About Prophecy and Prediction

A prophecy is not a prediction unless it has a date. If I told that I will die, it is not a prediction but just the nature of the beast: humans do eventually die. But if I told you that I would die at a certain specific date, that is a prophecy, that may or may not come true making me a true or false prophet. John in The book of Revelation and Nostradamus did not predict, they just described the nature of human events not in their current position in the wave of time but they beheld the whole wave as it unfolded across the past-present-future time axes in their visions and hallucinations.


Waiting for Anna

Hail to thee oh goddess of the norse land
blessed be the ground where thou stand
God Thor and all Valhalla
and this poor fella'
bask in the radiance of your face
even in this humble place
our hearts for you were always burning
and we rejoice in your returning





To Danée

The harmony of the cosmos
is etched in sinew in her face
the choreography of the spheres
in her walk as she pace
as they gaze in her eyes
they can't help but want to embrace
the powerful venom of desire
in their blood did lace
and the memories of other loves
not even leave a trace
But there is the agony
they will never displace
she is a goddess
and them, just of the human race


In The Camp

I was running from the noise,
the splash of hearts braking
Tired of constant mourning
and the sighs of souls aching
I found myself among palm frawns
and leaves shaking
I can overhear the ecstatic moanings
of couples in lovemaking
and a sweet music
in the air so softly raking
I can smell fresh loaves
that someone in the kitchen's baking
I feel at home in my skin
after so many years faking
After a long sleep
Something in me is awaking


Grass For The Shepard

To this seer can you bow
even if eternity’s name is now
thru fire, sea and land
incantations and the swing of a wand
at the return of the pilgrim star
I will gather you from afar
after three moons and a may flower
I will restore your power
upon the dark entrails of the earth
you will stand and find your mirth
you will drink the sacred bark
you will build the saving ark
You will feed on the shepard's grass
You will kick that devil's ass


A World Gone Awry

when the plot thickens,
time quickens
the economy weakens
and the markets go to the dickens
you better raise your own chickens


Elastic Loves

you said my love for you is lore
and that I was kind of a bore
but you shook my core
when you kissed me at the shore
you are the one I adore
I know you have other men in store
who treat you like a whore
who only want to score
and why do you abhor
one whose heart for you is sore
one who has love for you galore
and to you loyalty swore
I want to be with you for evermore
at your feet I lay silken garments I never wore
and all my silver and my ore
and only ask one thing
don't break my heart anymore


Love Lost

Nothing will sweeten my wine,
not honey nor cinnammon nor clover
Precious time lost
I may never recover
But the dark clouds of vile and bitterness
above me will not hover
May you find greener pastures
and a better lover
Human compassion
a multitude of sin will cover
My sails will never fold, across the world oceans
a wandering rover
And like the old proverbial mariner,
always singing and seldom sober
Yearning to find dear lost friends
and precious treasures to discover
Until the true beloved returns
and the insanity is over


Time Bubbles

This poem of mine
Is it art
Is it grime
Is it lemonade
Or is it lime
Either in prose
Or in rhyme
Either in sentence
Or in crime
We're all just Making bubbles
with time


Limprick - The Shroom

All my body lend
Down a rollercoaster send
Many worlds blend
Many wounds mend
Dreams not of my own experience
Hallucinations of the mushroom bend


The Sun Gazer

Either you slander or you praise
Either you put down or you raise
Either you enlighten or you daze
Either you busy or you laze
My dignity you can't debase
I am aware of your maze
Mine eyes have no haze
For at the sun I gaze


To Anna

Smile always in face
Radiance fills place
Full life embrace
Deepest mysteries trace
Not for nothing
Anna means grace


The Return Of The Shaman

I am the bright light in your darkness
I am the small still voice in your silence
I am water to your parched land
I am the slayer of your dragons
I am the conqueror of your fears
I am your door to the realm of the muses
I am the man with the finger pointing to the moon
I am your affliction and your cure
I am the wounded that heals you
I am the broken that makes you whole
I am the genie in your altered mind
I am the alien in your visitations
I am the intruder in your contented heart
I am your stupor and your jolt
I am the voice of the oracle
I am the god praying to your humanity
I am the singer of the chants of the ages
I am the dancer of the choreography of the spheres
I am the peyote bird and the gnome under the mushroom
I am the ayahuasca serpent and the jaguar of San Pedro
I am your true and deep past and your best potential future
I am your rediscovered Atlantis and your holy grail
I am the lover and romancer of your demons
I am a troubadour's never ending ode
I am the Traveler's old soul


