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Probing The Edges Of Time

Beyond Carl Sagan's Big Bangs and Charles Darwin's Evolution and Survival of the Fittest, our chosen model of life is that of autopoiesis, where beings and events are networks of processes that transcend linear time and are circular in nature, and where planets, ecosystems, plants, animals, organs and cells are interdependent, embedded levels in a 'wholarchy' whose function and purpose is life itself. Here there is no talk of birthing and dying, starting and ending, but of infinite loops of transformation and regeneration where intention rather than entropy, recycling rather than waste, minimalism rather than consumerism, cooperation rather than competition, wholism rather than mechanism are the fundamental givens of this most natural of laws and where man can either be a catalyst or an inhibitor.

At PBEV we chose to be those catalysts. We are sensing an urgency in the air, that we don't have decades of gently unfolding time to tease apart the twisted threads of human failures and create a better new world. Unfortunately that is not our circunstance. we need to get a hold of the situation and we need to act now. We have seen the warning star, and like the magi kings from the east-side of the brain, we have returned to the manger of reconciliation, bringing with us the frankinsense of art, the myrh of toil, and the gold of scientific knowledge as offering at the feet of the 'newly reborn' promise of a real and genuine 'relationship' with the most transcendental aspects of our humanity and with earth, our life source and our greatest teacher. We do not seek to control nature, but we come humbly at her feet to learn, for only as apprentices of her wisdom we can hope to receive blessings than can give meaning to our existence and then truly enhance our lives and thrive. .

At PBEV we believe that environment and man are in essence one. There is a tricky mechanism of the human mind that tends to want to name things and by naming them it automatically makes then separate parts, different from an outside, foreign whole. Environment, man, body, mind, spirit, soul etc... exist as separate entities only in our brains, as necessary conceptual constructs for a humanity that has become "intellectualized" and goal oriented. The ability that allows us to function rationally in the world, to discriminate between right and wrong, good and evil, joy and sorrow, wealthy and poor, knowledge and ignorance, white and black, heal and harm etc... is the cause of our alienation from our true instincts (the natural instinct to be 'sustainable', to survive), true origins and true purpose, not only as the environment is concerned, but in all other aspects of our lives. This by no means is a call to abandon rationality and reason but only to be aware of the price we pay for that by-product of our civilization and to manage that economy wisely.

As a matter of fact, the greatest crisis of our time is that of perception. Our sense of oneness with nature has been thrown off on a tangent by shortsighted interests, ego-induced manipulations and media driven bewitchments that serve but the basest of our instincs and fears and leave the soul hanging dry.

Nevertheless, we do not bemoan what it could have been as much as we yearn to see what it could be. At PBEV We know the caterpillar is unsustainable and will die and we are committed to building a viable butterfly. As strange as it may sound, we do not promote "sustainable living" nor "alternative energy". A merely sustainable life is as lame as a sustainable relationship or a sustainable business and for us, forms of energy that are clean and non-polluting are not 'alternative' but primary and vital.

Ecovillages And The New Economy

At PBEV We believe in abundance and wealth but not necessarily of the monetary kind. We prefer a richness of meaning, of beauty, of energy, of health, of community, of harmonic interactions, of generosity, of sharing, of music and of art. We want to create happy environments and happier people, and we won't settle for nothing less than outrageous, obscene, gravity-defying, trance-inducing, whole-denture-exposing, eye-glowing, adrenaline-raising, your-worst-neighbour-loving, cheating-lover-forgiving kind of happiness :))

We share the dream of a simple, healthy, natural way of life (ironically, in my opinion, the most difficult and most complex lifestyle) where people are surely the most cherished asset and are at the center of the mandala, but we also believe that people are an inextricable and integral part of a precious and irreplaceable ecology of water, air, soil, plants and animals. We are nature's keepers and its assigned stewards. We will also strive for an economic system that is a mixture of cooperation and free entreprise, built on the principle of creating wealth by sharing visions, ideals, resources and time.

May we be steadfast in our pursuit of a more meaningful life; may we hold this vision in clarity and strength; may we harness the courage to face our fears as we explore inhospitable territories and walk in untrodden paths.

Thank you.