This page is for you if you are not aware of the latest Internet developments.

If you are vaguely familiar with the Internet you will know how wildly sites differ from each other. Some are simple pages of information. Others are much more complex.

All websites are subject, however, to the fact that the internet is still in its early beginnings in many respects. It is at the edge of telecommunications technology and does not work perfectly all of the time.

At the Enteleky Project site we strive to be a unique piece of communication, incorporating the latest and most advanced Internet techniques, allowing our visitors to enjoy a real multimedia experience. So take time to download the following suggested material. Your patience will be rewarded.

You can also browse the web and have access to helps such as English dictionary, translation, search engines and convertors, all on the same page. Click here if you are interested.

  • This website is optimized for computer monitor screen resolution of 640-480. Refer to your computer manual for instructions on how to change your monitor screen resolution.
  • For your convenience, we have set links to open on new windows. It is very important to remember to close pages/windows you don't intent to go back to. Otherwise you may overtax your computer memory.
  • PC users of Netscape should set their font size to #10: On your Netscape Prefences, choose "fonts", change default size to "10".
  • Disable the Link Underline Function in your Browser.
  • Download Netscape latest version, preferably Netscape Communicator for which this site was optimized. Some pages use dynamic fonts and special java applets that can only be viewed with this browser.
  • Download MS Explorer latest version.


This site uses shockwave and flash movies. You therefore will need to download the latest version of the Shockwave plug-in (it plays Director, Flash and Flash 2 media. size: 1.1M )

Also if you want to enjoy the streamed video we've got on this site you will also need to download the realvideo player. (size:1.37 MB)

There are three steps to installing a new plugin for Netscape:

1. Download the plugin from the appropriate web page. The links above will take you to the home pages of the companies who make the plugins. Once there follow the instructions and download the right plugin for your computer.

2. Once you have downloaded the file, you will be able to install it by double-clicking it. Follow the on-screen instructions.

3. You will need to restart Netscape. You may need to restart your computer.

The process is similar for Explorer. Some plugins can be installed automatically for Explorer, (using ActiveX technology) but not all. If a plugin is being installed automatically you will see the message 'Installing components' in the bottom right of your browser.


Go to the Microsoft Website and download all the fonts that you don't have. Verdana, Arial, Comic Sans MS, Goergia and Impact fonts are highly recommended.

Netscape Communicator Netcaster

If you pay for Online service by the hour, you may want to find out about Netscape Communicator Netcaster. This feature allows you to browse a website offline. Netcaster is the new component of Netscape Communicator that enables push delivery of informationand offline browsing.

What is netcasting?
Netcasting technology enables you to subscribe to channels, which then "pushes" content to your desktop. You don't have to manually request or search for the information.

What is a channel? A channel is dynamic Web content that you can subscribe to and have it pushed to your desktop automatically.

Free Download Sites

The following is a list of some of the most popular free software on the Internet You can download them by going to any of these sites:

You just need to specify what computer system you are using and type in any of the below mentioned key words:

    • Stuffit Expander (to stuff or expand files in .hqx format)
    • Unzip (to zip or expand files in exe. or zip formats)
    • Realplayer (RealAudio and RealVideo)
    • PowerVideo
    • Snapz Screen Capture (you can download it but it is not free)
    • Eudora Light (Email)
    • Netscape Navigator
    • MS Internet Explorer
    • FTP Fetch (to download and upload files to/from your server)
    • Pagemill HTML Editor
    • Image Mapping (graphic files)
    • Bookmark Manager
    • Fonts
    • Graphics
    • Animation
    • Gif Builder (to make your own animation)
    • Picture Viewing Software
    • Arabic Text Software
    • Hebrew Text Software
    • Chinese Text Software
    • Japanese Text Software
    • Cyrillic Text Software

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