JUNE 2008

Just A Little Farther Ahead

I am setting sail and leaving behind
The shore of pain and pleasure
The city of desire and fear
I am on my may to a land
That the hopeless say doesn’t exist
To a place where nature never fell
Where all men are allowed to play
Where all men are given their due
And where lies and deception come to die
There every day is a miracle
Where I can live off rapture alone
Where the moon is filled with ambrosia
and the sun shines in perpetual delight
A land whose peace will lighten the burden of my shadows
I will quench my thirst with the sweat waters of its clear streams
I will let its soft breeze tenderly caress my face
I will spend my days under a sky
Where the gods never shut their eyes
There my sleep will be guarded by the watchful gaze of Orion
My bed will be made among the sunflowers and the lillies
And my bread will be shared with the birds
Where the air is filled with the singing of those who came before
As I look at the horizon of the vast ocean of my present
I realize I am not there yet
But I know it is just a little farther ahead
Just a little farther ahead


The Sound of One Hand Clapping

It never fails to astound
The power of the sound
From the mouth of pundit renowned
Here misconceptions abound
He makes you think it’s solid ground
When things are twisted around
He makes you think true answers you found
When your tender minds confound
Even makes a good intent rebound
And eventually, will ran your ship aground



The Fat Lady Sung

Dazzled by name
And illustrious fame
Was praised when she came
The most honorable dame
Now, it is a weird game
Not clear what aim
Thinking most lame
Emotions in flame
Anger can’t tame
Never tired of blame
Friends, we need to reframe
Or our skin she’ll claim


The Magician

I can make your demons over your angels king
Or your heavens with blessings spring

Yes, I can fill your life with problems
And spooks of a kind

Or resolve your anguish and give you hope
And untangle your bind

I can mess up your map
You will search and will never find

Or transform your woes into weal
And bestow peace on your mind

I can be your great temptation
I am the whore, the leper and the blind

Or cure the bewitchments of your soul
That you lost and left behind

I can do this and more
Even make your life speed forward… or rewind


From Duluth to Beyruth

There is a time to sooth
And a time for truth
You can call me uncouth
Or misguided sleuth
But let’s not waste our youth
Playing the lyre or the luth
And sipping martinis with vermouth
Lets hit the ground running Miss Ruth
Otherwise, we’ll end like Beyruth


Riding on the Safe Lane

I decided to stay on the safe lane
And not challenge their reign
and their lack of brain
I know they’re just after gain
I know their case they can’t sustain
Their actions are insane
If truth I ever proclaim
They will say I am naïve and inane
And that I am tolling in vain,
They will call upon me once, may be twain
Not to go against the grain
And their patience not to strain
Or they’ll cause my body pain
You may even find me slain


Italy Where Art Thou? (Italian)

A Venezia c’erano I canali
Adesso sono gli scontri regionali

A Milano c’era la Bocconi
Ora e tutto Berlusconi

A Torino c’erano la Fiat e la Lancia
Adesso si lavora solo quando non c’e marcia

A Napoli c’era la buona pizza
Ora c’e dapertutto l’immundizza

A Roma c’era il Colosseo sul Tevere
Adesso c’e un pasticcio que non si puo discrivere

Ma ditteme per amor di dio
Perche di questo suicidio

Perche gli Italiani in tutte queste loro dolenzie
Non possono dare fine a tante insolenzie

E finiscono sempre per scegliere
Volta dopo volta, Il solito cavaliere


Humor : Narcissus Rising

I looked in the mirror
And asked God

When you made me
Why did you throw the mold

I can’t tire of looking
I am a sight to behold

You could as well
Have cast me in gold

And compared to me
Everybody else’s left in the cold

I can’t stand the rest of your creation
Truth be told

Why didn’t you make everybody like me
Beautiful, smart and bold

We could have had peace
In this freaking damn world


Books in a Poem : A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu By Marcel Proust

Je t’ai preparé ce diner
Cuit dans le feu de mes passions
Et ce vin doux, distillé, goute par goute,
Dans l’alambic de mes angoisses
Ne sois pas surprise par mon enthusiasme
Avant, Je refusais de m’eveiller les matins
si les jours ne me fesaient pas aimer au point du delire
Mes sentiments etaient plutot ambigues
Mes affections viriles
Oh que je detestais ces aristocrats decadants
Avec leur dedain et leur concupiscence
Et leurs femmes qui les trompent
Au clair de la lampe
Mais toi c’est une autre chose
Apres t’avoir rencontré
Je suis ravis par le retour du soleil
Ses rayons illuminant
Les merveilles d’un amour inédit
Mais cela ne m’empreche pas de penser
Au triomphe inevitable de la mort
J’ai toujours été souffrant, tu sais
Au visage perpetuellement pallard
Et a force de mourir
J’ai perdu la peur…
Apres avoir tant aimé et tant haï
On doit voir la fin
De cette aventure extraodinaire
Les dieux vont reclamer leur feu
Et la terre sa poussière
Et comme une pluie d’automne
Après avoir rassasiée la prairie
Descent les ravins en ruisseaux
Et cours a la rencontre de l’ocean infini
Et devient un avec lui


