't like the scene
fastforward if you can't skip
love the crowd but be alone
even if it doesn't look hip
take not the path of less resistance
even if the climb is steep
go as long as your legs can carry you
then leap


To Paris

As sure as god damns
and the devil fans
i am in a trance
i love to glance
at your gracious stance
it must be the yoga dance
that your curves enhance
Paris, there may not be romance
and i may never get a chance
to get in your pants
but i am glad your are in Cinderland
and not in France


About Serendipity and Coincidence

Your life can unfold either in bland prose or in refined poetry. When you experience unusual and frequent coincidences, that simply means that you have entered a quality of time that has more rhyme to it. Two coincidental events are like two rhyming lines in a poem, they have the same ending thus harmonious. Serendipity and coincidences are about harmony, and if you are experiencing a lot of these, it may mean that most likely you are dancing the right dance, to the tune of the music of the "prevailing universal intelligence".


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