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Membership Information

PBEA is seeking like-minded and motivated people to join us in this wonderful adventure. We are not just looking for members but for friends who are driven and share our values. We won't rule anyone out based on a particular trait, but it's our experience that the greater the differences the greater the difficulty of building a very close-knit core group of members. After we have a solid core group we will be much more open to a wider spectrum of backgrounds. Even though our membership selection is informal, the types we are mostly looking for are people who are seeking kindred spirits and are craving for more meaningful relationships. We will eventually institute a formal selection protocol that will more likely include an initial introduction by the potential member, followed by a visit, a probational membership and then, by a process still to be determined, you become a full member of the community.

Penyon Bay Ecovillage Association is not going to be a hippie, yippie or zippie organization. We are looking for sane, inventive, resourceful, energetic, friendly, open, conscientious individuals and committed to the preservation of the earth.

Please know that if you are just looking for a career move, a place to kick-off your shoes and relax, or spend your days hopping around gathering rosebuds, living and working at the village may not be the most adequate step. At Penyon Bay Ecovillage there will plenty of opportunities for wholesome fun but it is going to be primarily a working community. No hands-on experience is necessary, but a desire to learn, participate, and cooperate is essential. It is also imperative that potential members can give constructive feedback as well as receive it without becoming reactive or irascible.

Don't be misled, the simple lifestyle is ironically the most complicated of lifestyles, one that demands a great deal of intelligence, awareness, hard work and commitment from all involved. Failed attempts at successful community living litter the historical landscape for one main reason: failure to manage life's paradoxical workings and the misconception that a timely manifestation of an event or phenomenon is its actual nature. As a matter of fact , our undertaking is not a fearful, reactive response to current events, even if we do realize the dire circumstance in which our civilization finds itself in . And our venture did not spring out of a substrate of ideological convictions and believes alone , for we are not hoodwinked by the sly game of duality and we are not going to let ourselves be swept in its inexorable vortices of demented self-serving agendas and utterly unnecessary cultural strife. Instead, our motives were churned in the battered souls of men and women that experienced visions and epiphanies of transcendence that transformed them to the core and redirected their focus towards seeking a reconnection to what it really means to be a true and genuine human being. Indeed , we are here to make harmony, and for that we need to hit notes that we can cash in the bank of a strange and ultimately unfathomable cosmic economy .


Leadership in an ecovillage has more to do with consensual and intelligent steering of group decisions in right directions rather that the traditional hierarchical layers of power where egos and political imperatives ultimately prevail. So consensus decision making will be the way we go until the size of the organization become too large and unwieldy and we must then move to a percentage majority that will be determined bu the members when it is deemed necessary.

Community Hours

These are in exchange for food, board, rent or other communal expenses. The idea behind this is to avoid excluding people based on finances;

We have not determined the exact number of hours required, but it will likely fluctuate with work needed around the ecovillage, whether it be construction and expansion, or day-to-day workings and maintenance such as road maintenance, maintaining the composting toilets, water systems, solar/wind power systems, etc. More details will be forthcoming.

Property Ownership

All homes and structures built on the property will be considered community property. This does not mean that you will have your home taken away from you or be forced to share it, it will be your home as long as you choose to live in it and you choose to follow the ecovillage guidelines. The specifics of this will be worked out in the future.

Community Fundraising

We will eventually hold fundraising events when money is needed for community projects such as equipment, construction materials for a community building, etc. These events will likely be workshops and classes teaching sustainable living techniques. They may also include the sale of arts, crafts, or food produced by members.

Personal Finance

Members will be in charge of their own personal finances.


Initially, we may not be able to accommodate children as we may not have adequate facilities and we may deem unsafe to have them on the land. But we will work hard to make sure the situation changes as soon as possible.

A fundamental aspect of sustainability is population control. We acknowledge that this may constitute a charged emotional issue but we must be realistic about the future and the fact that having more than a sustainable amount of children negatively impacts the quality of life for everyone else.

Animal Pets

We will most likely have set limits on the number of dogs and cats allowed in the ecovillage, although how many and how we will limit them is yet to be seen.

Dietary Restrictions

There are no dietary restrictions generally speaking. We welcome omnivores, vegetarians, vegans and raw fooders. We call meat eaters to pay close attention to the source of the animals they eat and how they were treated while alive. An ideal option would be to raise your own livestock or purchase locally raised free range meat.

Energy Consumption

The ecovillage will strive to be as self-sufficient as possible in its energy consumption. We hope that most electricity will be generated on-site thru solar panels, wind mills, geothermal systems, biomass or other renewable forms of energy.

We will work hard to make sure all of our transportation is phased-out to bio-diesel or other more efficient fuels. Carpooling will be encouraged and community vehicles will be provided, budget permitting.

If you are still interested in being a member, you can now go to the application page ....