Humor : His Name Was Conny

His name was Donny, may be Johnny
He came with sandals and a gunny
But he had a swagger, almost toney
He called everyone honey
He had an easy wit, always funny
He promised us days always sunny
and fortune, chests full of money
Even a palace, a garden and a pony
But when from his hat he couldn’t pull a bunny
We realized he was but a phony


Dear John Letter - Kiss My Arse

I see your fields are lush
when mine are drying

You live and thrive
on my pain and dying
You mock
my constant trying
You laugh
when I am crying
You smirk
when I am sighing
Your shameless wandering
always denying
When you're not
with your eyes prying
Other woman's virtues
and for their favors you're vying
I always knew
you were lying
But I will be no more bound
to your slying
For now on,
on my own I am flying
And before I go
I want to see you to one thing complying
Your lips
to my arse applying
Can't make it clearer
what I am implying


Of Love and Justice

It is not just to be civil
And no to look medieval
That I didn’t return your evil
You won’t see my emotional upheaval
Cause of wounding words you can’t make retrieval
Truly, rage is only primeval


The Race

My neck is burdened
With the heavy chains of past mistakes

My heart is torn
By the vicissitudes of life and its many aches

I am tired of people
I ask them for bread and they give me snakes

I can’t rely on my friends
They are all uncommitted, all flakes

And my workers, dont let me say it
They are slackers and ask for too many breaks

And why are our politicians
all sleaze balls and fakes?

But I can’t give up now
Can’t just step on the brakes

With god’s grace I will continue this horse race
Til I damn win the stakes


An Odyssey

...But that was not the end of your story
For you went to look for love, may be glory
You set sail
And crossed the veil
You went in stride
To meet the bride
And bring a treasure
Of gold beyond measure

When you arrived at the purple forest
You rode the spotted horse
To seek the promised hand
By the saint of the dame
And at the mountain of reclaimed hope
Y ou were given
A merry saber in a duel
And some ink and a quill
Wait you may a little
But do not tarry hence
When your feet are muck
And your skin all henna
Go visit the eastern amber plain
And ask the holy wooly yak for wisdom
Your lap she will seal with a low sigh, it’s been
Then you must pay the teller for his tale
And the ogrefly in ruby and light...


Perspectives in Truth

Terence McKenna's Timewave Zero (24 min). Watch "History's Hidden Engine" afterwards.



Rewriting History

The Power of Nightmares- Part 3. BBC Documentary ( I suggest you look for part 1 and part 2)



Richard Heinberg's Oil, Smoke and Mirrors (50 min)


Richard Heinberg's Powerdown (1 hr)


History's Hidden Engine. Video Documentary (1 hr)

  1. Fashion, Movies
  2. Music, Elliott
  3. Applying Elliott Forecasting
  4. Hypothesis Applied
  5. Spiral/Fibonacci, Herding
  6. The Big Picture


Zeitgeist, The Movie (1 h 56 min). One of the most controversial films of the last few years


Books in a Poem : Lavoura Arcaica By Reduan Nassar

Explore every land and territory
Look on high at heavens glory
Hearken not to the pundit’s oratory
Nor your fathers’ skewed memory
Don’t get marred in neither defeat nor victory
Nor lost in metaphor and allegory
What seems real it is in fact illusory
Don’t want to seem profanatory
But be the prophet of your own story


Got Balls?

In a world that revels in ingratitude
It is not enought with just honesty and rectitude
And you can have plenty of knowledge and aptitude
But you can’t face the unforgiving multitude
With only reserve and lassitude
You should make it your habitude
To adopt this attitude,
the manly trait of testicular fortitude


Humor : Drunk Encounters of the Ugly Kind

In the Palace called Ceasar
I met her at the bar
She was all smile
But she was cute only from far
She was plain and had a scar
Her breath reeked of tar
She asked me
“What about a ride in the car?”
And because I was half drunk
I said okay
Then she said:
“Give me a minute to touchup,
I want to look spectacular”
And without thinking I retorted:
“Don’t ever change
My dear little star
I want to forget you,
Just the way you are”

APRIL 2008

New Trends

New Trends in Medicine: The Biology of Perception
by Bruce Lipton

The Voice of the Age: Terence Mckenna and the World and its Double (follow the links to succesive 14 video files)

The Atom Part 1; The Clash of the Titans

The Atom Part 2: The Key to the Cosmos


New Words

These are words I believe I invented:

Fib: verb to fib is to be harmonically proportionate in face or body features. Fib could also stand for rapid, exponential growth.

