Believe those who
are seeking the truth.
Doubt those who find it.
Andre Gide

In this Section we are going to explore issues of human potential, creativity, spirituality, extraodinary individuals, intriguing personalities and their writings, unusual phenomena, new trends in thinking and science and much more.
michael soussan

King Mikas and The Meaning of Life ...or The Lack Thereof
An odd-ball approach to the most mind-baggling issues of human existence.

Terence Mckenna
Read, Listen, Watch the one I consider the most timely, most intelligent and most articulate voice of this age.

howard bloom

Howard Bloom
and the Global Brain
Read the Worldview-altering ideas and writings of this best selling author and understand what is "really" going on in the world today.

rupert sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake
and Morphic Resonance
Author of New Science of Life and The Presence of the Past.


fritjof capra

Fritjof Capra:
When Mysticism Meets Science

Author of the Tao of Physics and the Turning Point.


New Dimensions Radio
Explores the social, political, scientific, environmental and spiritual frontiers, thru interviews, with many social innovators, thinkers, scientists and creative artists.

john bradshaw
John Bradshaw
John Bradshaw has become a primary figure in the contemporary self-help movement; particularly in the fields of family systems, co-dependency, and addictions and recovery. He has touched and changed millions of lives through his best-selling books, sold-out workshops and seminars.

ug krishnamurti UG Krishnamurti
You know that there is something different about U.G. Krishnamurti when you read the disclaimer on the first page of his book, "Mind is a Myth". His disarming introduction may elicit a bemused smile, but it hardly prepares the reader for what follows. To read U.G. is to be introduced to a "spiritual terrorist": he overturns all of our accepted beliefs -- God, mind, soul, enlightenment, religion, humanity, heart, love, relationships -- and gives us a totally different picture of who we are. The result is a grenade in the brain.

robert pirsig Robert Pirsig
Pirsig is an American writer and philosopher. His writing marked and deeply influenced students and intelluectuals of the 60's and 70's.

joseph campbell Joseph Campbell
Campbell delves into the fascinating world of human myth and mythology and uncovers the common stories and collective psychological patterns that permeate thru apparently disparate cultures and ethnic groups.
--> Biography
-->The Power of Myth

Regina Meredith and The Consciousness Media Network
Compelling video interviews on consciousness, enlightenment and human potential.
From the practical to the mystical.


david bohm David Bohm
David Bohm was one of the world's greatest quantum mechanical physicists and philosophers.
Bohm studied under Einstein and Oppenheimer. He worked at Berkeley on the Theory of Plasma and on the Theory of Synchroton and Syndrocyclotrons until 1947. From 1947-1951 he taught at Princeton University as an Assistant Professor and worked on Plasmas, Theory of Metals, Quantum Mechanics and Elementary Particles. .

jeffrey mishlove Jeffrey Mishlove
Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove holds the only doctoral diploma in parapsychology to be awarded by an accredited American university (University of California, Berkeley). He is a licensed clinical psychologist, an accomplished radio and television interviewer, and one of the most erudite and articulate personalities on television. He is the author of an encyclopedic volume of consciousness studies, The Roots of Consciousness. Dr. Mishlove is a past director of the Association for Humanistic Psychology. He is currently director of the Intuition Network.

myron kellner rogers Myron Kellner-Rogers
Kellner-Rogers has looked to nature for insights into creating more efficient organizations, noting that chaos is the way in which the system moves itself into a new expression of order, allowing the system to deal with greater complexity in the environment. Listen to one of his interviews. the theme is called "Chaos Made Simple". You will need RealPlayer for this one.


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