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Welcome to Penyon Bay Ecovillage.

Penyon Bay Ecovillage will be an ecological village and Mediterranean farm retreat located in the Rif Mountains of Northern Morocco.

The ecovillage will strive to be a community focused on self-sufficiency, organic gardening, permaculture , and all other aspects of efficient and intelligent living thru grassroots activism based on reducing, reusing and recycling , utilizing modern and proven methods in natural building with adobe and cob, renewable energy with solar and wind , social entrepreneurship , community supported agriculture, cradle-to-cradle design and crafting , water purification and revitalization, composting with zero waste, new paradigms in learning and medicine and much more.

We are committed to sustainability,
but more so to regeneration

We envision PBEV becoming a true locus of economic, agricultural, cultural and artistic activity in the region, as well as an oasis of imagination, invention and creativity . We want to create viable and working models of sustainability and efficiency in farming, industry, commerce and community. But most of all, Penyon Bay Ecovillage is about people . People are our focus and people are at the center of our mandala. If we just built efficient structures and systems, if we just created a community of economy, agriculture or other, but failed at building a true community of individuals that are healed from the fetichisms of this civilization, individuals that are freed from the traps of pointless material pursuits, and individuals that cared for each other and the planet, then we would have missed our goal.

Penyon Bay Ecovillage is not a hippie, yippie or zippie community. We don't care what is your background, nationality, spiritual orientation or dietary customs, as long as you are sane, inventive, resourceful, energetic, are friendly, open, conscientious, love people and the earth and are committed to its preservation. At Penyon Bay Ecovillage there will plenty of opportunities for wholesome fun but it is going to be primarily a working community .

We do not change,
we are transformed

Don't be misled, the simple lifestyle is ironically the most complicated of lifestyles, one that demands a great deal of intelligence, awareness, hard work and commitment from all involved. Failed attempts at successful community living litter the historical landscape for one main reason: failure to manage life's paradoxical workings and the misconception that a timely manifestation of an event or phenomenon is its actual nature. As a matter of fact , our undertaking is not a fearful, reactive response to current events, even if we do realize the dire circumstance in which our civilization finds itself in . And our venture did not spring out of a substrate of ideological convictions and believes alone , for we are not hoodwinked by the sly game of duality and we are not going to let ourselves be swept in its inexorable vortices of demented self-serving agendas and utterly unnecessary cultural strife. Instead, our motives were churned in the battered souls of men and women that experienced visions and epiphanies of transcendence that transformed them to the core and redirected their focus towards seeking a reconnection to what it really means to be a true and genuine human being. Indeed , we are here to make harmony, and for that we need to hit notes that we can cash in the bank of a strange and ultimately unfathomable cosmic economy .



We are a new class of person, born in the city but choose to live in the countryside. We want to live a simple life but not a primitive life. We love the earth but we bring with us the best that this civilization has to offer.
We are the New Farmers