Hawaii Jungle Blues

I came to cinder land
looking for adventure grand

I was promised permaculture
but got mold and some torture

It rains cats and dogs
can't forget the coqui frogs

I live on catchment water
and swing the fly swatter

if no sun then no power
how I miss a hot shower

ants eat my bread
and coconuts fall on my head

the mongoose steals my eggs
and staph gnaws at my legs

yes I am the hardy Puna farmer
always smiling, always charmer

for my peace, on hand always a bong
clothing is optional, freedom to the dong

and yes you can call me a trooper
cause I shit in a compost pooper


To Katie, The Puna Girl

Your spell over me holds sway
When you work and when you play
When you stand and when you lay
When you sing and when you bray
You just brighten my day
No matter how gray
Please don't keep me at bay
Please bid me to stay
You make me lose my way
For you i will go astray
You make me want to pray
For you i will betray
You make December seem May
For you i will slay
And should I mention
You harden my clay



The Jolly Gnome

I gave up on Mecca and Rome
And their holy tome
And went to India to roam
I covered my skin with loam
I shaved my dome
I chanted the Om
I sung peace and shalome
But was time to come home
When one night a gnome
Whose name was Jerome
Said "I want beer,
And lips covered in foam"



Limprick - The Orgasmic Farmer

I am a charma
I have good karma
And did find my dharma
That is all I need
To become an orgasmic farma


Babble On

Before i speak to you
I must warn and disclaim
With my words a free spirit
I do not want to tame
Frankly i think
That all arguments are lame
You take one side or the other
It is all the same
Can you unravel
The mystery of the flame?
And why the wind blows
Or the deep workings of women explain?
My friend i tell you
That as long as we are on this plane
We are going to be talking
And babbling mostly in vain


Ode To Pele

Good wizards of cinderland
Lay down your wand
Give me your hand
And lets together band
And praise this land
Where we stand
Praise her fertile ground and her sand
Praise her peaceful valley and her fiery mound
Praise her in essence from the gland
Praise her in her words
The words of an earth grand
Ha he hi ho hu
Ka ke ki ko ku
La le li lo lu
Ma me mi mo mu
Na ne ni no nu
Pa pe pi po pu
Wa we wi wo wu


Ayahuasca Dreams

Welcome to the land of the cind'r
Rich or poor, heavy or slend'r
All you need is cand'r
Our vision is for a world yond'r
A land of dream and wond'r
Rid the temple of the money lend'r
that tore the earth asund'r
You are our mother's riches attend'r
Of your brother no more contend'r
Self and ego you will surrend'r
And all your former certainties tend'r
Then your mind will be given wings to wand'r
To behold landscapes of beauty beyond pond'r
Run with the jaguar and fly with the cond'r
Meet luminous beings in their merry bend'r
Your soiled soul in their joyful light will laund'r
Tis the only true balm, of your many wounds amend'r



I will be traveling extensively between months of July and September of this year. Some of my destinations are remote and with no easy access to the web, so my updates will be few and far in between. In addition. I may not be able to answer your emails in a timely fashion, but sit tight, I promise to reply eventually. Updates will reprise around autumn, so you will need to wait until then to read more "swill from my quill" ... As if you really cared. Aloha everybody.


Perspectives in Truth

Video, The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (54 min)

JULY 2009

Just Like Me

You don’t see more than I
But you are a sharper vetter

You don’t know more than I
But you are a dandier jetter

You don’t read more than I
But you write a crisper letter

You are not freer than I
But yours is a lighter fetter

You don’t feel more than I
But you are a gentler petter

You are not handsomer than I
But you are a go-getter

You are just like me
Only a little better


Perspectives In Truth

Conversations With God, By Neale D. Walsh. (Video 1h 20 min)
[Part 1] --[Part 2]-- [Part 3]-- [Part 4]-- [Part 5]--[Part 6]


The Money Song

Is it bad, is it good?
We have it we brood
We become lusty and lewd
We lack it we are screwed
We can pray to Saint Jude
But we are stuck where we stood

Money, money, money

It surely dictates our mood
It is the reason we are rude
We tend to feud
And want to punch a dude

Money, money, money

It flies promptly from the prude
Who can't afford crude
And lands gingerly on the shrewd
Who spends it all on a nude

Money, money, money

After having reviewed
Thus I conclude
We have come unglued
If we can't even afford food


Of Vain Pursuits

I heard Him saying
As you are graying
You come to me praying
But it is just useless baying
I abhor your ritual slaying
And your pompous displaying
With heavens and hells playing
One side then the other swaying
And when you attempt at obeying
You end up betraying
All traps for yourself laying
Your actions I am not weighing
Nor your legacy surveying
If you are tired of straying
You should stop fraying
It isn't your deeds I am after
But your whole human being


Of Loves and Doves (French)

T’as croisé mon chemin
Et bouleversé mon destin
Je jouai le malin
Pour ne pas souffrir en vain
Je faisai le taquin
Mais cette amour qu'est le mien
Est un amour clandestin
Est un amour sans freins
Est un amour divin
Que s’exprime qu’en quatrain
Ton sourire est mon eau et mon pain
Ca me tue ton dedain
T’es si lointain
M’aimeras tu en fin
Ou oublieras tu ce cretin