Fib is short for Fibonacci Series, a series of numbers (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34,....) that show constantly in nature and appear to underlie all processes of organic growth.

Example 1: She is not exactly a supermodel but she surely fibs.
Example 2: He is a moron but his career is fibbing.

Pluto: verb. to pluto someone or something is to downgrade, demote or remove altogether from a prestigious group or list, Like what was done to the planet of the same name.
Example: He was plutoed like an old pair of shoes.

(Pluto as a verb was chosen as the word of the year in 2006 by the American Dialect Society)

Mythicate: verb. Portmonteau of myth and fabricate. Someone mythicates when he thinks he can lie and confabulate for a high purpose, but for a strange human psychological quirk, he ends up believing that those fantasies he made up are true. This happens more than often among political and religious movements leaders and thinkers.
Example: When Rumsefeld declared that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction, he was mythicating thru his teeth.



Sunday, April 20th, 2008, a date which will live in famy (assuming famy is the opposite of infamy which I doubt). I committed to start leaning how to play an instrument and today and for the first time in my life I was able to tune my Ukelele, all by myself. I was ecstatic. I sense the burgeoning of a flamant future music writing career.



Brave New World
2 Million Solar Panels by 2010
"I never had textual relations with that woman."
The governor of California will have solar panels installed on 2 Million roofs throughout the State, one way or the other


Hail to Ale

Our beer, which art in kegs
Hallowed be thy foam
Thy inebriation come
Thy will be drunk
In the pub as it is in the home
Give us this day our daily binge
And forgive us our public urinations
As we forgive those who urinated on us
And lead us not to ugly broads
But deliver us from hangovers
For thine is the kegdom
and the brewer, and the blurry
for ever and ever
(Inspired by a similar prayer by Barmen)


No Love, No Children, No Furniture

Everyone thinks you are immature
With weak bone structure and musculature
Women hardly raise your temperature
And you often jilt their overture
You have no love, nor progeny nor furniture
You spend your days immersed in art and literature
Your meals are just bread and comfiture
My man, you must have tripped on the space’s curvature
Or may be yours is the true nature
The destiny of all divine creature
Maybe even, a god in miniature


Eldorado (Spanish)

La mujer me tiene adiestrado
Me tiene loco y exasperado
Como una marioneta mi tiene, casi castrado
Quiere que me gane la vida de honrado
Y que trabaje para un futuro asegurado
Después de haberlo mucho considerado
Deje huerto y arado
Y me puse a la búsqueda de Eldorado
Quizás voy a caer malparado
Quizás terminare con el ojo morado
Pero vale mejor ser tuerto y haber explorado
Que con dos ojos y mis pasiones enterrado


The Alchemy

Distil body and soul in essence sublime
Drop by drop in the alembic of time

Ares meets Diana in the heavens
All blessings come in sevens

They greet with lip and groin
At the pinecone they join

He heals her wound with a scar
A balm obtained thru a star

He rained on her with a thunder
And restored the treasure they did plunder

Hail the return of the golden ellipse
After such a long eclipse

Sun and moon have melted in their heart
It was finally joined what was apart


In Sickness and in Health (French)

Au milieu de ces idoles barbares
Et des marins qui se bagarrent
On a entame une communion si rare
Meme si les mots se cachent, mes yeux declarent
La distance maudite, j’en ai mare
Et cette peau qui nous separe
Mais maintenant que dans tes seins j’ai trouve rempart
Ca vient des mots qui dechirent le coeur, desemparent
C’est vrai, on se fatigue des sentiments bavards
Et notre amour devient hagard
On etait aimables, mais maintenant bâtards
Nos moutons sont ensevelies par nos renards
Notre jeunesse qui pour jamais depart
Et la vigeur dont Dieu devient avare
Mais je te promet que sobre ou pochard
Et tant que j’ai mains et cithare
je serai ton troubadour, parfois pure et parfois paillard
Tu sera toujours mon Heloise, et moi ton Abelard


Of Bulls and Ducks (Spanish)

Por tus hazañas quieres oír alabo
Te crees toro bravo
La verdad eres blando como mierda de pavo
De tus emociones eres esclavo
Mis ojos cierro y mis manos lavo
Huye, huye, entre tus piernas tu rabo


One Way Ticket to Love

Slow of speech I stammer
My syntax was bad as well as my grammar
But when I fell for her beauty and glamor
I became a poet, my love in rhyme clamor
Now I wished I was a little tamer
Instead of my constant slammer
Of my affections I can’t be a rammer
and of my attentions on her ears a drummer
Truth is, on cold iron I can’t hammer