Muses in Water Slides

I was earthbound
I was spellbound
I was after dollar and pound
When Dionysis came to hound
And run my ship aground
I stopped fooling around
I sought Zeus in his mound
He gave me a mind sound
From my miseries rebound
Never fails to astound
I got a peace newfound
And best of all
I got a love profound


The Girl From Portobello

Oh the girl from Portobello
Of my flickering embers she was the bellow
She knew how to string my cello
And sing with me a capello
And when I am down and mellow
She serves me limoncello
Then she says
Ti voglio bene and your ucello
And your chest what a pillow
Even if my home is a bordello
And have a husband named Marcello
I will move with you mio re bello
Take me to your castello
Just hope you don’t turn out Othello


Archaic Revivals

It is hard to define
The nature divine
Beyond the archaic borderline
When you enter that shrine
You will resign
No matter what you opine
It is not just cloud nine
This I couldn't combine
They’re not stories of mine
If you lost your line
You’ll get a sign
If you’re brine
You become wine
If you’re swine
You turn fine
If you’re supine
It will tighten your spine
It will cut the vine
That around your neck twine
Again, your sun will shine
An offer you can’t possibly decline


Cantando el Chad Chad Chad

Beliefs iron-clad
With logic so bad
The wit of a lad
Romance with fad
With Angelina and Brad
Whatever says the ad
Or the pandits’ pad
Worth what you had
But never glad
Then we chose a cad
Now we hang by a chad
From full madness a tad
We’re gonna stink like shad
It is just so sad


The Gambler

I was a player
Mostly a strayer
Then delved in a layer
Deep in a prayer
Became a truth sayer
A dragon slayer
Tribute with love payer
Hope to be a stayer



A fateful twist
In a foggy mist
Fin become fist
Then grain grist
And struggle to subsist
No angels to assist
No demons to enlist
Hard truth insist
But this you can’t resist
You only tend to exist


Raw Deal

Their eyes twinked
Our brains they pinked
Til we thought we synced
So a deal we inked
But when we blinked
Their glasses clinked
We got hood-winked


New York

New York, New York
You screw and you cork
Won’t spare the beaner nor the nork
Can’t suffer the dork
You exalt brainwork
But you act like a gork
Speak kosher but eat pork
With no matter what fork
When you see the white wading stork
Get ready babe
For you’re about to bork


Death Where Is Thy Sting...

I was coward, I was brave
I was angel, I was knave
Til I met him in the cave
He jolted my wave
He raised my octave
He made a freeman from a slave
All my possessions I gave
Nothing I ever crave
All my enemies forgave
The earth with peace pave
I no more fear the sting of death
Nor the victory of the grave


Perspectives in Truth

Rushkoff and Pinchbeck Dialogue: Post-Modern Prophecy:
Urgent Myths for Urgent Times - Video 2 hrs

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A limerick is a 5 line poem, usually of "coarse" nature, in form AABBA. The following is what I will call a limprick (a port-monteau of limp and prick and yes, another invention of mine thank you very much). It is a six line poem in the form AAAABA. If you think limpricks are a bit lame in structure, don't worry, I will try my best to make up for that lack with much obscenity and raunchiness.


Limprick: Love Is Blind

Met a woman named Sabrina
Told me was a Latina
Wasn’t goddess Athena
And laughed like a hyena
But who cares
Had a yacht in the marina


Important Dates

Today is July 14, the Bastille Day. I wanted to give hommage to that greatest of human revolutions and thought to include the French national hymn, La Marseillaise, but frankly, I found it to be a little bit gory. French people please don't hate me. When I think of France I think of great delicious food and that is why I came up with this version of La Marseillaise but with a culinary twist:

Allons enfants de la poitrine
Le diner au bistro est servie
Je vais bouffer pour la decennie
Meme is mes poches sont crevees
Meme si mes poches sont crevees

Entendez vous dans mes entrailles
Mugir mon farouche estomac
Je vais commander au moins dix plats
Plus du vin et du champagne

Aux fourchettes, les citoyens
Preparez vos machoirs
Mangeons, mangeons,
N'aillez pas peur
Du fois gras aux rognons


Memorable Quotes

"We see things not as they are, but as we are."
HM Tomlinson

“Painting is a lie that tells the truth”
Pablo Picasso


Limprick: I Think Therefore I Sham

If you saw reality bare
The likeness you share
And your deepest felt despair
Even the solid chair
Are mostly empty space
There is nothing there, anywhere


Limprick: At the Waterhole

Garçon, of thirst I may die
How many times should I cry
Mold is growing on my rye
Should I bid the angels from the sky
Hear my cup
It is shouting I am dry


Limprick: Learn to Say Goodbye

If rage is all you have in store
You curse my night and aurore'
Sharp words in my heart you bore
Before I think of murder and gore
Please get out
And once departed, don't return no more


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