Mysterium Tremendum

You who have seen the depths of cruelty and malice
Knew that behind every big lie there is a profound truth
That from putrescence will emerge regeneration
And you came to the altar of sacred mirrors
To seek that profound union
That comes only with a numinous understanding of life
Beyond the noise and the chatter
You asked God to remove your tongue
And give you a million eyes to behold his glory
And you prayed…

Lord clean the doors of my perception
And allow me to overcome my deception
I realize now that my inception
Was at the kiss, well before conception


The Life Cycle


About True Healing

Rich or poor, heavy or slend'r
All was needed is cand'r
But you wished the morsel was kind'r
Because it tore your guts asund'r
Tis the price for a glimpse at a world yond'r
It is the land of dream and wond'r
Few will arrive and fewer will stand its splend'r
Self and ego you will be called to surrend'r
And all your former certainties to tend'r
Then your mind will be given wings to wand'r
To behold landscapes of beauty beyond pond'r
Run with the jaguar and fly with the cond'r
Meet luminous beings in their merry bend'r
Your soiled soul in their joyful light will laund'r
Tis the only true balm, of your many wounds a mend'r


From Kilkenny to Cusco

Cries from the inner reaches of outer space
Fall on the deaf ears of the human race

Gaia knitting her anguish on the grass
Time is running out, thus says the hourglass

The planet moans in a rumble
And the stars flare as they grumble

Man ponders about his life
And why of his pain and strife

Why is he drawn to sin and danger
And unleash his anger on the kin and the stranger

He can’t sink his plow in this field
And his once fruitful orchards won’t yield

But there will be no winner or loser in this station
For the end of all is transformation

We will jump in the dark of night
To reappear in the bright of light

We are dreamers of a dream
Made of a sound and a beam

We will see the return of the great year
Foreseen by many a prophet and a seer

It will become true what the alchemist has told
And finally turn lead into gold

Again we will behold the garden of our birth
And experience the ecstasy of a lost mirth

We will live and love another way
We will Age and die another way


On The Here and Now

Your life is a complete lie
Without much trying it has gone awry
Your juices have gone dry
And your hair comb with a dye
The passing of ruthless time you try to deny
Your youthful past you recall with a sigh
How good you were with women, crafty and sly
You tell of glorious days when you reached the sky
And flaunt your trophies and titles, never shy
But now your charm fizzled, no matter how much you try
You want to live for ever, never die
But the grim reaper is always at the door, standing by


To Mouna

She came in mid spring
Joy and happiness to bring

Sent from the empyrean sphere
To bid us to the now and here

She walks as she dances
Charming gestures and beautiful stances

Her eyes a window to her soul
A wealth of compassion to dole

She is young, but in her train an old past
That was never meant to last

She stretched her wings and flew
To seek wisdom, love and all that is true

You can cut her flesh and break her bones
But she still praises, never moans

You can betray her and break her heart
For her a blessing, God’s calling for a new start

In her. mysterious passions that enslave and bind
I feel the urge to seek and find



Who is the comely maiden lurking at my gate
I beg you, tarry not any longer outside
Come inside for you are welcome
I have been waiting for you
Sit down by my fire
For I have readied the hearth anticipating your arrival
I have laid before you a table
With the meats of my best cattle
And the fruits of my best orchards
I have wine for you also
Nectar of my oldest vines
I want this communion to be memorable
And as we break bread together
you will gaze into my eyes
And you will love again
And you will fear again
Then you will hear me say…

Fear me not I pray
You are free to hold me or keep me at bay
Your spell that over my heart holds sway
As powerful as it may
And if you do not want to stay
you can go in peace,
but my heart you will be taking away



Oh the agony of distance
From the one you desire
I always have the eerie sense
that you are just a heartbeat away
That only time keeps us apart
Everytime I see you
I hope that our peaceful souls
Will somehow, finally, charm each other
Everytime I kiss you in the cheek
I wished our skins touched a little longer
Everytime you leave my presence
My heart is heavy as stone
Everytime we say goodbye
I pray to meet you again in my dreams


The Curse of Technology

Why pundits with knowledge arcane
Can’t fathom and can’t explain
Why the world is so insane
With its superachievers on the fast lane
Its hustlers after fortune and material gain
The incessant highs that we strive to attain
The gadgets that we made for our happiness in vain
And the environments that we created but can’t sustain
Should I tell you of a very old refrain
of our soul and its millennial stain
That to avoid the real source of our misery and bane
We created artifacts for the management of our pain


The Crumbling Economy

In snares of our own making we fell
Falllen under our own creation’s spell
Like Faust our soul to the devil sell
All we wanted is to see gold in our coffers swell
Listen to this and listen well
We are the ones for whom tolls the bell
Bound in a hand basket to hell


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© Mike Soussan. Copy With Permission.